Carl Cox – Global 445 (Live from Ibiza) – (23.09.2011)

Something about Carl Cox:

Out of so many highs it is difficult to pin-point the peak for me – it is a close call between The Love Parade and the dawn of the millennium. Playing for a crowd of 1,500,00 up-for-it clubbers in Berlin was the ultimate DJing experience in terms of seeing how wide reaching music can be but then being lucky enough to see in the millennium not once but twice – first on Bondi pavilion, then hopping on a jet over the timeline to Honolulu, Hawaii, was also pretty special. 

More recently I have given up my residency at Base in order to concentrate on spreading myself even further afield. But don\’t worry, in between producing, writing, remixing, presenting, TV appearances, managing, not forgetting DJing I will still be making regular appearances at Base and hanging with the very people who got me where I am today.

Artist: Carl Cox
Tittle: Global 445 (Live from Ibiza)
Genre: Techno
Rls date: 23.09.2011
Source: WEB
Type: Live set


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