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To continue their good streak on 2020, Eskimo Recordings made it again, this time putting out the new material by the duo You Man. The release is an outstanding 4 track EP that has been titled ‘Altered States‘. There is no doubt the sound on this tracks is original and special, for example, John Digweed itself selected the track ‘Mind Ballad‘ contained on this EP for his Bunker Livestream #025, so there is no more words to tell, you need to listen to this outstanding piece of electronic music. Review: Outstanding release. 


A new hope for disco and soul music has arrive. Veteran DJ & producer George Bakalakos AKA NTEIBINT, a gifted producer known for lush, sonic soundscapes and strong grooves, returns to Eskimo Recordings this summer with the seductively sun-kissed soul of ‘Love Is Everywhere’ featuring the lovelorn vocals of fellow Athenian Matina Sous Peau. The gifted producer is known for lush, sonic soundscapes and strong grooves.


The mood now is without doubt totally for the electronic and disco style, deep and indie as well. The thing is that Celestial Ghent-based label Eskimo Recordings has summoned an ethereal collaboration between Franz Matthews and Local Suicide with the release of \’Meditation / Tutan Jamon\’. The other-worldly recording finds the Berlin artists combining forces for two exciting cosmic disco excursions into the desert oasis. The release feels right at home on Eskimo Recordings, as the darker counterpart to the label’s recent nu-disco releases from the likes of Satin Jackets and Simon Says. 

Listen to Franz Matthews & Local Suicide – Meditation / Tutan Jamon EP (Eskimo) via Soundcloud:


Overview. Having previously featured on Eskimo Recordings‘ 2018 compilation ‚The Purple Collection’ as one half of Languages, Franz Matthews returns to the label alongside fellow Berliners Local Suicide with the ‚Meditation / Tutan Jamon‘, 2 tracks of heady disco that join the dots between the German capital and the sun soaked souks of North Africa.
Despite living on the same street for 4 years Franz Matthews and Brax Moody and Vamparela from Local Suicide only met recently through their common friend Sam Berdah (Days of Being Wild, Club Bizarre). Making up for lost time, the trio soon found themselves bonding in the studio, digging into their love of both the esoteric and travelling, and together channelled those passions into 2 spiritually infused numbers.
Meditation‘ was the first result of this inspired partnership, appropriately recorded at the same time that Matthews was also recording music for a meditation app, and features a freeform stream of consciousness from Vamparela over a suitably hypnotic backing of wistful guitars and breezy rhythms. ‚Tutan Jamon’ meanwhile shares its DNA with recent Eskimo releases by the likes of Simple Symmetry and SHMLSS, the track built around a couple of very Egyptian influenced riffs and comes in two distinct versions.
Between his production studio MOWD, his duo Languages, and his solo electronic project, Franz Matthews keeps himself busy. Making Berlin his hometown for the past 5 years, the Franco-German producer and DJ has always kept one hand in the Indie Dance world, while the other wanders in more Psychedelic Pop realms, a winning combination that‘s seen him release music on imprints such as Eskimo Recordings, Days of Being Wild, Rockets & Ponies.
Local Suicide, aka DJs and producers Brax Moody and Vamparela, meanwhile have made a name for themselves putting on some of the most infamous underground parties Berlin has to offer, running their acclaimed blog and still finding time to make waves with their productions, a wild fusion of new wave, acid, slow techno and post-disco that has seen them work with the likes of Rodion, Mijo and Curses in recent years

Cover Artwork.

Label. Eskimo Recordings 
Artist.  Franz Matthews & Local Suicide 
Title. Meditation / Tutan Jamon 
Format. Digital 
Cat.Number. 541416510728D 
Release Date. March 15th, 2019 
Distribution. N.E.W.S. records (via FUGA) 
Domain. http://www.eskimorecordings.be


01. Meditation (Edit) 
02. Meditation 
03. Tutan Jamon 
04. Tutan Jamon (1001 Nights Vocal Version) 
05. Meditation (Instrumental Mix) 
06. Tutan Jamon (Instrumental Mix) 
07. Tutan Jamon (1001 Nights Instrumental Version)


The mighty Electronic/Nu Disco label based in Ghent, Belgium, Eskimo Recordings, announced a new single, this time by Satin Jackets feat. Tailor, presenting ‘Spell‘. Blessed with one of those voices that you feel as much as hear, Tailor delivers a stunning performance on this track, perfectly capturing the song’s seductive, yearning vibe.

The single is a soulful pop gem due out September 24th, 2021. Stay tuned, full details below.


Lets meet Transistorcake, an electronic live band by Belgian artist Orson Wouters. This band brings a sense of spontaneity to the often all-to-structured world of electronic music, that also got embraced for his songwriting and production skills by the Dewaele Brothers, Boys Noize and many others.

Now, after released an acclaimed debut EP in 2019 on Eskimo Recordings and wowed crowds, Transistorcake returns to the same label with a new EP, titled \’Cocktail\’. To be out on July 10th, 2020, the EP features 6 brand new tracks that expertly blends together everything from bubbling acid melodies to pounding disco drums, spiky post-punk bass, ambient tones and industrial percussion to create a refreshing if intoxicating brew.

\”I\’ve always thought cocktails were a perfect way to introduce an imaginary world,\” Orson explains. \”They come in so many different colours and tastes, each with its own different glass to pour them into. Everybody has their own preferences, their own ways of making them, they\’re an art really. And that whole idea suits the songs on this EP. It’s all about imagination, a bit of fantasy. When I listen to these songs I see a perfect, beautiful cocktail party in front of me where everybody is dressed up to the nines and having their best time.\”

Tracks Description. 

Serving as an aperitif the EP opens with \’Cocktail Op.1\’, an elegant moment of synth led electronica, sparkling and crystalline just like the Frozen Margherita the track\’s narrator describes. Conjuring up visions of glamorous alcohol adverts from the 1970s, all glittering diamonds, plunging necklines and seductive looks, it\’s the perfect way to ease yourself into Transistorcake’s fantasy world.

Having warmed us up, it\’s down to business with \’Grenadine\’, which Orson describes as just a \”good old fashioned TB-303 dance track\” and who are we to argue seeing as everybody loves a 303 and we\’re partial to an Old Fashioned too. Throw the two together and the result is a funky, low slung jam, that maintains just the right tempo for dancing whilst ensuring your drink will be safe on the dancefloor.

Having worked up just the hint of a sweat there we segue into the aptly titled \’Melted\’, a languorous moment of downtempo electrónica. Driven along by a bass line that will transport you, alarmingly coloured drink in hand of course, to a Baja beach as the sun slowly dips below the Pacific horizon, turning the ocean into molten gold, close your eyes, feel the sand between your toes and picture Transistorcake and his live band soundtracking the scene.

\”I wanted these songs to sound as if Transistorcake is playing them next to a swimming pool or on a beach with live drums and bass,\” says Orson. \”A trail of wires just running through the leaves of exotic plants, people dancing barefoot in between the band, nothing but blue skies above us.\”

Having refreshed ourselves it\’s back to the dancefloor with \’Pina\’, named after one of Orson\’s favourite cocktails. Upping both the tempo and the energy, the constantly evolving synthesiser melody, ably supported by clattering drums and a fuzzy bass guitar all come together to deliver an uplifting, hazy number that whilst as fun as its namesake is unlikely to leave you with as many regrets.

Acting as a companion piece to the EP opener \’Cocktail Op.2\’ explores a similar theme and sense of arrangement though perhaps after the consumption of several drinks as the synth melody takes on a more ecstatic, wild feel, the mood ably summed up by the track’s narrator as she tries to describe the overwhelming beauty surrounding her.

Finally, and perhaps aptly, the EP concludes on a slightly subdued note with \’Mosquito Mojito\’. We’ve all been there, sat at the end of the night when everybody else has jumped in their taxis and you’re left all alone with just angry insects for company and a mess of empty cocktail glasses to clean up, but at least you have a new headful of good memories and now a new song to soundtrack those moments. And a headache, of course, there’s always a headache.

Eskimo Recordings will release \’Cocktail EP\’ digitally on July 10th, 2020. Pre order: Beatport 

Cover Artwork.

Label: Eskimo Recordings
Artist: Transistorcake
Title: Cocktail EP
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 10th, 2020
Cat. No. 541416511603D
Distribution: N.E.W.S.
Pre order: Beatport 


01. Cocktail Op. 1
02. Grenadine
03. Melted
04. Pina
05. Cocktail Op. 2
06. Mosquito Mojito


Hey audience, let get into a good story, as the rising ‘technodisco’ duo Local Suicide and esoteric artist Nicki Fehr have teamed up for the release of the unearthly Leopard Gum EP on Lumière Noire. 

With its swerving bass slithering over a slow tempo, Leopard Gum EP is the perfect slow burner, a slice of comatose disco that will find its way to the darkest corners of nightlife – and haunt its DJ sets. With Leopard Gum’s opaque and impenetrable atmosphere, Local Suicide have released one of their strongest efforts to date.
(Nicki Fehr)

Overview. This is the second release of 2019 for the intimate French label curated by influential Parisian DJ and producer Chloé; coming quickly on the back of Bajram Bili’ scerebral Reshaped Distortion EP and Chloé’s own Endless Revisions Live, and following on from last year’s From Above Vol. 1 compilation, which featured an eclectic roster of talent including Drvg Cvltvre, Lauer and Markus Gibb, to name but a few.

Taking the reigns for the label’s latest release, Berlin-based duo Local Suicide maintain the name they’ve made for themselves by fusing elements of new wave, disco, and techno with all types of freaky synth-based musical explorations. 2019 has already seen the prolific duo release a slew of collaborative records – including a cold wave-tinged EP with Curses on Tusk Wax, the cosmic disco desert excursion Meditation / Tutan Jamon with Franz Matthews on Eskimo Recordings, and the deep space club hit Komm Ins Loch with Theus Mago on Duro.

For the Leopard Gum EP, Local Suicide have teamed up with Berlin-based artist and musician Nicki Fehr. Self-described as a ‘singing nomad’, the US/German raised artist has previously composed for theatrical productions and contemporary dance performances and performed in musical projects such as ooi, Lea Porcelain, and Jungstötter. Recently Nicki has focused his musical energy towards his own solo project, infusing his compositions with his passion for moving image, poetry, and mixed-media environments – as pronounced through the sonic vibrations that make up the Leopard Gum EP.

Title track ‘Leopard Gum’ is a dreamlike slice of restrained slo-mo synth funk, driven by a slow and steady beat, gentle clav hits, and a groovy bassline. Dreamy distorted moans fill out the mix, leaving just enough space for Fehr’s surreal vocal line to crystallize the track’s dark and subdued aura. Next up, cosmic collaborators Ivan Smagghe and Rupert Cross, aka Smagghe & Cross,serve up two remixes (one vocal, one instrumental) of the title track. Maintaining the original’s transcendental approach, the duo slowly layer a wide range of discordant sequences on top of each other. Despite easing tension midway through with a massive bassline, the building pressure is never fully released – as cascading arpeggios instead build to a dramatic crescendo that eventually dissolves into the ether.
For the original mix of ‘Already There’, Local Suicide and Nicki Fehr have produced a nihilistic neon-tinged 80s cold wave cut, full of protruding percussion, sleazy synths and somber vocals that ponder plummeting endlessly into the abyss. Prolific Lauer then picks up the pace with his banging remix of ‘Already There’, infusing the original’s restrained approach with a crisp-pulsing beat, bouncing bassline and histrionic synth stabs, with some bonus digi slap bass thrown in for maximum retro appeal. Exciting Tel Aviv producer Niv Ast closes out the EP with his enchanting remix of ‘Already There’. For his rendition, Niv Ast places the original’s hazy vocals front and center, seamlessly blending organic textures with a dialed-up bassline and dissonant synth sequences that maintain the EP\’s indistinguishable and exotic essence.
Leopard Gum EP will be released May 31st through Lumière Noire.

Cover Artwork.

Label: Lumière Noire 

Artist: Local Suicide feat. Nicki Fehr 
Remixers: Smagghe & Cross, Lauer, Niv Ast 
Title: Leopard Gum EP 
Format: Vinyl & Digital 
Cat.Number: LN022 
Release Date: May 31st, 2019 
Distribution Vinyl: !K7 
Head photo by: Petra Ruehle


01. Leopard Gum (Original Version) 

02. Already There (Original Version) 
03. Leopard Gum (Smagghe & Cross Instrumental Remix) 
04. Already There (Lauer Remix) 
05. Already There (Niv Ast Remix)

Previews soon.