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Well people! It\’s time to discover Niño Árbol and his own label, Ssensorial.  I had always said it, Mexico is a country that has everything, but in the specific point that got us here, i mean, music, Mexico is on another level of talent and creativity. 

And that can be confirmed, for example, when you talk about artist like Kevin Martínez AKA Niño Árbol, a producer born in Guadalajara México. His talent and tremendous vision as a dj and producer has taken Kevin always in the right spot, or at least, where he wants to be. Besides other acomplishments, he is on the Native Instruments roster as the main ambassador of the Maschine line product in México. Also since 2015 he is DJ resident of the mythic Bar Américas, but thats not all. 

Niño Árbol has been a cult hero in Mexico ever since his 2015 Boiler Room. Penetratingly visual with his laser red eyes and psychedelic Windows 95 like optic effects, it was a thoroughly infectious affair with a live set that combined clicks, beeps, dubs and rolls to dubious effect. The nefarious Guadalajara native has been on a tear ever since, heading his Ssensorial label and releasing under the likes of NEIN Records and Superfreq Records. 

As you can see, he is always working on something, in projects that somehow would end pleasing the ears of someone in the world, no doubt. 

But now, what got us talking about Niño Arbol, is his upcoming release on Ssensorial Records. Entitled \”Hypereactive-1\”, the release unveils 4 new tracks, that in a general review, represents a jewel of electronic music, of the acid genre, of the finest and sensory experimental techno music, also the cover art of this record is a surrealist piece of art. The elaboration and creativity for this music, was created with the right introspection and exploration and the use analog-electric instruments. So it\’s a very interesting proposal, that i\’m happy to recommend. Pre order:

Tracks review.

The four-track raucous and mind-bending project crosses IDM, acid, and techno; and is imprinted under his Ssensorial label. You can expect some organic analog beats that are deep, pensive, and textured with wet expanding ripples and wistful synths.
\’Voyage\’ is a head-melting trip down a dark hole, only to have a peaceful interlude of gentle, sweet, serine keys which massages the ears and lifts the soul; as the mechanical churn of the four by four beats plugs you along.
\’Bruxismo\’ enters like a succession of fast hand gut punches. Quick percussions merge with an underlying rave synth, that slithers in and out but is juxtaposed by a xylophone. The melancholic keys dance around the harsh percussions, like the Beaty and The Beast waltz.
EP title track \’Hypereactive-1\’ is a dubious and sometimes brutal affair. Acidically tinged and with snappy drum patterns, it holds the fascinating layer that is omnipresent throughout the project: reckless beats that work in paradox with ethereal symphonies. 
The big finale is \’Bracing\’ with an odd combo of a slow like tempo but crashing percussions. A panoramic drone invades fluttering drum patterns. It heads towards a choir-like synth; the drum adds the velocity, but the keys hang then float away aimlessly, like unsuspecting dear catching sight of a human being.

The EP release date is scheduled to next month, in November 15th, 2019 in Vinyl and Digital formats via Sensorial Records. Stay tuned and have the joy to had discovered Niño Árbol and his own label, Sensorial. 

You can now listen HYPEREACTIVE – 1,  the label already uploaded the snippets to soundcloud.

Overview. Release that shows the evolution and sound maturity of Niño Árbol in relation to his introspection and exploration of analog-electric instruments. The result is a well-rounded EP with an original rhythmic base that leaves the paradigm of the traditional 4/4 metric, giving life to a new sound that‘ll serve as a turning point for Mexican Techno.
Bittersweet atmosphere and emotion that go from the profound to the dreamy, through forceful percussive and organic psychedelic texture.

Cover Artwork.

Label: Ssensorial 
Artist: Niño Árbol 
Title: Hypereactive-1 
Format: Vinyl & Digital 
Release Date: November 15th, 2019 
Cat. No. SSS005 (Digital), SS001 (Vinyl) 
Distribution: Dig Dis (Digital), Vinyl Future (Vinyl) 
Pre order link: Bandcamp


01. Voyage 
02. Bruxismo 
03. Hypereactive-1 
04. Bracing


Redlight Music is an independent electronic music label based in Berlin, been already in the move, always picking delightful music, this time the label are announcing Number 5 of release series ‘Redlight Vision’ and brings Julian Rosh, Polkolor, B.A.X. and Julian Rhodes to the scene, with four tracks made for joy and a good taste in electronic and house music.

The oficial release date is due to March 22, 2019 via Redlight Music, the release would be available in digital version. 

(Electronic music finest! In the head picture is B.A.X. (picture taken from his FB) Look for him! what an outstanding artist he is!)

Previews by Redlight Music soon…

Overview. Number 5 of release series ‘Redlight Vision’ brings Julian Rosh, Polkolor, B.A.X. and Julian Rhodes to the Berlin based record label. A musical journey along House and Electronica music.

Organic composition ‘Black Circus’ from the Spanish born and Berlin based artist Julian Rosh (who was already involved on Denite’s LP remixes) is opening this EP. A nice taste of analog synthesizers with warm and classic sounds build a moody Classic House track using some choppy chords and keys as the main tool.

Following up is the fresh production of Julian Rhodes. With a UK breaks vibe and brilliant pads he combines mood and melody into a great track.

Number 3 is for the Polish artist Polkolor. His House cut includes a loopy bass and a few string synths that top the rhythmic groove and work so well hooking you from the very first minute.

Last but not least comes the Vietnamese DJ and producer B.A.X. who draws a smooth and beautiful composition with a piano as the main conductor. He builds different ambiences with pads and effects all along the track, transporting the vibe to different states and feelings.

Cover Artwork.

Label. Redlight Music 

Artist. Various Artists 
Title. Redlight Visions 5 
Format. Digital 
Cat.Number. RLM068 
Release Date. March 22nd, 2019 
Distribution. Dig Dis 


01. Julian Rosh – Black Circus (Original Mix) 

02. Julian Rhodes – Ninth (Original Mix) 
03. Polkolor – Venus (Original Mix) 
04. B.A.X. – Digital Abyss (Original Mix)


Extra. Listen to B.A.X. february mix! Beautiful music! 

May was good. For that gratitude, here we share a list of several recommendations of what this month has left us.
This list of carefully selected recommendations also features a special 2-hour set using some tracks here selected, for you to enjoy and confirm that May was a good month.Full details below. 


We had some access to the upcoming debut album by the young Italian producer, D-Leria and its a gem. We already know from 2014 to 2017 he released several EP’s, each developing upon this new style, until joining the young label Delirio as both a musician and a manager. Now all the hardwork has evolved, and the producer has announced that december is his month, he will release a new 10-track album on the young label Delirio, where he has hosted artists such as Stanislav Tolkackev, Roberto Bosco, Plaster, and more, with a unique agenda to record precisely produced music live, instead of laboring in the studio to achieve over-polished audio.

This is his first album and it has been called ‘Driving to Nowhere’, will be available on 12-inch vinyl format, that will be out in December 10, 2018. With this release D-Leria inaugurates the beginning of the new DLP catalog, which will be dedicated to LPs, albums and other projects. Stay tuned. 

Overview: D-Leria returns to the scene more than a year after debuting on Berlin-based label Delirio, releasing a collection of work produced between 2014 and 2018; ten tracks which mark a new beginning for this young Italian producer, sweeping between heavy ambient excursions to hypnotic/ tribal techno, modernized and polished off in his own way.
‘Driving to Nowhere’ is the summation of an extended journey; a year-long hiatus due to unforeseen health concerns allowed time to meditate and consider his past experiences in Italy’s various underground electronic music scenes, and the potential directions inspired by thriving Berlin. 
From 2014 to 2017 he released several EP’s, each developing upon this new style, until joining the young label Delirio as both a musician and a manager. 
With Delirio he has hosted artists such as Stanislav Tolkackev, Roberto Bosco, Plaster, and more, with a unique agenda to record precisely produced music live, instead of laboring in the studio to achieve over-polished audio.
His first album inaugurates the beginning of the new DLP catalog, which will be dedicated to LPs, albums and other projects released on 12-inch vinyl.
Through these 10 tracks D-Leria experiments with various production methods, as in ‘Makumba’ where he precisely combines the kick drum with a tight bass line in a 12-step sequence, making the track fluid and never predictable. ‘Reborn’ is an even more ambitious undertaking, initially recorded on tape before being sent back to the mixer via Hi Fi stereo, D-Leria modulated the cassette coil with a bic pen to create a unique ‘detune’ effect. ‘From the Ground’ and ‘Driving to Nowhere’, both made through the same setup, combine tribal voices and moans, combining an ethereal ambience with drums and analog percussion, connecting the rhythm directly to the soul.
The opening track ‘Libero’ is dedicated to himself, while ‘Her Smile’ and ‘Uragano’ are both dedicated to the person that was closest to him in his last period of stop and realization of the album, where he expresses his most deep moments in the first, and more difficult in the second.
Just like in most of the EP already released on Delirio, Giuseppe Tillieci aka Neel took care of the mastering of the tracks, while the artist has taken care of the smallest details from the production, to the mixing, to the graphics and also to the titles of the tracks, which refer to personal thoughts and events that happened during this long journey to nowhere.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. D-Leria
Title. Driving to Nowhere
Release date. december 10, 2018. 
Label. Delirio
Format. Vinyl 2 x 12”


A1 / 1. Libero 
A2 / 2. Ectoplasm
A3 / 3. Her Smile
A4 / 4. Uragano 
B1 / 5. Invisible 
B2 / 6. From The Ground 
C1 / 7. Running Against Time 
C2 / 8. Makumba 
D1 / 9. Reborn
D2 / 10. Driving To Nowhere

Previews soon.

All tracks written and produced by Giuseppe Scaccia
Mastered by Neel @ Enisslab Rome
Cat. no. DLP001 – all rights reserved
℗ & © 2018 DELIRIO

We could not be more than pleased and happy to do another collaboration with our friends from Delusional Guatemala.
They recently released a new episode of their infamous and powerful Bad Habits Podcast, the number nineteen, which featured an outstanding 1 hour mix by none other than Kaiserdisco, a duo born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. 
In the podcast, you can expect to listen to Kaiserdisco’s current favorite tracks and an exclusive preview of their next EP which will be out in the beginning of 2021. Listen below:


It is no coincidence that today we are talking about a big name that has evolved a great career in the electronic music scene, you probably already know who we\’re talking about, Martin Eyerer, The German tech house DJ, producer and label owner has been on the circuit for more than two decades, with his Kling Klong imprint has released many works featuring only the best, great name artists of course, also bringing a monthly radio show including the top tech house records, updating the atmosphere with the finest tech house elements.

Biography of Martin Eyerer:Since more than 20 years Martin Eyerer travels heavily around the globe as a dj and producer. His more than 100 releases on the hottest labels like Rennaissance, Buzzin Fly, Great Stuff, Boxer, Audiomatique or logically on his own imprint Kling Klong are bought and played on continents from Australia, Asia to North and South America and of
course Europe. Countless sales and other chart positionings as well as media feedback prove that impressively.
As a producer Martin has something to show as well: Gold Albums in UK and Australia and a top 3 US Billboard chart ranking have a great effect here. As a mixing and mastering engineer Martin runs a respectable analog studio since 15 years, which has an established standing specially in the electronic music scene. Among his clients are labels and artists like Mobilee, Watergate Recs, Terminal M, Keine Musik, Stil Vor Talent, Break New Soil, Pan-Pot, Oliver Koletzki, Wankelmut and many more.
After moving from Stuttgart to Berlin in August 2012 Martin and his partners Jade Soaid and Tassilo Ippenberger opened together the Riverside Studios – a 1000 m² complex in the heart of Berlin. With direct river view and the neighborhood to clubs like Bergahin, Watergate, Kater Holzig, Tresor or Weekend it became one of the hotspots of Berlin‘s music scene. Tennants of its 15 studios like Booka Shade, Pan-Pot, Tobi Neumann, Sante, Florian Meindl, Stephan Hinz, Alex Flatner and a few film composers make this complex that special and successful. Of course Martin has his space there, too. On 100 m² he brought his studio to the next level. The restauration of his legendary Amek M 3000 Console that was formerly owned by Pink Floyd in the seventies completed it surely.
By the end of 2013 Martin Eyerer starts to work on his 3rd longplayer including interesting and already confirmed cooperations with Marc Romboy, Gui Boratto, Sante, Robert Babicz, Namito, Anja Schneider, Chopstick and Ruede Hagelstein.
Mid 2014 the album will be released on Martin‘s very own label Kling Klong that has just brought out the Ibiza hit 2013 „Ninetoes-Finder“ (incl. Martin Eyerer rmx). Before this, a few other new releases will put out by Martin: ‘‘The Cake“ – his new single on Kling Klong incl. remixes by Pan-Pot and Markus Homm, ‘‘Silver and Gold“ on Highway (incl. Daniel Dexter rmx), a cooperation with Tim Xavier on Metroline ltd and a release together with his friend Marcelo Rosselot from Cadenza that will be put out on Get Physical by the end of 2013.
Moreover he also works on a follow up to his maybe biggest club record so far: ‘‘Eyerer& Chopstick- Haunting.“

Latest Kling Klong Release:

The German Dj & Producer is heading to Central America, Martin Eyerer will be playing at Guatemala, on Friday August 2th, 2014. The party takes place in The Secret Garden (Go to Facebook Event for more info), a very interesting concept of Underground music, which combined with Eyerer\’s music style will be the bomb.

Searching a little info about Martin Eyerer we found this \”Whether collaborations, solo Works, Remixes or Compilations, all his works appear almost monthly on dance-floor dominating labels, like Kling Klong, Systematic, Audiomatique, Great Stuff, Kickboxer and on English big names like Renaissance or i/o records. The most unbelievable aspect of this is the variety of styles Martin stands for. There is no segment from Deep house to minimal Techno that Eyerer is not in control of, always keeping his focus on the dance-floor.\” No more words, dont miss Martin Eyerer @ The Secret Garden the next Friday, It will be an unforgettable night full of music and dancing.

Its time for you to be prepared, so we shared the latest Kling Klong Radioshows for July 2014, featuring great tunes by Maceo Plex, Josh Wink, Davide Squillace & Philip Bader and many more great music..

01 Maceo Plex – Conjure Superstar // Kompakt
02 Pezzner – One Up (Drop of Fears) (Ryan Crosson Remix) // Systematic
03 Raw District – Ragged Star feat. Ellipsis (Josh Wink Rethink Pt.1) // Crosstown Rebels
04 Luca Cazal  – Mariri  Crosstown Rebels
05 Davide Squillace & Philip Bader – 14000km Away // This And That
06 Brett Johnson – Still Charged // Get Physical
07 Anton Pieete – Loner (Kabale und Liebe Will Keep You Company Remix) // Rejected
08 Larry Cadge – Playa d\’en Bossa (Dub Mix) // Smiley Fingers
09 Chopstick & Johnjon – Run Slowly (Andre Lodemann Remix) // Suol

Listen & Download:

It is the 16th of April and we welcome a returning guest on the CLR Podcast. Jonas Kopp from Buenos Aires, Argentina is one of the most representative talents of the South American House and Techno scene, who has built an impressive reputation as live act, dj and producer. He has released numerous acclaimed tracks on some of today´s most significative imprints and his productions appear in the charts of many renowned Techno artists, such as Chris Liebing, Luke Slater, Marcel Dettmann, Adam Beyer, Par Grindvik, Ben Klock, Norman Nodge, to name a few. Jonas is very well depicted by the constant hypnotic flavour in his tracks, the Techno arrangements and the deep bass-lines that really fill the surrounding space. He embraces both analog and digital technology and is known for the highly creative use of effects and his elaborate production skills. He is the founder of Traut Muzik, a label on which he releases some of the best Techno and House artists from the argentine and global scene and recently launched the Techno imprint Manzel. The present, exclusive studio mix features lots of unreleased tracks and promos. If you would like to know more about Jonas Kopp, please check out the following sites: RA facebook pullproxy Twitter

Artist: Jonas Kopp 
Tittle:  CLR Podcast # 164 
Rls date: 16.04.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

1) PertHil & Aerts \”Stimulating Hormone\” (Markus Suckut Remix)2) Ventress – Untitled
3) Mattias Fridell – Denial Of All Reality
4) Ness & Rasmus Hedlund – Punto Kokous (Edit Select Remix)
5) Developer – Tele
6) Marcel Dettmann – Factory Report II
7) Myles Serge – E.I-C.
8) Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search – Nummer 2
9) Shifted – Suffocate
10) Roman Lindau – Under Pressure
11) Mark Broom – M28 (Truncate Remix)
12) Oscar Mulero – Orbital Resonance
13) Developer – Orgins (Jeroen Search Remix)
14) Maan – Track 3
15) Markus Suckut – False
16) Pfirter – Realidad Distorsionada Por Visiones Del Futuro
17) Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search – Rhetorica (Jonas Kopp Remix)

Listen and download here