Oldiendo @ Beton Radioshow #119 – (29-09-2011)

Something about Oldiendo:
Oliver D. alias Oldiendo is beyond doubt one of the rough diamonds in the Austrian electro-music-scene. Born 1984 the techno producer and live DJ lived through several years looking for his own style. In the age of 18 the young artist started focusing on electronic music what revealed to be his obsession.
To make his way Oldiendo started a long lasting acoustic exploration of the matter and the fine-tuning of his hard- and software. His extensively talent enables Oldiendo to produce experimental music and perform it live controlling it with a midi-controller.
True to the maxim: “Free The Music“ tones are made and mixed to novel music. The result of his long search for an own style is a genre which not only displays music and enjoyment but also tries to create an unknown dusky, melancholic expierence of listening for the audience.

Compareable to the ritual dances and drum-ceremonies on the indian island Goa in Oldiendo a musical-fog lifted and a new world of sound reveals to his listeners if they dare to open their eyes and ears during a live act.

Artist: Oldiendo 

Tittle: @ Beton Radioshow #119 
Rls date: 29-09-2011
Source: WEB
Genre: Techno
Type: Set


Burn me alive – (unreleased)
Deep into it – (unreleased)
It´s time to play – (unreleased)
Along the sewerage – (unreleased)
Around the carousel -(Armatura Records)
Fire away – (unreleased)
Face to face – (unreleased)
You will never stop it – (unreleased)
Some places new – (unreleased)
Help me – (Armatura Records)
Brachialism – (unreleased)

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