Steffen Baumann – Sixty Sessions – (14-08-2011)

Biography of Steffen Baumann:

Some DJs don’t get along with the crowd. Their ultimate goal is to play unheard-of tracks and get the job done exactly in the way they intended to – no matter, if the audience applauds or or escapes. Others are so nuts for getting acknowledged with applause that they sell their souls unhesitatingly for 15 minutes of fame and glory. Concerning this, it was a blessing in disguise that Steffen Baumann was not a teenager anymore when he began to spin the wheels professionally. Indeed, he started his musical career at a very young age long time before, so let’s start at the beginning:

What do desperate parents do, when their 3-year-old son, by the sound of any music starts beating on any object that he can reach in a height of 40 cm full of passion and joy? In case of Steffen Baumann they bought mini-drums, hired a music teacher and hoped that genius will get the better of madness. The plan worked and soon the out-of-control-drumming was put on the right track. A couple of years later, the guitar also became a part of Steffen`s life. His parents were quite happy when after years of pure noise their eardrums actually caught the sound of a melody. With age came insight, and Steffen decided even before he was 18 to start playing complete songs – the ones pressed on vinyl, which could be brought to life by a record player and were of electronic nature.

The parents – used to buying expensive equipment by now – did the next well-planned move in their son’s future and attached the purchase of the first Technics equipment with the passing of his high school diploma. As a result he almost simoultaneously had his first girlfriend and two 1210er in his room, and 20 years later one can surely say: The pain, time and money invested by Steffen’s parents in their little one had not gone to waste… 

Because twenty years later it`s his sense of music that makes him special and stand out of the rest of talented DJs and that helped him accomplish many great things: Steffen played in clubs all over Germany, stood his ground on huge events like Time Warp & Nature One in front of enormous crowds, has a residency in Loft Club, Ludwigshafen, one of the most renowned and best German clubs. And he was clever enough to mix business with pleasure: He was not above doing the warm-up for Germany’s No 1-House Act The Discoboys, well-known for breaking down the barrier between club and chart music, although he himself preferred smoother sounds. Until today, Steffen and The Discoboys have played uncounted gigs together like a fix unit. Although he had to make concessions in style for that he always remained true to himself and his sound.

Since Mai 2007 Steffen Baumann hosts his own radio show on Germany’s best-known dance-channel sunshine live. “Sixty Radio” is the title of the programme, which is powered by the world-famous fashion brands MISS SIXTY, ENERGIE and Killah. Steffen and his female partner reach about 200.000 listeners every Sunday. But not only that, the concept of the show is a dual one: Every Sunday Steffen plays his sound of Deep House, Tech-House, Progressive, Minimal-Techno and Tribal live on air while his partner-in-crime spreads the word through her microphone about fashion and lifestyle. Apart from that, Steffen’s music is played in all MISS SIXTY- and ENERGIE- flgaship stores in Germany & Austria on every business day. This creates huge advertisement and increases demand, so it wasn`t any wonder that after just six months on air at the end of the year 2007 their first double-compilation was in stores.

Due to remarkable succes the sequel was released in May 2008 and combined illustrious names like Booka Shade, DJ T., Tiefschwarz, Oliver Koletzki, Fedde Le Grand, Tom Novy, Moonbootica and Martin Eyerer with spaced-out underground tracks. In 2009, for the fourth year in a row, Steffen found his place in the line-up of the renowned event Time Warp in Mannheim, Germany, where he played in front of thousands of people from all over Europe.

The big acquirements are now financed by Steffen himself and so a couple of years ago he was able to fulfill his dream of an own studio – without any linked condition by his parents. Fortunately, the parents don’t live above the studio nowadays, so he is a true studio wizard with unrestricted musical output – huge in quality and quantity.

Artist: Steffen Baumann 
Tittle: Sixty Sessions 
Rls date: 14-08-2011
Source: WEB
Genre: Minimal Tech
Type: Set


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