Iron Curtis – LWE Podcast 092 (25-07-2011)

Something about Iron Curtis:

Iron Curtis’ pieces originate in a place simultaneously tuned to the sounds of Detroit, Chicago and Hamburg. 

In his home town of Nürnberg, Johannes Paluka is more familiarly known under his surname, which he goes by at the turntable. Intertwining Deep-House with soulful Techno in a disturbingly enchanting manner, his sound moves in the equilibrium of reduced, but never minimal. Flashes of kitsch brighten the dark universe of Iron Curtis, but fail to interfere with the melancholy subtext. Profound music for the dance floor!He is currently living in Berlin and is releasesing for Mirau, Morris Audio, Mule Electronic, Retreat and Jack Off amongst others.

Artist: Iron Curtis 
Tittle: LWE Podcast 092 
Genre: Techno
Rls date: 25-07-2011
Source: Web
Type: Set

01. Robag Wruhme, “Brücke Eins” [Pampa Records]
02. Black Jazz Consortium, “Message” [Deep Explorer]
03. Baaz, “Way Out Citti” [white*]
04. Tara Cross & Henk Wallays, “Microphone Connection” [Vinyl-on-demand]
05. Ta’Raach, “A BC Date” (Edit) [All City Records]
06. Moodymann, “The Set Up … Then Imma Come Lookin For You!” [KDJ]
07. Specter, “Bazerko” [Tetrode Music]
08. Blaze ft. Alexander Hope, “How Deep Is Your Love” (Acapella)
[157 Shelter Records]
09. Marcellus Pittman, “If The Earth Could Talk” [Unirhythm]
10. Jason Lev & Cedric, “Call Us Cool” [Truth Is Light]
11. Jerome Derradji & Rahaan, “The Way It Goes” [Stilove4music]
12. Jürgen Paape, “Triumph” [Kompakt]
13. Shake, “Simpatico” [Frictional Recordings]
14. 2562, “Aquatic Family Affair” [When In Doubt]
15. Iron Curtis, “In A Shady Rainy Backyard” [white*]
16. WK7, “Higher Power” (Hardcore PCK Mix) [Power House]
17. Stephen Brown, “Status Byte Part 1″ [Djax-Up-Beats]
18. Unit Moebius, “Biosoft” [Bunker Records]
19. Mr De’, “Superugly” (Funk Piano Mix) [Electrofunk Records]
20. Sha-lor, “I’m In Love” [ZYX Records]
21. Tevo Howard, “The Instruction” (Acid Mix) [Hour House Is Your Rush Records]
22. Marvin Belton, “Love Will Find A Way” (Dark Dub) [Ferrispark]
23. John Osborn & October, “Epoch 4″ (V2) [TANSTAAFL]
24. Gesloten Cirkel, “Insummer” [Moustache Techno]
25. Vakula, “Beat Ja” [3rd Strike Records]
26. Emmanuel Top, “Flux” (Sunshine People Edit) [white*]

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