New feature: Spotify enables independent artists to upload their own music.

If you are a producer, its definitely your time now. The truth is that the title says it all, as you understood it, friends, it\’s true. Today the Spotify team is announcing a new beta feature that enables independent artists to upload their music to Spotifydirectly from Spotify for Artists. As they say, since launched Spotify for Artists, one of the top requested features has been the ability to upload music directly onto Spotify. 

Uploads were typically facilitated by major labels, big records companys and third-party services, but Spotify had listen to their users and the new feature lets music makers do it themselves. It\’s currently only available to a select group but is expected to eventually become available to everyone using the Spotify For Artists service after a period of testing. Eligible artists will be able to set a release date, access their tracks\’ statistics and demographic data, and see projected royalty earnings. 

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How it works?

You’ll be able to deliver music straight to Spotify and plan for the perfect release day. You’ll see a preview of exactly how things will appear to listeners before you hit submit. And even after your music goes live, you’ll be in full control of your metadata with simple and quick edits.
Just like releasing through any other partner, you\’ll get paid when fans stream your music on Spotify. Your recording royalties will hit your bank account automatically each month, and you’ll see a clear report of how much your streams are earning right next to the other insights you already get from Spotify for Artists. Uploading is free to all artists, and Spotify doesn’t charge you any fees or commissions no matter how frequently you release music.

Want in?

Right now, upload in Spotify for Artists is only available by invitation to a few hundred US-based independent artists, but we\’re excited to bring upload to even more artists, labels, and teams in the future.
Over the next few months, we’ll ask more of you to participate—make sure to join our mailing list so you’ll be the first to know about any new announcements. Remember, you don’t need to wait for an invitation to release your music—this is just one of many ways you can get your music on Spotify. You can learn more by checking out the Spotify for Artists guide.

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