It\’s lovely when your favorite artist don\’t get to rest and makes the world a lot interesting with their art and exclusive concepts, this time it\’s a pleasure to announce that Maceo Plex launches this month his new MPLX label, also the new Lone Romantic\’s \”Regenerator\” series and debuts Orbe on his main Ellum\’s sub-label Ellum Black, certifying his talent showcased through his debut on Lone Romantic last Summer.

MPLX is Maceo Plex\’ personal vehicle for experimentation, while \”Regenerator\” is the new Lone Romantic series to reissue forgotten electro gems, initiated with a three-tracker by DJ Emile – originally released in 1997 on the now-defunct Arizona-based Swell Records imprint. Orbe EP is the 3rd Ellum Black installment, following Maceo himself and Architectural.


Overview. Maceo Plex inaugurates his MPLX label with a two-tracker of his own material; as Mutant Romance solidifies the ethos of the imprint – a platform for future releases, solely from the man himself. Ever since his landmark debut album Life Index on Crosstown Rebels, the Barcelona-via-Miami artist has never wavered from the constant momentum – establishing his Ellum Audio imprint in 2011 as well as his Ellum Black imprint earlier this year, the artist already explored different avenues of techno, electro and whatever lied in the crevices in-between. However, with this first release on MPLX – Maceo Plex stretches his sonic identity even further with a double-dose of warm, wistful dancefloor bumpers that will last long after its first hearing.

“Mutant Romance” starts things off with a groovy rhythm, pacing itself justly between a deluge of affable chord progressions, rightly leading to a breakdown that’s just as vibrant and virtuous as you’d expect from a peak-time surprise from the man himself. The B-side, “Mutant Quazars” – entrenches itself with an energetic build-up; gearing towards an apex that is surprising in its reveal – with lush pads, enigmatic melodies and a beat that won’t give up on whoever’s caught onto it. MPLX is a vehicle for experimentation for an established voice in the electronic community – one that’s constantly looking at new ways to express the medium of dance music to its wider and more power potential.

Releases featured:

1. Maceo Plex – Mutant Romance – MPLX

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Maceo Plex
Title. Mutant Romance
Release date. December 7, 2018
Label. MPLX
Format. Vinyl 12” / Digital Download


A / 1. Mutant Romance 

B / 2. Mutant Quasars

All tacks written & produced by Maceo Plex. 
Cat. No. MPLX001 – All rights reserved ℗ & © MPLX 2018 
2. Orbe – Excited – Ellum Black

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Orbe
Title. Excited
Release date. December 7, 2018
Label. Ellum Black
Format. Vinyl 12” / Digital Download 


A1 / 1. Abnormal Silence 
B1 / 2. Excited 
B2 / 3. Loving Brussels 
Written, produced & mixed by ORBE. Recorded at ORBE Records Studio in Amen Concept Store Sub Ground. Distributed by Above Distribution. 
Cat. No. ELLB003 – All rights reserved ℗ & © Ellum Audio 2018 
3. Dj Emile – Beast From The Middle East – Lone Romantic

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Dj Emile
Title. Beast From The Middle East 
Release date. December 14, 2018
Label. Lone Romantic
Format. Vinyl 12” / Digital Download


A1 / 1. Beast From The Middle East 
B1 / 2. The Bombshelter Speech 
B2 / 3. Beast From The Middle East (Straight From Kuwait Mix) 
Written and recorded by DJ Emile. 
Cat. No. LR010 – All rights reserved ℗ & © Lone Romantic 2018 

Rotterdam-based duo Black Cadmium announced a new four-track EP titled ‘Inertia’ due out September 16, 2021 via Wanderist’s Transient Nature imprint. The EP showcases very interesting electrifying drums, acid sounds, elegantly fuses arcade-style melodies and nice textures. Please let these two creative minds guide you through their interpretation of sound with their new EP, which comes following previous releases on Naive, Vault Wax, Ovum and more. Stay tuned, full details below.


Brooklyn/Queens, New York Record label founded and run by artists P.leone & Caiazzo, E-Missions is ready for another avant-garde techno submission. 
This time, the Brooklyn based Sentient State debuts on P. Leone\’s label with new EP titled \’Welcome To The Sentient State\’, while fine Irish talent Cromby comes correct with a standout remix. As Sentient State, Aaron Seth Vaslow is an avant-garde artist who seamlessly fuses acid, electro, techno and breakbeat into slick and futuristic soundscapes that work both mind and body. He also already released on Source Material and, along with remixer Cromby, appeared on the latest Nerang Recordings VA, which landed late July.

This is an absorbing EP right from the off. \’A System of Cells\’ is a crisp, high speed electro track with snapping hits and far-sighted chords racing through the cosmos. \’Fear Is The Mind Killer\’ is just as kinetic, with a mix of rugged drum programming and warm bass, heavenly pads and urgent snares all making for a new sound that is part techno, part electro. 
Remixer Cromby held a six year residency at the legendary Shine in Belfast, has released on Sulta Selects Silver Service, Feel My Bicep and Unknown To The Unknown and is a DJ who tours the world. His version of \’Fear Is The Mind Killer\’ a dreamy ambient track that eventually takes off on dark and tightly woven drums and bass. It\’s eerie yet beautiful and hugely powerful space techno. 
Last of all, \’Sentient State\’ is icy cold, with a metallic mix of drums and hits powering you along while majestic and frosted keys ring out into the vast open spaces above. Soothing and emotive yet also hugely dynamic, it\’s a tasteful electro track of the highest order. 
E-Missions will release ‘Welcome To The Sentient State’ on 11th September 2020. Soon in Bandcamp
Cover Artwork. 

Artist: Sentient State
Title: Welcome To The Sentient State
(incl. Cromby Remix)
Label: E-Missions
Release date: 11th September 2020
Cat No: EMS013
Format: Digital
1. Welcome To The Sentient State
2. Fear Is The Mind Killer
3. System Of Cells
4. Fear Is The Mind Killer (Cromby Remix)

One of the biggest names in the world wide techno scene, UMEK,  is back on his label 1605 with a very emotive and thrilling EP entitled ‘Watchers of the Sky‘. This 2-track release features a collaboration with Mha Iri who has become a regular on the imprint. Alongside the collaboration, the second track on the EP showcases UMEK’s electro focused alter ego Zeta Reticula. The EP is scheduled to be released this friday August 27, 2021. Stay tuned and read the full details below.


Absence of Facts presents another volume of the ‘Blue Ribbon Series’, this time with a 4-track compilation with its roots firmly in the relentless techno of the ’90s.

Blue Ribbon Series‘ introduces modern analog-inspired tracks that have been handcrafted and carefully selected in Helsinki, Finland, featuring top finnish artists with a premium selection of techno and electro.

Reginald opens the fifth compilation with haunting analog groove “I’m Ready”, Poly Sone delivers a hypnotic nod to the oldskool trancey direction while another FND label regular Kaltstam provides an excellent example of signature Finnish melancholia. Empath closes the fifth installment of Blue Ribbon Series with dark, industrialish broken beat mayhem.


You’re about to hook up with sounds from another galaxy. This music is better known as Experimental, Sci-Fi cinematic and a sort of electro/techno that will please the most refined ears and minds.

The subaquatic Techmarine Bottom Feeders return with a fully immersive 6-tracker EP titled ‘ke epde ep vol.1 s.o.s.a.d (same old song and dance)‘ on Detroit Grand PuBahs’ label, Engineroom.


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Taking on consideration our pure love to the Detroit techno, or essentially in what became a very typical sound of the place. It’s the proper time to share some news, Julian Shamou aka Detroit’s Filthiest announces that he will release new material in March on Motor City Electro Company, an original track full of energy and strong sounds and of course, elegant rhythms, which is accompanied by two powerful remixes by Will Simpson and Oliver Way. Don’t miss it and read the full story below.


With a very pleasurable sound, the Italian artist BLAKE (IT) is back on his TRITON RECORDS with his ‘Chapter II: Black Panther’ EP, that includes a top notch remix from Orlando Voorn and a track featuring Juan Atkins’ daughter Milan Ariel Atkins. The Release date for this gem is set for 10th September 2021 on Digital formats. Definitely a very recommendable record. Stay tuned and read the full story below.


Following their June return with the successful ‘Thanks For Coming EP, Detroit Grand PuBahs (Paris The Black FU and Mysterious Mr O) continue their Engineroom label with another revamped release featuring remastered original nuggets alongside new and rare versions.

\’Catching The Red Eye / I Didn’t Want To Part\’ EP is a 4 track release that is going to be released via Engineroom on August 14, 2020. 

Their dulcet and melancholic ‘Catching The Red Eye’, which originally appeared on their ‘Detelefunk Vol. 1’ compilation (2011) and the slow electronic-funk of ‘I Didn’t Want To Party’, from their ‘Madd Circus’ album (2010) are both remastered here.

But the EP\’s opener is the brand new Electro Variation of ‘Catching The Red Eye’, which takes the original version into warm and rippling electro waters.

Providing the other half of the sandwich is LAD’s Remix of ‘I Didn’t Want To Party’, which also appeared on the Detelefunk comp but is not as widely known. LAD (Swiss musician, DJ, producer and Caduceus Records owner, Ladislav Agabekov) turns in an extended remix of atmospheric melodic Techno that sounds just as fresh in 2020.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Detroit Grand PuBahs 
Title. Catching The Red Eye / I Didn’t Want To Party
Label. Engineroom
Cat. #: ER10
Release date: August 14, 2020


1. Catching The Red Eye (ELECTRO VARIATION)
2. Catching The Red Eye (REMASTERED)
3. I Didn’t Want To Party (REMASTERED)
4. I Didn’t Want To Party (LAD REMIX)

Pre order Vinyl: Bandcamp

Aiming to recommend nothing but quality stuff, here is the announcement of DJ Sotofett and LNS new collab album titled ‘Sputters‘ that will be out on Tresor Records next month, on July 2nd, 2021 to be exact. The new double-vinyl album features fifthteen phenomenal tracks showcasing a world full of sci-fi sonics and fierce grooves looking forward to techno and electro. Stay tuned, full details below.


Pre order Vinyl: Bandcamp /

We’ll never get tired of Rekids, their wide range of releases makes them one of the best labels in the circuit, best of all is their special taste when it comes to picking music. Now the turn to make an appearance in the label is for the UK techno legend Mark Broom. This is to announce his upcoming full LP in July.


Pre order: Soon at Bandcamp

The iconic underground club and label Tresor announced the first in a series of digital releases to celebrate their 30th anniversary and the next generation to come.

The first record to come out is by Fireground, which presents their debut EP on the label, which is a very interesting 6-track release titled ‘Dualism’. The EP is coming out on May 21, 2021 in a digital-only format. Stay tuned and find below full details.


m the most recondite places where disco, house and tech house melodies inhabit, to where electro, techno and modern sounds emerge, Living Techno presents the Volume one of the new Living Techno Essentials series. (more…)

The italian Dj & producer based in Berlin, Tina, landed in the recently launched label MÉTIER with a new 4-track EP titled ‘A Midsummer Outing‘. The EP is coming out this friday september 10, 2021 featuring nothing but only well-crafted, distinctive sounds of deep and grooving rhythms. We highly recommend it. Stay tuned, find full details below.


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After a successful debut release by Detroit’s HLX-1, the recently launched French label Seclusion is back for its second outing.


That inaugural release by Detroit’s HLX-1 garnered impressive support from DJs and the media including Bandcamp’s Best Electronic Music in May, and plays in Titonton Duvante’s XLR8R podcast, Dave Clarke’s White Noise, James Ruskin’s EPM podcast, Ben Sims’ Run It Red show, Rolando’s Better Days mix and Tom Ravenscroft’s BBC 6 Music show.


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Next release on Ben Klock’s label Klockworks presents the outstanding duo VIL & Cravo with their debut EP ‘Klockworks 32‘. The new material features a high-spirited 3 tracker showcasing their warm approach inspired in soul and funk tracks from the 80’s and early 00’s. The EP is scheduled to be released on July 2nd, 2021.Full details below.


One of the best pleasures in this life is definitely listening to new music. That\’s the moment when you start feeling the modern sounds getting to the rhythms of the avant-garde electronic music. And that feeling is priceless.  

Talking about this, its proper to mention the DJ, producer & radio host from Sydney Australia, Andy Garvey.

Oh yes, she has a very complete career in music, particularly in the electronic scene. \”From music producer, to esteemed radio host on both FBi Radio and triple j, label boss of her own imprint Pure Space, co-founder of events and artist agency NECTAR – she’s cemented herself as a leading force in the Australian music landscape.\”

Last year was good for her, as March 2019 saw the release of her debut EP ‘Eternal Recurrence’ on cult techno label Lobster Theremin. 

Now, Andy Garvey is back on the train with her second EP for Lobster Theremin that has been entitled \”Complex Clarity\” and can be described as a piece of art filled with machine funk, acid alchemy and tripped out explorations electro sounds. This EP is outstanding, that\’s why we are making a little note about it, we got in love with this futuristic and acid electro sound. 

The Sydney artist\’s new record will drop on March 20th in Digital and Vinyl formats trough Lobster Theremin. Read below for full details. 

Overview. FBi and triple j radio host, co-founder of NECTAR, ‘Pure Space’ label boss, DJ and Producer – Andy Garvey is a leading force in the Australian scene. Following her debut EP in 2019, we are delighted to have her releasing again on Lobster Theremin. Garvey brings machine funk, acid alchemy and tripped out explorations to LT UNDR with the excellent ‘Complex Clarity’ EP.
‘Red Stars’ is a safari through mind-warping levels of cosmic funk and tangy acid lines, slipping into the pacey yet melancholic space-jam, ‘Mind Games’. Next, laid-back track, ‘Sub.conscious’, is a slo-mo, dream-powered cruise through the vortex. On the B-side, ‘8808808.08’ ramps it up a notch – glitchy, omnimous, body music permeates the airwaves. Finally, chuggy ‘Complex Clarity’ rounds out the EP with Garvey’s signature sound – deeply mesmerising with a hint of nostalgia.
Complex Clarity EP drops 20th March.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Andy Garvey
Title. Complex Clarity EP
Label. Lobster Theremin
Release date. March 20, 2020
Format. Digital


A1. Red Stars
A2. Mind Games
A3. Sub.conscious
B1. 8808808.08
B2. Complex Clarity


Other Credits.

Production & Arrangement by: Andy Garvey
Artwork by: Pointless Illustrations
Mastered by Beau at TenEightSeven
Pressed with vibes at MPO
all rights reserved

Buy: (Digital) Beatport, Bandcamp

Phantasy Sound initially founded in 2007, what began as a springboard for new artists has grown into something far more expansive. With so much to share on the near horizon, we’re taking this opportunity to revisit each single release so far, counting forwards from our debut. Each day we’ll be delving into our archives of over 400 tracks, sharing artist insights whilst exploring our unique psychedelic sensibility.


EPM continues celebrating 20 years of music, and for the special occasion, the label will release a new compilation featuring exclusive tracks from the likes of Robert Hood, Regis, The Advent & Zein Ferreira, Carl Finlow, Detroit’s Filthiest, Bryan Chapman, Paul Mac, Arno Vancolen, Eddie Fowlkes, Jon Dixon, DJ 3000, Ben Sims, Mark Broom, W. Jeremy, James Ruskin, Luis Martinez and more.

EPM20‘ is scheduled to be released on October 15, 2021 in digital formats. Also the techno, electro and house vinyl set of EPM20 and previous EP1, EP2 and EP3 will be available on bandcamp featuring 12 exclusive tracks. Stay tuned, full details below.


Time to catch up with interesting London based producer Steve Young aka Scraper, an artist who have several releases and remixes under his belt and has built an impressive fan-base including the likes of legends Phil Hartnoll (Orbital), Laurent Garnier and Marcel Dettmann to name just a few.

He first came onto the scene when his moody electro-tech track ‘Hydromancer’ was picked up by respected Italo label, N.O.I.A. Records, but a long-time ambition to start his own label came to fruition in 2012 when he set up Plexus Records with friend and fellow artist Lawrence Pearce. His debut album, ‘Warmer Squares’ was released in 2017 to a warm and positive reception, winning over fans worldwide and support from the likes of Nemone on her BBC 6 Music show. Across the 11 tracks, Scarper explored a range of styles including ambient, techno, breakbeat, rave and downtempo beats, all with a strong emphasis on melody.

Now, Scarper lands on Plexus Records to release his new 2-track EP titled \’E-Funk\’, where he presents a couple of dance floor-ready original cuts.

First track is ‘E-Funk’, with this track he really does what it says on the tin, and in classic Scarper fashion mixes the old (skool) with the new in his own distinctly melodic style. A festival ready banger.

To close the release is ‘Rhodopsin’, a more straightforward techno track, but still with the same atmospherics, melancholic flourishes and cheeky melodies that we\’ve come to expect from this talented producer.

Plexus Records will release \’E-Funk EP\’ on August 17, 2020. 

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Scarper 
Title: E-Funk
Label: Plexus Records
Cat#: PLXS009
Formats: Vinyl & Digital
Release date: August 17, 2020


A. E-Funk
B. Rhodopsin 

Grab your copy (Vinyl): Soon on Bandcamp

Review. The band ‘Tendts‘ with their album titled ‘Faith‘, reveals a series of new tracks perfectly crafted with guitars, synths, congas, drum machines, futuristic sounds, dreamy acid/rave atmospheres, perfect basslines and the most pleasing melodies influenced by the finest deep rhythms of the dark disco, hypnotic and electro psychellics. We got very impressed with this 8-Track LP. Personal comment: -The sound of this band is amazing, this is my first time listening to them, and honestly, i’m searching on their discography looking out for more treasures like this one. Very nice.