Oliver Klein – Sutil Sensations (LocaFM) (17-09-2011)

Oliver Klein knows what he is talking about. His dynamic and energizing sets are notoriously famous all over the world. Techno fans from everywhere admire the charismatic German guy from Dortmund, who is dedicated and enthousiastic in every single minute of his performance. In his sets he would experiment with fresh sounds, always searching for the ultimate beat, that makes people go crazy. And he seems to find it blindfolded. Whoever gets to enjoy one of Oliver’s gigs cannot help but be fascinated by this DJ, be stunned by his trademark sound and be mesmerized by hypnotic beats. With his incredible presence, his intriguing cocktail of techno and house, and his unmistakable mixture of latest tracks and unique classics he easily casts a spell over them.

It was in the mid-Eighties at the age of 16 when Oliver Klein was himself thrilled by a DJ first. It was at the “Rollerhome” in Dortmund where he had first-hand experience of the power of the right track at the right moment . Both fascinated by mixing and music he began spinning the wheels of steel. First he confined himself to funk and soul, but when in 1989 Oliver was attending his first illegal techno party, he got immediately blown away by the sound and the community spirit of the scene , thus finally devoting himself to this new way of music. Initial residencies, e. g. at the “Orpheum” in Dortmund, where he played the nights away for Mario de Bellis, were followed in 1994 by a residency at the newly opened “Poison Club” in Düsseldorf. It is from there that he took the techno scene by storm becoming the undisputed figurehead of the most renowned after-hour club in Germany.

In 1999 he went to the studio with his friend and label partner Jürgen Driessen, and they hatched their first release “Virus” and “Impfung”. To this end, the duo founded the label Mutekki, which has meanwhile become huge among other successful independant techno imprints. Mission impossible accomplished with Mutekki01 being completely sold out within three days. Literally overrun and reassured by response from all over the world, they decided to continue working together.

While the success of the first Mutekki may have been regarded as a surprise, the second Oliver Klein single “Rheinkraft” hit the dancefloors like a bomb in 2000 and accounted for his international breakthrough. The equally massive follow-up “Timeloop” was chosen by Ministry of Sound to be one of the best singles in 2001, thus strengthening his international position. A slew of remix work (like Tiestos “Flight643”, Maydays “Sonic Empire” or Capoeira Twins “Lose Control”), chart climbers and international on-air plays became part of his daily business. His 4-year-residency in London’s famous “The Gallery” and gigs in international superclubs like “Cream”, “Passion” or “The Cross” kicked off his rise to global stardom. His success was to be continued in 2002, when he presented his debut mix-album “International Sound of… Oliver Klein” on a world release tour in 13 countries, including exotic ones like Japan, Costa Rica, Brasil and Panama. He shared the decks with the biggest names (Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Timo Maas, Laurant Garnier) in the business and spun the wheels in Germany’s famous club “Tribehouse” as a regular and popular guest. His own massive productions (e. g. “Shakedown”, “Cuba Libre”, “Rien ne vas plus”) and collaborations (\”Once you get started\” with Peter Gun, \”Humidity E.P\” with Hardfloor member Ramon Zenker)” kept the techno world on their toes. In 2006 he opened with DJ-mate Alexander Bongardt the night&day club “Home14” in DĂĽsseldorf. The former “Poison Club” seemed to be the perfect place for the famous two to take care of both audience and DJs and to transfer their practical knowledge into a superb club venue.

Despite all the fame and his countless journeys abroad Oliver Klein is still rooted to his native soil. A keen wine connoisseur, he enjoys the rare moments at home with his girlfriend to the full. “She is my calming influence and helps me gather strength for my hard and strenuous DJ life, which would otherwise draw heavily on my ressources.”, the 35-year-old says. It has been quite some time now that the label work has become more and more important besides DJing, producing and promoting. He loves passing on his experience providing young and promising artists with a platform to try their hand and grow.

For the time ahead, apart from his label projects, the club and his national and international gigs, Oliver will be extremely busy working on two new singles and a label compilation with the distinctive Mutekki sound. His forward thinking and unique take on techno enables him to push the boundaries in every direction he wants to, and the powerful and pushing sound of Oliver Klein will be with us everywhere.
Artist: Oliver Klein 
Tittle: Sutil Sensations (LocaFM) 
Rls date: 17-09-2011
Genre: Minimal Tech
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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