James Ruskin reworked Anew’s track “Airfoil”.

We definitely are huge fans of Ruskin’s unique sound, we have some news you may like it if you are a fan too.  Lets begin with ANEW, who is the secretive alias of an artist duo whose roots are deep within the European and US club scenes.

Releasing exclusively on their namesake label ANEW Records, the imprint has so far been dedicated to original material, but the guys are finally ready to break this trend with a phenomenal remix package  featuring James Ruskin, who is best known for his label Blueprint, but along with many releases on his own imprint he has also featured on the likes of Tresor, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Dynamic Tension and many more.
James Ruskin reworks the track “Airfoil” in his unique style that fuses broken rhythms with hypnotic machine funk. With rich analogue textures and hints of acid, it leads to an eerie breakdown that adds an extra layer of tension to this raw sounding remix. ANEW records will release the remix on june 19, 2020. 
The track brings out a kind of a melodramatic sound as a result of a sci-fi techno atmosphere. Listen below.

Cover Artwork. 

Label: ANEW Records
Artist: ANEW
Title: Airfoil (James Ruskin Remix)
Release Date: Friday 19 June 2020
Format: Digital


01. ANEW008 – ANEW – Airfoil (James Ruskin Remix)


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