Tim Roth as Sin Maldita reveals new avant-garde album titled ‘You’re Trouble’ + new video by Petra Hermanova.

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You’re Trouble, that’s the new project from Berlin-based producer Sin Maldita aka Tim Roth aka 1K Flowers… or, maker of infernal, androgynous avant-garde pop that takes cues from experimental club music, seeking to strike an uncanny chord between abrasiveness and accessibility to tap into jagged, chaotic, beautiful and at times humorous emotions and spaces
Titled \’You’re Trouble\’, the new 11-track album of Sin Maldita is a magic journey of pure avant garde music expressing itself fluidly without genre or style boundaries, maybe that is what it make this sound so unique and amazing. Unguarded will release this piece on Vinyl “12, CD and Digital formats on November 27th, 2020.
Watch a video by Petra Hermanova (a multidisciplinary visual artist who explores moving image through animation techniques. She has exhibited her visuals as well as performed live a/v around Europe) for the track \’Me Me Me\’ off the upcoming album, and read the full story below:
Tim is very embedded in Berlin’s experimental electronic scene, he worked with Amnesia Scanner on their acclaimed ANESTHESIA SCAMMER a/v performance at Kraftwerk. He also included a track on a fundraiser compilation spearheaded by Arca’s mutant community to support trans and racial justice organisations and he his currently assisting Eliza Douglas in creating music for an upcoming performance with Anne Imhof (Faust, PAN) at Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
\’You’re Trouble\’, Sin Maldita’s debut album, seeks to juxtapose beauty, serenity and vigour with instability, ugliness, chaos and crisis, expressing itself fluidly without genre or otherwise boundaries.
It poses to question and locate a sense of self in a disorienting, breaking environment of dissolving certainty which grows increasingly chaotic, about dysmorphic dissatisfaction, becoming disillusioned and alienated. The tone is reflective and confronting as the album navigates an abstract musical territory between cathartic abrasiveness and unrelenting post-club sounds which never let up for long, urging the listener not to give up but to try and take courage and take control of the troubles and fears in their life. Between chaos and form, it’s finding relief in imperfection and the in-between. As such the music is ambivalent and is equal parts some kind of crisis club music as well as introspective reflection.
You’re Trouble is due out on Unguarded, the label he runs together with long-time collaborator Philipp Hülsenbeck, who he is also working with to create an immersive live performance featuring visuals from a range of collaborators including his own visual work.
Cover Artwork.
Artist. Sin Maldita
Title. You’re Trouble
Format: Vinyl “12 / CD / Digital
Label: Unguarded
Cat. No: UGD-002
Release Date: November 27th, 2020
1. Me Me Me
2. Caminando Sola (feat Dilery La Perra)
3. Ruin
4. You\’re Trouble
5. Unrealer
6. Demicrisis
7. Subsoul
8. Closer Call
9. Wildfire Choir
10. He Is My Son (ft. Jungstötter)
11. Swanbreath
Composition, Lyrics, Production, Mixing by Tim Roth, except:
Caminando Sola: composed by Dilery Alejandra Sanchez Ortiz and Tim Roth, lyrics & vocals by Dilery Alejandra Sanchez Ortiz
You’re Trouble: lyrics by Fabian Altstötter and Tim Roth, composed by Fabian Altstötter and Tim Roth He Is My Son : lyrics &
vocals by Fabian Altstötter
Mastered by Enyang Urbiks
Cover art by Nino Mombrun – lei.1.6
Vinyl & CD layout by Miriam Humm
Cat. No. UGD-002 – All rights reserved
℗ & © Unguarded 2020
Philipp Hülsenbeck, Yael Ohmer, Marc Übel, Petra Hermanova, Ella Zwietnig, Lukas Schmeck, Dounia Biedermann, Ville
Haimala, Elena Herrmann, Max Gruber, Martin Hossbach, Heike, Georg and Valentin Roth

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