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Hello people, this is not a conventional post, but of course its related with music and it could be what you are looking for. For me, it is a really interesting proposal.The main point of this entry is to remark and give an opportunity to the talent that is out there waiting to be expressed and practiced in the professional ambit. I\’m talking about the real and best network to look out for a dream job offer in the electronic music general scene. 

So, in that order, the people that manages to get it to that point and do something productive in the world electronic music industry, can be in a way inspiring for other people to believe they can do the same. And it really work that way. 

Following the last paragraphs, this note is to introduce you to \”Door Open\”, a website designed for people that are looking for jobs in the big companies, the ones that are most active and give the  energy to the electronic music scene, i mean jobs in the best labels, digital stores, websites, etc. that day by day moves the electronic music industry. In a few words is the space to find the best Electronic Music Jobs. 

There you will find basically  job offers submitted by associated Companies like Beatport, Resident Advisor, Toolroom Recordings, Soundcloud, Native Instruments, Apple and many more big brands, also if you sign up you can  manage to receive Job alerts, and many more very useful tools. 

So, if you think you have talent,  you\’re a professional at it, and you can really do something that works out in the electronic music industry, also you have a really nice and interesting profile to submit, why not give a chance to this, and maybe you may find a job at Beatport or something even better?

Why Doors Open Exist.

Overview. The world of electronic music is shaped not only by artists and fans, but also by thousands of small businesses, from clubs to booking agents to publishers and promoters. Many are founded by passionate people with the goal of making a meaningful contribution to electronic music. It is the network of these companies, in combination with the imaginations and ideas of their staff, on which the vitality of our scene depends.
Doors Open is a place for people to connect with companies and projects they believe in, and for independent music companies to find the staff they need to turn ideas into reality.
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Make your passion your professionElectronic music’s best jobs, all in one placeSign up for job alerts from your favourite companiesConnecting you with the companies shaping the music industry
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Unlock the potential of the electronic music communityFind staff who live and breathe musicAutomated notifications to people interested in your companyFree job-posts for first three months

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