Dave Clarke – White Noise (Guestmix Paul Edge) (24-07-2011)

Biography of Paul Edge:
“When the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are, infinite” William Blake, \”The Marriage of Heaven and Hell\” [1730-1732]. There are artists that spend a lifetime waiting for success to find them. Then there are artists who spend a lifetime creating their own legacy, quietly confident that their time will come. For Paul Edge, that time is now. It is a time marked by the culmination of success,
synergy and an unwavering spiritual energy. Seduced by the pulse of electronica, allured to the soul and spiritual swagger of psychedelic music, and beckoned by the power and energy of guitar-driven anthems, DJ Paul Edge has spent the past decade refining his craft, breaking down boundaries, and redefining how the art he creates can alter the world he
inhabits. The results are Psychedelic Dance Music.

A pioneering force and presence as electronic music blossomed worldwide throughout the 1990s, DJ Paul Edge simultaneously headlined and promoted one of the United Kingdom’s longest-running and mostsuccessful club nights, The Outer Limits, while creating and performing music that is still heralded for putting a permanent thumb print on the Underground Dance Scene.

It was in 2004 that Edge decided to climb the mountain that few of the world’s top DJs had dared to confront: The United States. With the American electronic scene existing as little more than a trickling, if not stagnant, underground, Edge rode the same psychedelic aura
that inspired The Outer Limits and his acclaimed Trance track “Metamorphosis Of Narcotics” into the next wave of his career, seamlessly melding his trance and techno vibrations with America’s penchant for heavy-handed hard rock heroics.

Consciously removing himself from the limelight for the past few years, Edge’s focus was singular and defined, and his creativity never wavered. He became an American citizen, embraced American culture, and found inspiration in a land and people that were little more than an afterthought as he was emerging in England, halfway around the world. The
results are his most inspired and profound creative stretch as an artist, and the proof is in a bevy of new material that builds on the creative arc of his past, launching Psychedelic Dance Music spiraling into the future. In his original compositions, —all written and produced, in entirety, by Edge—, acidic techno, driving guitars,ethereal soul and unearthly Native American music blend brilliantly, bobbing and weaving, ducking and jabbing, and sparring their way to a sound that is as infectious as it is innovative. Enter the world of The Shaman DJ, and the realm of Psychedelic Dance Music…

Artist: Dave Clarke 
Tittle: White Noise (Guestmix Paul Edge) 
Genre: Techno
Rls date: 24-07-2011
Source: Web
Type: Set


Part One

Dead Sound – Trapped
Exzact – Me & My 808
Ra-X – Back in trouble again
Paul Edge – 41
George Lanham – Priory Tool
Wibo – That Tall Guy – Epoch
Gesaffelstein – Conspiracy Origins
Darkcode & Q’le – C99 (Michael Schwarz Remix)
DJ Hi-Shock – Maximum Darkness
Advanced Human – The Dropa Stones (Basic Groove Mix)
Roger Martinez – Dark Star
Autophase – We Gott Wood

Part Two

The Exaltics – One Circle
Aubrey – Harlequin Opal
Moodymanc – Black Paint (Larry Heards After Dark Mix)

Live set from Paul Edge

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