Stephan Hinz – Plattenleger (Dasding) (25-08-2011)

Something about Stephan Hinz:
Well, what could I tell you about me? I could tell you that I\’m unbelievable attractive, that I\’m a fucking great musician and never did something else than great music, that I\’m rich and famous and so on and so on. Well, the truth is that I love listening to music and at one day I started to do my own music. The most people in the music scene always tell that theyre making music since theyre 3 or 4. Yeah, Im pretty sure they did 😉 but for me the point on which I started doing music isnt so far away something around 6 or 7 years ago. I play instruments since Im 7 – the flute, later the saxophone and many years later I started learning piano but, honestly, playing on instruments is something different than making music. Dont get me wrong, its pretty fantastic if youre able to play stuff from Rachmaninov or others virtuosic but thats not my game. I want to write my own music, to express myself with this language and maybe to touch people with my music. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. Thats life – but I always give my best and thats the most I can do.

Besides doing the things always with my heart its very important for me to be pretty open for different music. Im listening to nearly every kind of music and Im trying to make different music and experiment with different genres as much as I can. So I’m writing songs, doing soundtracks for computer games, doing this electronic stuff and deejay thing because of that youre here and reading things about me. If I have tons of luck and enough talent I will hopefully end up with doing movie scores. But its also possible that Ill end up flipping burgers.

Artist: Stephan Hinz 
Tittle: Plattenleger (Dasding) 
Rls date: 25-08-2011
Source: WEB
Genre: Minimal Tech
Type: Set


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