Gabriel Ferreira – Items Mix – September 2011

Biography of Gabriel Ferreira:
Gabriel Ferreira lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Music was his biggest passion since his early youth. He likes techno and minimal beats but is not only a pure source of minimal and rare grooves, your experimentation and evolution come of a very innovative style, he combines different sounds, from progressive through hip hop, new wave, electronic to techno. In short, the tracks that better explains the spirit of “Gabriel Ferreira”.

His compositions are laced with his experience. He sumerge us into a pretty dance floor sound; way around tones emanating from hollowed out instruments. He can immediately feel his love of precise, fun sounds that combined with a strangeness and fantasy, a ream expression of his creative liberty. His porpouse whit the music is wants play music for all the world and fun to all the people that listen it. His recent releases have Berlin written all over them and it didn’t take long for the underground scene to pick him up with a string of DJ requests for clubs like Exchange bar (Buenos Aires), The bar (Mar del Plata) and the Odila bar (Buenos Aires) and this summer Gabriel will be doing a short DJ tour along the Atlantic coast in support of his upcoming releases.
He starts whit his professional productions in the year 2005. Actually his mixes, was released in digital labels such as Miniatura records, Piso records, Strom recordings published on Beatport, Discogs and Juno downloads. Many tracks was on top100 minimal and tech-house this last years. Maintains relation with members of the Buenos Aires and Amsterdam scene, who to go on your first European contact on Dj`s level.
To ends of January 2009 Gabriel signed with your first producer and DJ agency, “Dedicated Agency” (Netherlands). This agency promote him around the world. Your first work in this group is released on a compilated with James Nidecker, Spada and Dandi e Ugo.
\”Carnaval latino\”, a great work with 3 tracks on top 100 of Beatport, was released in started of this 2010.
Many Dj are playing Gabriel Ferreira in this moment. He´ve supports to some producers to the top scene minimal, Richie Hawtin, Magda.
From 2011 Gabriel releases with Items & Things, (Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce label), a single track: Sill (Original Mix).

In this moment, Gabriel Ferreira deployes your music to the wait for more and more work.

Artist: Gabriel Ferreira
Tittle: Items Mix – September 2011
Rls date: Spetember 2011
Genre: Minimal Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


01.Markus Homm & Todd Bodine – The Holder Of This (Original Mix)
02.Boris Brejcha – James Bond (Original Mix)
03.Magda, Suade – Fixation (Original Mix)
04.Tim Green – Jimmy Rave Up (Original Mix)
05.Reset robot – Snippa (Original Mix)
06.Dinky – Acid in my fridge (Visionquest Remix)
07.Troy Pierce – Majikal (Original Mix)
08.Gabriel Ferreira – Sill (Original Mix)
09.Mikael Stavostrand – Mackarena (Original Mix)
10.John hand Justin Maxwell – Domerocker (Roland m. dills \”twangbang\” remix)
11.Clement Meyer – Fire in Vitro (Original Mix)
12.Daniel Stefanik – Six (Original Mix)
13.Piemont – Purist (Andhim remix)
14.Rich Curtis – Centric Con (Original Mix) Ferreira // Items Mix . September SET by Gabriel Ferreira

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