Little Nobody @ Vespa – Tokyo – Japan (20-07-2011)

Something about Littel Nobody:

Melbourne expat Little Nobody (a.k.a Andrez Bergen) has lived and gigged in Tokyo since 2001, and continues to run IF? Records – the label founded in Melbourne in 1995. 

Bergen has released tracks through Si Begg\’s Noodles label and the TTAK crew in Japan, along with Auricular in the USA, Elektrax/Hypnotic Room in Australia, Fitja in Sweden, Dead Channel in the UK, Slidebar in Germany, Gynoid Ausio in Australia, and his own IF? imprint – plus has upcoming stuff due for release through new German label Killekill.He also makes music as DJ Fodder, Funk Gadget, Schlock Tactile, Slam-dunk Ninja, Someone B.I.G, and about 30 other aliases.His stuff has been remixed by Si Begg, Donk Boys, Dave Tarrida, James Ruskin, Ben Pest, Mijk van Dijk, Dave Angel, Luke\’s Anger, Patrick Pulsinger, Aux 88, Tobias Schmidt, DJ Wada, Wyndell Long, Jammin\’ Unit, Paul Birken, Jason Leach (Subhead), Fila Brazilia, Bill Youngman, Mijk van Dijk, Shin Nishimura, Toshiyuki Yasuda, Takashi Watanabe (DJ Warp), Ben Mill, Koda, DJ Hi-Shock, Son Of Zev, Isnod, Enclave, Zen Paradox, E383, K. Alexi Shelby, and Captain Funk. His music is likewise all over the place.He\’s played in Detroit, London, New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Beijing, Hong Kong, Windsor, Osaka, Fukuoka, and all round Australia. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Artist: Little Nobody
Tittle: @ Vespa – Tokyo – Japan 
Genre: Techno
Rls date: 20-07-2011
Source: Web
Type: set


In Search… Nobody @ Vespa Tokyo 20 July (last-minute set thing!) by Little Nobody

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