Adam Shelton – Ibiza Voice Podcast (01-09-2011)

Biography of Adam Shelton:
Continuing over the last twelve months to champion music that is true to itself, Adam Shelton has an unshakeable focus on quality underground house. His debut EP ‘Air Trax’, due in February 2011 on air london, is part of a relentless effort to sketch out his own definition of authenticity. From sultry and atmospheric sounds to the acid-drenched and techy, the EP embodies the energy of his current musical course. 

His skills, versatility and range as a DJ have seen him guest at some of the world’s best clubbing spots including Panorama Bar, Cocoon, Glastonbury Festival, Space in Ibiza and most recently Harry Klein in Munich and London clubbing mecca Fabric – but as a producer there is much on offer.

His work with sparring partner Subb_an brings a raw and retro-funk sound, which is clearly demonstrated on their joint EPs ‘It’s Time’ and ‘The Muzik’. Similarly, their edits under the S.A.S. moniker have increasingly found notoriety as the insider’s weapon of choice. ‘In The Candy Store’ has featured prominently on discerning dancefloors worldwide, spun by Seth Troxler, Craig Richards, Heidi, Lee Burridge and Lee Curtiss, amongst others. Meanwhile the early 90’s feel of ‘Give it to You’ perfectly demonstrates an insight into the US house-loving side of Adam’s taste.

Entering its second year, his label One Records is a stronghold for emerging UK talent, having showcased the sounds of Seelie, Jordan Peak and Death on the Balcony alongside more established, but no less fresh, heads like Geddes, Burnski and Jozif. Additionally trans-Atlantic aficionados Shaun Reeves and Kris Wadsworth have recently contributed. Dreamt up with long time partner Subb-an at The Rainbow Pub, the label aims to encapsulates the vibe of artists and crowds that Adam has connected with most. More than just his literal home, The Rainbow has become a meeting place for likeminded innovators, upstarts and party people from all corners of the country.

One of the UK’s most diverse and talked about small venues, The Rainbow is fertile ground for Adam to experiment with a wide range of musical styles, not least at his own party Below, now in its sixth year. The coming year will see Adam release on labels 2020 Vision, Magicbag, Illusion and Smoke City, as well as a continued dedication to One Records. With this inexorable drive, it can truly be said that despite having already delivered a great deal, we have still only skimmed the surface of Adam’s talent.

Artist: Adam Shelton 

Tittle: Ibiza Voice Podcast 
Rls date: 01-09-2011
Genre: Minimal Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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