Red Bull Music Academy cease operations and shares more than 20-year history in full archive of lectures and editorial.

Well, it\’s true, everything that has a beginning, for sure will end, and we must understand that we can only enjoy the path between those two points. That\’s the way. 

The news last week treated about the The Red Bull Music Academy, that was founded in 1998 as a workshop and lecture series for aspiring music-makers. This space really made something solid in the music industry. The RBMA opened the world and have seen many academy alumni went on to become leaders of their scenes locally and internationally; Also presented citywide festivals, stages, club nights, workshops and other events in more than 60 countries each year. 

But that\’s not it, \”it was also home to a radio station, Red Bull Radio, broadcasting local music scenes to global audiences, and an editorial platform, RBMA Daily, which lives on as an unmatched archive and source of knowledge for music-makers and music lovers everywhere.\”

And the sad news, is that after more than a 20-year history, the RBMA and Red Bull Radio cease operations. 

Thats right, RBMA, and Red Bull Radio, announced that it would be shutting down this year after the energy drink company neglected to renew its contract with consulting firm Yadastar.
Amid concerns of what might happen to RBMA\’s vast pool of content, ahead of closing this Thursday, November 1st, the RBMA website has launched a full, searchable archive of lectures. Also available are guides to RBMA alumni, info about past events and a comprehensive archive of the company\’s editorial arm, RBMA Daily. GO HERE:

At least we can get a fenomenal archive of 20-years of pure music and articles that forms part of the global music history. There is nothing more to say, it\’s time to check out and enjoy the archive that has Red Bull Music Academy Lectures In-depth interviews with some of music’s most creative and inspiring minds, spanning two decades and hundreds of artists.

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