Pär Grindvik’s “Dim the Light EP” on Sinister rec.

If you’re looking for some real techno, you should enjoy this. Three heavy ass great tracks in the style of a good Detroit Techno sound, also including a great rework by Andre Kronert, a synonym for powerful and high-octane club sound, as a DJ as well as a producer. 

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Being now released Pär Grindvik\’s solo EP \’Dim the Light\’ on Sinister rec is definitely recommended and you certainly should not waste time to get this fabulous release, \”Abyme\” starts off the EP and here we go with a little review;

     Abyme (Original Mix) has a very catchy beat, full of abstract and electronic sounds, is a masterpiece if you love techno mixed with esensiales little sounds that take you to another dimension, the charm of this track is the wide range of sounds that perfectly fits with a great bounce techno rhythm, in the other hand, the second track Dim The Light (Original Mix), shows a variation of hats and kicks that create a whole deep atmosphere, a bit repetitive but has that special something that would make you move in the dancefloor, Meanwhile in the Andre Kronert Light Off Rework, This is Living Techno\’s favorite piece of the Dim The Light EP, here we found a dry, sticky sound with a pretty nice rhythm we must say, a lot of dry strokes combined with deep bass, the perfect blend for a tropical track but used in the suburbs because the track gets you and finaly the track number four and last one of this EP, Embay (Original Mix) a very original deep and fresh sound with small flashes of darkness, nice tune.

Review: 8/10 Buy it all on Beatport.

Artist: Par Grindvik
Rmixer: Andre Kronert
Tittle: Dim The Light
Rls date: 2013-08-06


Genre: Techno
A1. Par Grindvik – Abyme (Original Mix)
A2. Par Grindvik – Dim The Light (Original Mix)

B1. Par Grindvik – Dim The Light Andre Kronert Light Off Rework

B2. Par Grindvik – Embay (Original Mix)

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