Artihc – Electrocaïne Podcast #039 – (30-09-2011)

Something about Arthic:

“a bonafide DJ articulates not through lyrical wish-wash but through the ethereality of a transcendence dance floor experience., and artihc’s been making himself felt deep in our souls and undulating hips…” – JUICE SINGAPORE
“I wanted to mix. Drop the tunes. Create a story. It’s a hobby, an addiction if you wanna call it. I love the vibe of being a clubber too. I think it goes hand in hand. When I’m behind the decks, I try to do one thing. Create a singular experience for the ears, feet, mind, body & soul.”
artihc” (real name “Firman Chitra”) , the crowned JUICE DJ QUEST 09 CHAMPION, hails from Singapore and has been dropping choons to both the commercially pampered and discerning ears for the past eight years. A junglist at heart, he has since the last few years, taken his love for the universal language to various level, with Minimal, Tech House, and Techno as his new soundscapes, joining the league of his usual sound of Drum & Bass, Breaks, Broken beat, Triphop and Down Tempos.
Music enables his soul to speak. You feel him when you hear him and you immediately understand the passion, love and respect he has for music. Growing up in a musical family has inevitably made him learn the art of appreciation for all types of music, from classical to pop, from electronic to dance. Once he was exposed to the clubs and parties, he couldn’t get enough of the beats. He was hooked immediately to the vibe, the crowd, the atmosphere, the exhilaration of it all. The impact of these experiences energized him and he knew one day he wanted to be able to contribute to this realm.
It was only a matter of time before he earned his first dj set-up and began practicing the art of mixing. Naturally from being just a club raver, he ventured from a Bedroom DJ, to Djs for house parties, events and eventually to established clubs and bars. His focus is always about the feeling and the realness of the music and it’s hidden message. There, he’ll put on a carefully selected track, and gladly take you all with him, with his silent technical wizardry.
Never just settling for what’s current and popular, this one-half of the loveaffair duo, fuses the underground sound with the chart-busters and floorfillers, surprising you with his soulful and melodic rhythms that slips in- between the dark and dirty beats of his tech house, minimal or techno.
When not messing around with AV cables and working on his original productions, artihc can be found regularly dropping beats at various music meccas in singapore. With gigs at Home Club, Overeasy, thewhiterabbit, the shack, Art Bar, Azzura, Colombo (sri lanka), Velvet Underground (Zouk), Oceans27 (Bali), plus clinching the most sought-after title within the first year since his return to the club scene, this is just the beginning of his aural journey.

Artist: Artihc 
Tittle:  Electrocaïne Podcast #039 
Rls date: 30-09-2011
Source: WEB
Genre: Minimal Tech
Type: Set


Bjorn Wilke & Someone Else – Rainbow Bridge (Aki Bergen Remix)
Robert Babicz – Insider (Original Mix)
Ramiro Lopez – Walking Alone (One D Remix)
AnD – A1 (Original Mix)
Das Glow & Para One – Pulsar (Crackboy Remix)
Ground Loop – Ampersand I (Samuli Kemppi Remix)
Boys Noize – Adonis (Original Mix)
Jared Wilson – Let Your Body, Make Your Body (Original Mix)
Maximo Menges – We Hold The Position (Original Mix)
Dema & Paride Saraceni – Odd Numbers (Original Mix)
Clara Moto – Deer & Fox (Stacey Pullen Remix)
Doppelt Gemoppelt – Tigiara (Monoroom and Atapy Remix)
Emilienday – Goodtrip (Original Mix
Ozka – Phantomz (Aubrey Remix)

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