Dave Clarke – Live @ Electric Picnic 2011 (Stradbally,Ireland) (03-09-2011)

Something about Dave Clarke:
Clarke is indeed a man of many sounds but he’s undeniably an international techno ambassador of the highest degree. He’s been criss-crossing the globe every weekend for the last fifteen years playing the best in funky electronic music. \”Funny enough I’ve shied away from electro in my sets at the moment,\” he says. \”There just aren’t the records right now. I still play a lot of ghetto booty electro though. I like it. It’s filthy, it’s got a charm and it’s got the funk.\”

Having the funk matters. Whether it’s funk shaped like a jacking Chicago house party, or funk shaped like a post-punk b-line (Clarke’s favorite new band, incidentally, are Radio Four) it’s here. There’s even a reggae track, hidden away at the end, which was inspired by a fortuitous meeting in London’s equipment mecca, Funky Junk. \”I was talking to the guy behind the counter, saying that the only reggae I could relate to was Mad Professor because it’s so precise but really laid-back. He was like ‘Have you met him? He’s standing right behind you.’

But what about the cliched version of Dave Clarke, the opinionated, cigar-chomping gourmet speeding around in fast cars? He’s still there, in the background, and, currently driving a double-glazed Mercedes S500, \”for hacking up and down on motorways\” which makes PJ Harvey’s Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea sound \”amazing\” plus a brightly colored Honda NSX. \”I do smoke cigars, I do like fast cars and I do wear black, but there’s more to me than that.\” You want to see past the cartoon? Just take one listen to Devils Advocate and it’ll all become crystal.

Artist: Dave Clarke
Tittle: Live @ Electric Picnic 2011 (Stradbally,Ireland)
Rls date: 03-09-2011
Source: WEB
Type: Set
Genre: Techno


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