Umek – Behind The Iron Curtain # 007 (Proton Radio) (22-08-2011)

HE’LL BURN IN HELLIf there’s any symbolism in the beginning of his clubbing career, DJ Umek won’t escape burning in Hell for at least few decades: \”I’ve told my mother I’m going to church to attend festive midnight mass on the Christmas night, but I was determined to visit MC Brane’s party at Ljubljana’s underground club K4 for the first time that night. I was expected to be home at 1 am, but wasn’t ‘till 4 am, so the curfew was imminent,” Umek remembers popping his club cherry.

When the martial law eventually lifted and his mum decided to soften the regime, he found himself dealing with new challenge. He was allowed to go clubbing at the weekends but was expected to be home at 3 am. The trick was, as it usually is, that the first morning bus to his home neighborhood departed from the centre of the city fifteen minutes later. Solving problem wasn’t easy, but being young and determined there was no problem for him running through the half of the city twice a week: \”Running few kilometers in the middle of the night after clubbing really wasn’t as hard as it seems. I was training basketball at that time, so I was really fit.” It’s more than a decade since he traded career of basketball superstar for the nightlife debauchery. It would be interesting to see what he could have achieved as an athlete. Namely, he was selected for the junior national team just as he parted from the sports, and some of his former colleagues became key players in the top USA and European basketball leagues.

Artist: Umek 
Tittle:  Behind The Iron Curtain 007 (Proton Radio)
Rls date: 22-08-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


01 Davide Squillace & Guti – The Ginger Ponytail [Hideout]
02 Daniel Bob – Indu (Raul Mezcolanza Remix) [Lactik]
03 Aquinoise – Moon Black [Soundcloud]
04 Dustbowl – Tipton (Jacon Kriegel Remix) [U & A]
05 Gabriel Ananda – Hey Blop [Basmati]
06 Kiko – Glowing In The Sky [Signature By Kiko]
07 Pleasurekraft – Satyr Song [1605]
08 Re Dupre, Angelo Fracalanza, Alex Stein – The Jungle [Noise Music]
09 Superskank & John Acquaviva – Ska Skank Redemption [Defenitive]
10 Konstantin Yoodza – I Can\’t Tell You No [Sphera]
11 Wehbba – Human Interface [Tronic]
12 Ulisses Nunes – He He Yes (Oscar L Remix) [Definitive]
13 Westbam – Hold Me Back [Low Spirit]
14 Phunk Investigation – Guru [Blufin]
15 Da Fresh – Pump Diss Party

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