Joris Voorn – In Sessions – Maxima FM – (29-10-2011)

Something about Joris Voorn:

Together with friend Edwin Oosterwal the \’Rejected\’ record label was established at the end of 2006. Their first EP as Rejected featured the two tracks \’SL3\’ and \’Cliché\’ and became an instant success and was played out by almost every self-respecting DJ around the globe. With Rejected, Joris is working on a more club oriented contemporary sound instead of deep electronic music excursions.

In mid 2007 their second EP was released, featuring a crossover techhouse track called \’Let\’s go juno\’ and a driving minimal track called \’Lost\’. Both tracks appealed to a wide audience and established Rejected\’s name even more.

In 2008 the two key tracks \’Let\’s go juno\’ and \’Cliché\’ were successfully remixed by dutch artists District One and Polder on one EP.

This year, the Rejected label has some great projects in the pipeline, to start off with a disco infected house track by the Dutch rising star Pitto.

Artist: Joris Voorn 
Tittel: In Sessions – Maxima FM 
Rls date: 29-10-2011
Genre: Minimal – Tech House
Source: WEB
Type: SET


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