Miss Shiva – Mix of the Week on Insomniafm – (15.09.2011)

Biography of Miss Shiva:

While most DJs and producers get to know travelling as a weekend strain, they make use of their spare time during the week by relaxing and taking in new energy. Miss Shiva went their own, serpent way, literally: only travelling had revealed the entry to make it possible for her acquiring the state of a DJ goddess… Via a concatenation of incidents she had been washed ashore of a well-known place where a worshiped temple of Techno had been located to which the German party community made their pilgrimages every weekend. But let\’s follow her career right from the start:

Miss Shiva doesn\’t know any standstill. On the contrary – willing to change for the better her manifold interests as well as her desire for discovering and absorbing something new made her always achieve top performance. In 1991 her urge for movement and freedom eventually led into an extensive travel through Europe. Fate (i.e. in this case her funds running out) ended her journey in Frankfurt, Techno city, at the time of the dawning of a new musical era. So Frankfurt was her destination for the time being, at the same time the place for starting her new career. The magical attraction of masses in motion made Miss Shiva feel drawn to the temple of Techno mentioned at the beginning: namely Sven Väth\’s Omen. Inspired by the the legendary scenes which were going on there every weekend she started her triumphant advance as a DJane herself three years later. Shortly afterwards she discovered her preference for a Trance-infected sound that reflects her temperament best.

Shiva, Hindu god of dance and patron saint for the DJane personifies universal energy. The rhythm of his dance is related to the dynamics of the universe, just gets the great variety of its celestial bodies and their forms of motion going. Trance is the musical style that is permanently lasting in motion– rhythmically, melodically, harmonically. Miss Shiva, who wanted to be a dancer already from childhood, is gaining new energy from these meandering structures, transforming it into Asian dance styles every time during her DJ sets. Thus, the power of music is passed on to the party animals, all out by its mediator.

After having played residencies in various local clubs Miss Shiva resumed travelling, this time worldwide: she is booked for spinning in the biggest clubs as well as at the most famous events (HR3 [Frankfurt radio station]-Clubnight, Cosmox-, Love Parade Germany, Vienna, Zurich, Budapest…). The party headquarters Miami, Ibiza, Malta and England fight over her. During the \”Overload\” spectacular at \’Kunsthalle\’ Vienna in 2001 she obtained the desirable Techno Award for the best DJane of the year 2000. Her 12\”EP \”Dreams 2002\” (rmxs by Cosmic Gate and Humate) rose sensationally to the Top 20 of the British sales charts, an ennoblement only a handful of German producers have succeded in to date. The incredible success has repeated itself just now: The current double CD compilation \”Dream Dance 24\” (Sony Music) having been mixed by Miss Shiva has entered the British charts, too – from 0 to position 30!

A South American tour (Miss Shiva played 4 raves in Peru, among others) as well as guest performances in Canada are just further stops within her restless dance mission; her forthcoming bookings will lead her to South Africa. Even this year she will launch her own Artist Mangement Agency Frankfurt Sounds Artist Management.

Artist: Miss Shiva 
Tittle: Mix of the Week on Insomniafm 
Rls date: 15.09.2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
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