Conforce – Modern Amusement # 012 (03-08-2011)

Something about Conforce:

Boris Bunnik, aka Conforce, hailed from Terschelling, a northern island of the Netherlands. Like the output from a number of his fellow Dutch techno artists, his productions seemed to result from a deep study of early Chicago house (Larry Heard in particular), \’90s Detroit and U.K. techno (from labels like Planet E, Warp, B12, and Applied Rhythmic Technology), and Berlin dub (the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction axis) — warm, melodic, moody. Bunnik was one of his country\’s more cunning synthesists, evident from his earliest 12\” releases on Rush Hour across 2007 and 2008. Following his third and fourth singles, released in 2009 on Modelisme and Curle, his fifth 12\” and first album — titled Machine Conspiracy — were both issued in early 2010.
Artist: Conforce 
Tittle: Modern Amusement 012
Rls date: 03-08-2011
Source: WEB
Genre: Techno
Type: Set
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