Miss Sunshine & Dr Hoffmann – Blind Spot Radio Show # 117 – (05-09-2011)

Miss Sunshine is a deity of techno that commands attention while performing and beyond doubt one of the biggest electronic music fan. Always had an interest in music, but her passion for it evolved back in 1995, when she started to frequent the underground techno parties. She was perfectly placed to hear Balkan electronic music in its earliest forms.

She began her journey on the radio show “Clubhopping” (together with Loki Masa), the first “on air” electronic music experience in the area at that time and landed a prime residency at the Oxygene club in 1999 which led into a two year residency at Vega club. She played at the the serial of partys “Drumatica” together with big names of techno scene like Bone, Valentino Kanzyani, Jel Ford, Funk D.. Void, Gayle San and many more.

Through her DJ sets or her productions on labels like Monocline, Dual Musik, Manual Music, Stolen Moments, Empro Music, Kaseta Music Records or Aciitone, Miss Sunshine unifies perceptions of open minded people in her graceful sense for sounds and minimal tones, strengthened with solid tech grooves and the love of challenging music without boundaries.

Keeping along her path in 2000 she appeared on Croatian Annual Music Awards – Black Cat (“Crni Macak”), where she had the opportunity to host the Electronic music Category. In 2002, Miss Sunshine’s music took her to Valkana Beach Festival (Croatia) and Exit Festival (former Yugoslavia). She was also requested to attend the Sunrise Festival (Croatia) and Lady’s Sound Attack (Germany) during the same year.

People responses to the music, their peculiar lives, and exceptional party scenes have inspired Sunshine throughout the time and kept her hooked on the point of it: foster original sounds, mix music that mesmerizes audiences on the dance floor every time she performs, even though every so often her spins leads to the darkest and deepest corners of electronic music.

2006 has been another astonishing busy year for Miss Sunshine taking in venues across Europe. She also joined the Tuborg green DJ Academy as coach, teaching young people the basics in DJ skills, history and equipment. Same year Sunshine meets Marko Moree and together they start a techno/ minimal/ house sound project.

The next step was to make music and 2007 brings the debut EP “The morning after” on Decoded Mini records and the remix of the Mexican artist Isis Signum on Advanced Synergy rec.

Latest successes includes the “Look Expensive” EP and remix for Sinisa Lukic’s track “Dry & Wet”, that caused a stir and was sustained by many respectable DJs like Paul Hazendonk whom requested it for the “Sound Shifting 2.0” studio dj mix, released on Manual Music label.

Soon after this came the opportunity to do a remix for great Belgian DJ and producer, Tom Hades and his “ Cinema Club“ track, alongside with well-known Brazilian DJ and producer Wehbba. The release was gaining critical acclaim by world famous djs like Laurent Garnier, Joey Beltram or Chris Fortier.

In 2009 she joined Queens of Minimal Techno, music collaboration with Viktoria Rebeka. Queens of Minimal Techno events are an underground music experience presented across Europe and stand for quality electronic music.

Over the years Sunshine has built up a varied list of DJs/Producers that she has played with. To name only some, she has spun next to; Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Billy Nasty, Jel Ford, Valentino Kanzyani, Marko Nastic, Umek, Oxia, Killians, Aril Brikha, Ken Ishii, Christian Smith, Steve Rachmand, La Di Da, Hi-Fi Princess, Lucca, Jean Marie Konne, Timo Maas, Miss Yetti, Mr. C, Slobodan, Corvin Dalek, Bone, Gayle San.

In search of new sounds and scenes, Sunshine continues her journey on and off the decks, always ready to perform in her unique style and technique.

Artist: Miss Sunshine & Dr Hoffmann 
Tittle: Blind Spot Radio Show 117 
Rls date:  05-09-2011
Source: WEB
Type: Set
Genre: Techno


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