Its monday people, and we have the release of the day here. 

Today, June 15, 2020, sees prolific Rome-based selector and label owner, Frankyeffe release his brand-new and mammoth single, ‘Skin’ made in collab with German DJ and label collaborator, BRUNA via his own Riot Recordings imprint.

Continuing his hot streak of 2020 releases, Italian techno typhoon, Frankyeffe returns with yet another essential addition to his ever-expanding catalogue. A little under two months after his pounding Rave Alarm EP, he’s back with his mammoth new single, ‘Skin’ featuring German DJ/vocalist and previous Riot Recordings collaborator, BRUNA. Rapidly gaining the attention and respect of the wider dance community, Frankyeffe has previously featured on the likes of Senso Sounds, JAM, We Are The Brave, Filth On Acid, Tronic, Kraftek and Terminal M.

Offering up an ample feast of powerhouse production, ‘Skin’ arrives as striking showpiece for Frankyeffe’s domineering approach to dance music. Clocking in at 7 minutes 39 seconds, its ascending atmospherics and pounding bassline is impenetrably dense, the track’s percussive groove also intricately punctuated by laser-synth interludes. 

BRUNA provides hypnotic vocals throughout; her cryptic narration is all-encompassing and immersive beneath ‘Skin’s’ cavernous exterior.

Frankyeffe’s brand-new single, ‘Skin’ ft. BRUNA will be available digitally from 15th June 2020. You can buy it NOW here at Beatport

Listen to the track \”Frankyeffe Feat. Bruna – Skin\” below.  

Cover Artwork. 

Artist: Frankyeffe
Title: ‘Skin’ ft. BRUNA
Label: Riot Recordings
Format: Digital
Release: June 15, 2020


01: Frankyeffe – ‘Skin’ ft. BRUNA


Buy: Soon at Bandcamp
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The release titled ‘SUM 9’ comes out digitally on December 31, 2020, and brings out a very proper catalogue of techno bombs from producers like Allan Feytor, Chris Hirose & The Reason Y, Ferhat Albayrak & Kuvoka, Frankyeffe, Giovanni Carozza, Jay Lumen, Jürgen Degener, Lucas Aguilera, Patrick Milaa, Richard Cleber & Samanta. Read the full note below.


Buy (Digital): Beatport 

Review: With the EP titled ‘Medusa’, Devid Dega puts out two melodramatic techno originals ready to bust up the dancefloor. The first track ‘Medusa’ starts with powerful kicks, followed up by solid and energetic rhythm founded on synths and rawish melodies. Next is ‘Whispers From The Past’, an even more aggressive tune, that comes by as an hypnotic journey with a 303 bass arp in a progressive path of trancy dark sounds. Great release! 


Frankyeffe. (Late 2019) Traversing the winding passages of his own cavernous capabilities, prolific Italian DJ, producer and label owner Frankyeffe – real name Francesco Fava – is well on his way to reaching the peak of his towering potential. Since his career’s 2001 inception, he’s wandered some of the darkest corners of melodic techno, injecting innovation and amplitude and gradually cementing himself as a true master within his own class.

Initially rising to prominence behind the decks of Rome’s renowned Rashomon Club, for three consecutive seasons, the venue’s intimate interior provided a vast canvas for Frankyeffe to draw upon. Soon sparking the interests of a wider audience, he’s since reached international recognition playing at various Mutate events in Naples, the Audio Club in Geneva, Germany’s Audiogate festival in 2017 and a monster slot on the Pryda stage at 2018’s instalment of Tomorrowland in Belgium. Stretching his reach further to high profile gigs in the UK, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Columbia and China his music is fast becoming a global force to be reckoned with.

Helping to inspire other artist’s talent and creativity, Frankyeffe’s fierce DIY ethos is embodied by his own Riot Recordings label where he’s simultaneously put out a number of his own releases including his name making 2015 debut album, Trenta along with a handful of other flourishing and deserved artists – Teenage Mutants, Maksim Dark, Heerhorst and Spartaque to name a few. He’s worked alongside the likes of Enrico Sangiuliano – winner of ‘Best Producer’ at the 2019 DJ Awards – as well as been featured on established imprints that span Noir, Kraftek, We Are The Brave, Senso Sounds and Terminal M.

With an exciting schedule already underway, Frankyeffe has a busy year ahead with a string of tour dates and releases on Senso Sounds and his own Riot Recordings ready to drop in early 2020. Well set on the highroad to stardom, 2020 will be a crucial year for this buzzing techno talent.