Slam – We Love Ibiza 2011 Podcast 012 (22-08-2011)

Like all the best clubs Slam put quality before profit. \”We have always stretched the budget to make sure the night was good,\” says Orde. He\’s the gentle giant with the seriously humorous split personality.

\”We actually owned the sound system at the Arches,\” Stuart interjects. He\’s the funny one who claims he has a gravely misunderstood serious side. \”It was rocking.\”
Orde: \”People still say there isn\’t a sound system to match it in Scotland. Back then we poured everything into it and took no money for a while. I think that is a part of almost everything we have done.\”
So what is that special Slam mix that has touched so many lives? \”Er, several Jack Daniels and cokes\”, laughs Stuart. \”No of course, it\’s the DJs, the people, the production and lighting design. The whole picture, of course\”.

Like all scenes Slam owe a dept to local record shops such as Glasgow\’s 23rd Precinct, and Rub-A -Dub and their influences are peppered with descriptions that include Detroit, Chicago, Transmat, Nude Photo, Kraftwerk and clubs like the Hacienda and Ku in Ibiza. This energy has been carried over into their nights and classic tracks such as \’\’Eterna\’ Stepback\’ and \’Positive Education\’, which made it to number 44 when it was re-released earlier this year.

\”Positive Education was a track that had a real strong impact on us. It was the first techno track coming out of the UK that shook us with that energy and that thing you can\’t really describe. Going to the Arches, a few months after that, was an extraordinary clubbing experience. We felt the exact same thing that we had heard in the track. Spontaneity, energy, positive things. Soma, the label, Slam, the artists, Slam, the club, are really part of our family and we are very grateful to those many unforgettable moments we spend with the crew in Glasgow.\”
– Thomas Bangalter, Daft Punk.

If the sound of France is filtered disco and London is dominated by sub-urban acid house inflections with more breakdowns than Frank Butcher; Glasgow is dark, funky, bass heavy, sweaty, writhing, sleazy techno, punctuated with house grooves. It\’s a sound that reflects the environment – long nights enveloped by a warm friendly vibrant crowd who identify more with the US than the UK\’s capital. It\’s Slam\’s sound, and Slam\’s sound is the soundtrack to every Scot\’s best night out.

Start praying. Slam are transmitting to a city near you.
Artist: Slam
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