Miss Kittin announces new album entitled Cosmos via Nobody\'s Bizzness for november.

Big news for hard techno lovers, Kittin as his original moniker, most knwon as Miss Kittin in the late times, is announcing a new album entitled “Cosmos“.

In some interesting facts, the label says, she’s releasing the album under the name Kittin, to make honor to the original name she picked at the outset of her career over two decades ago, wich in fact promoters often added the prefix “Miss” without her consent, and the name eventually stuck over 20 years of career now. The label also says that with this partiular release \”she opens the door to a new set of aesthetics, exploring her influences without restraint.\” Nobody\’s Bizness Records will release Cosmos​ on November 2, 2018 on Dark Entries Records and Zebralution, preceded by the release of the single Cosmic Address​ on September 28, 2018, so stay tuned.
In a little overview, “Cosmos” sees the French artist step away from traditional songwriting to focus on \”the essence of chords and textures,\” some may say that this is Kittin´s most spiritual side, influenced by her time in the French countryside after a bout of touring exhaustion. She gives up any formulas from her past; verses/chorus, pop or club beats, to come to the essence of chords and textures, peeling away the non-essential to find joy in music yet again.
Artist. Kittin
Title. Cosmos
Label. Nobody’s Bizness
Release date. 02.11.2018
Format. Digital
Album LP.


01. Cosmic Address
02. Are You There
03. Questions Everything
04. Elevate
05. Atoms
06. Multiverse
07. Last Day On Earth
08. Deep Space Station
09. Scanner
10. #MeToo
11. White Magic
12. Utopia
Previews Soon. 

Meanwhile enjoy listening to Miss Kittin @ Funkhaus Berlin (Full Set HiRes) – ARTE Concert

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