Lanny May – IC 4604 Airstream (06.08.2011)

Something about Lanny May:

Occasionally there are milestone tunes, ones which cause sonic currents worthy of running a tempest aground, yet fortunately this cargo has been saved from the storm, so allow me the pleasure to dish out the goods. Today the tide has brought us Lanny May, a German artist who has willingly crafted exceptional electronic music these last 8 years. He has always delivered his listeners, what can only be described, as an exquisite and varying platter of audible proportions. Lanny provides the prototypes for the imitators, and maintains the missing elements of one\’s playlist. His obsessive fans like myself, are continually falling victim to his emanating touch of frequency synesthesia, that causes one to enjoy disjointed daydreams and melancholic blackouts (of a pleasurable nature).This downloadable selection of indie candour and vocally aligned remixes, openly pays tribute to the shameless patterns that are internal to their original pop arrangements, but in this instance, they are sewn onto the blank canvas of electronica to hold an entirely different key and feeling. These remixes can be central to the dance-floor, climbing the apex of crowd control and uplifting emotion. Yet they are equally fulfilling in quiet comfort, creating essential room to breath and wind down.

Artist: Lanny May 

Tittle: IC 4604 Airstream 
Rls date: 06.08.2011
Source: WEB
Genre: Minimal Techno
Type: Set
Quality: 1.51.22 min – 102 MB


In Search… Lanny May At IC 4604 Airstream 06.08.2011 by LannyMay

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