Pet Duo & More… @ Hydraulix Party – Club Colosseum – (London, UK) (01-10-2011)

Biography of Pet Duo:
From the darkest and most intense dance floors of downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil, arose PET Duo, the brazilian DJ couple most known for their mind-bending, forward-thinking and ass-shaking 6 decks techno sets.
With a daring and challenging taste they bring together all their musical influences, such as Rock, Hip-Hop, EBM, Classical, breaking barriers and always opening new doors with their “No Conformists” attitude of playing fast and hard Techno.

Using 6 CDJs, 2 mixers and effects or performing Live, they’ve developed their own way of playing which they intertwine one another’s music, working as a team to build a characteristic wall of sound. Adding to that their personal attitude as followers of DIY culture, they control all aspects surrounding their music: designing and programming their website, label artwork and producing tracks by themselves, making it all a mirror of their souls. 
All the while, not forgetting the dance floor where they came from, PET Duo are first clubbers and music lovers, they are profound believers of a bilateral movement that brings DJs and public together into one unforgettable experience: Unity through Music!

Artist: VA
Tittle:   Hydraulix Party @ Club Colosseum (London – UK) (01-10-2011)
Rls date: 01-10-2011
Genre: Techno
Type: Set
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