Martin Eyerer – Kling Klong, Blufin Top 10 August

As an important platform for his music Martin Eyerer has founded his own labels – Kling Klong and Session Deluxe. Due to the conscientious release policy (releasing artists like Koletzki, Namito, Oliver Klein, Babicz and Eyerer himself the Label boss was able to establish an independent sound between electro, minimal and tech-house on Kling Klong and more tooly, housy and underground on Session Deluxe. Releases of both Labels always enter the top 20 of all sales and download charts for electronic music.

Peak time is the best time in a DJ-set, but in Martin Eyerers opinion, you have to work for it as a DJ – there is no way to force it. With that philosophy he builds up his sets, using the newest material and unfolds an oppressive, sizable Groove. Martin Eyerer does not try to get through the night with the current hits. Instead, he travels his very own sound-spectrum in one intuitively construed DJ-set. These legendary sets make their way around the globe resulting in Martin playing regularly in all parts of the world.

But Martin wants to reach more people than only those who frequent nightclubs. Thats why he regularly works on mix compilations, e.g. his own series on Session Deluxe. He has also set up same called Session De Luxe a national weekly radio-show that goes out live every Sunday evening on Sunshine live – Germanys biggest station for dance music, and its on this platform that Eyerer presents all the latest releases for his hungry following to devour as they polish of their weekends activities on sofas, in bedrooms or in the car on their way home after visiting their parents for Sunday lunch in the country. By himself or with guests like e.g. Bodzin, Anthony Rother, Chardronnet, Huntemann, Gregor Tresher, Abe Duque, Thomas Schumacher, John Selway or Shlomi Aber, Session de Luxe never disappoints. But not only are the monologues important – Martin also involves the listeners, giving everyone the chance to ask questions about anything concerning dance music.

Artist: Martin Eyerer 

Tittle:  Kling Klong, Blufin Top 10 August
Rls date: 20-08-2011
Genre: Techno, Minimal
Source: WEB
Type: Chart


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