Felix Kröcher – Hardliner (SSL) (27-07-2011)

Something about Felix Krocher:

\”Some call him „German techno meister“ 

With 16 years, have been playing for the first time in front of a public audience, the smart Frankfurter, born in 1983 is now already looking back on a portfolio, which is searching for one’s equals. Thereby, everything began with an apprenticeship as a radio editor at the radio station Sunshine-Live which Felix started after his graduation. Only three years later Felix went on the air with his own radio show “Hardliner” at Sunshine Live, which he hosts every Wednesday until today. In the same year, his first own record “Deckshark EP” followed, which paved the way for the name Felix Kröcher to the record cases of international artists.

In 2005, he added to his already extensive DJ references a residency at the international famous Frankfurt Club U60311, which he extended after two years to his own event series “When The Going Gets Tough” where he replaced the legendary “Freitagaaabend” of Chris Liebing. Moreover, Felix launched his own label FK-Recordings in 2007. The readers of Germany’s most famous magazine for electronic & clubsound, Raveline rewarded Felix relentless passion for electronic music and his consistent near to the audience with #1 as “Best DJ National” at the Raveline Voting in the years 2007 and 2008. Also in 2009 Felix can again be found at the top three of the voting. Today Felix is looking back on 63 releases including artist albums, EPs, remixes, his DVD “The Live Collection” as well as his latest DISCOVER compilation, which characterized the sound of his first world tour.

Meanwhile, events like Mayday, Loveparde, Timewarp, Nature One, Wire, Creamfields, Airbeat One, Urban Artforms, Sonne Mond Sterne, Free your Mind, Mysteryland, Awakenings or Moving City are fixed dates of his approximately 130 gigs per year. But not only Europe counts among Felix playground of his straight development and his endless seeming progress of electronic dance music, where he boosts the masses with ease. So you can enumerate him at least since his DISCOVER world tour to the international top DJs, which put the whole globe into motion and whose name is well known far above the borders of Europe. Who is surprised that Felix pertains to an inherent part of the new electronic music scene, which carries on the legacy of the forefathers on a recent, contemporary way?

Artist: Felix Kroecher 
Tittle: Hardliner (SSL) 
Rls date: 27-07-2011
Source: Web
Type: Set
Genre: Minimal Techno


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