We always like anniversary releases, they represent always the good efort, development and evolution the good record labels aspire. Well, this is not the exception, we choose for today\’s post to share some really big news, Stroboscopic Artefacts is turning 10 and we would like to introduce you to a great project Lucy aka Luca Mortellaro has been putting together for this occasion, featuring music from long time collaborators and new artists that have been releasing on the imprint: Adriana Lopez,  Alessandro Adriani, Ben Klock, Caterina Barbieri, Chevel, Denise Rabe, Donato Dozzy, Efdemin, James Ruskin, L.B. Dub Corp (Luke Slater), Lotus Eater (Lucy and Rrose), Lucy, Rrose, Serena Butler, Shifted, Xhin, Zeitgeber (Speedy J and Lucy).

As a result of good working, consistancy and of course the best actitud to create the quality music, Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts will release ‘X – Ten Years Of Artefacts’, a 13-track compilation album curated by the label head to celebrate the 10th anniversary. The record will be available as a 3×12” pack and digital formats on November 15th. here is the preorder link from the SA site: https://stroboscopicartefacts.com/shop/x-ten-years-of-artefacts/

On this release, Lucy delivers a solo track but also collaborations with Rrose as Lotus Eater and with Speedy J as Zeitgeber. Shifted, Efdemin, L.B. Dub Corp (Luke Slater), Rrose, James Ruskin, Denise Rabe, Adriana Lopez, Chevel, Alessandro Adriani and Serena Butler also feature on the compilation with fresh compositions. Despite the different perspectives of each artist, the tracks seem unified by the label’s mission: redefining modern techno. 

The album will be later complemented by a special remixes EP, with four new reworks of pivotal back catalogue material from the label which are original tracks by Donato Dozzy, Caterina Barbieri, Xhin and Ben Klock. And from fall 2019, Lucy and an incredible cast of Stroboscopic Artefacts artists will begin an extended club tour to mark the anniversary including venues such as Funkhaus, De School or Village Underground – dates attached below my signature. Read below for full details and this album tour dates. 

Listen to C2. Lucy – The Goat God [SA10YEARSLP] on Soundcloud:

Overview. Stroboscopic Artefacts releases ‘X – Ten Years Of Artefacts’, a 13-track album curated by Lucy, the nom de techno of Luca Mortellaro. It celebrates ten years of his label by boldly confirming its raison d’être: a continual redefinition of modern techno.
‘X – Ten Years Of Artefacts’ is a various artists album in which the label’s key artists respond to its tenth anniversary with fresh compositions. Artists with divergent perspectives and MOs are equally at home expressing themselves. These tracks’ timbres, tempos and moods differ greatly yet—somewhat improbably—they seem together, ideologically unified.
The album will be later complemented by a special remixes EP, with four new reworks of pivotal back catalogue material from the label (Donato Dozzy, Caterina Barbieri, Xhin and Klock). And from fall 2019, Lucy and an incredible cast of Stroboscopic Artefacts artists will begin an extended club tour to mark the anniversary.
On ‘X – Ten Years Of Artefacts’, Mortellaro features solo as Lucy, in collaboration with Rrose as Lotus Eater and together with Speedy J as Zeitgeber. (Rrose also appears alone with “The Myth of Purity.”) Shifted, Efdemin, L.B. Dub Corp (Luke Slater), James Ruskin, Denise Rabe, Adriana Lopez, Chevel, Alessandro Adriani and Serena Butler each feature, representing a group of singular artists whose relationships with the label range from years to months—Stroboscopic Artefacts’ past, present and future must exist simultaneously.

Back in September 2009, Lucy released “Why Don’t You Change / Dub Man Walking,” the first record from Stroboscopic Artefacts, which began a discography that, ten years later, is almost unparalleled in its ambition and vision. Put simply, Mortellaro wanted to create something that didn’t exist. Stroboscopic Artefacts would be respectful of, and indebted to, the great techno and electronic music artists of the past but would develop new paths forward for the label and the genre. The label refused to perpetuate the established dichotomies of electronic music—between the dance floor and home listening, between club music and experimental music, between the past and the future. It took risks knowing it wouldn’t always work. But within a year or so of the label’s inception, it was obvious Stroboscopic Artefacts’ approach had captured imaginations far beyond its Berlin base, showing us that the boundaries of techno are often constructs of limited imagination. The label pursued constantly evolving methods of releasing music. It created concept-driven series like Monad, Stellate and Totem, establishing frameworks that would give freedom in limitation. Standout albums by Lucy, Xhin, Dadub, Zeitgeber, Chevel, Kangding Ray, Lotus Eater and Alessandro Adriani were deeply considered longform presentations. With this new album, remix EP and tour, now is the moment for Stroboscopic Artefacts to look fondly at its past while drawing breath, reenergised, and hinting at new chapters. 

‘X – Ten Years Of Artefacts’ tour dates: 
12.10.2019 Elysia, Basel (Efdemin, Lucy, Serena Butler) 
25.10.2019 999, Warsaw (Denise Rabe, Oake live, Zeitgeber)
02.11.2019 Pal, Hamburg (Alessandro Adriani, Lucy, Shifted)
09.11.2019 Village Underground, London (Lotus Eater, Lucy, Rrose, Shifted) 
16.11.2019 Mondo, Madrid (Kangding Ray, Lucy) 
22.11.2019 Ankali, Prague (Lucy, Rrose, Silvia Kastel) 
29.11.2019 Stereo, Montreal (Lucy, Yotam Avni) 
06.12.2019 Warehouse, Chicago (Denise Rabe, Lucy) 
07.12.2019 Analog, New York (Alessandro Adriani, Denise Rabe, Lady Starlight, Lucy) 
18.01.2020 De School, Amsterdam (Lotus Eater, Lucy, Rrose) 

Cover Artwork.

Artist. VA
Title. X – Ten Years Of Artefacts 
Format: 3×12” LP / Digital 
Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts 
Release Date: November 15th, 2019


A1. Lotus Eater – Tripholium 
A2. Shifted – K Pop 
B1. Efdemin – Entropie 
B2. L.B. Dub Corp – Look Shiny 
C1. Rrose – The Myth of Purity 
C2. Lucy – The Goat God 
D1. James Ruskin – From Here On 
D2. Denise Rabe – Paralysed Spheres 
E1. Zeitgeber – Double Down 
E2. Adriana Lopez – It All Adds Up 
F1. Chevel – Va Lavorar 
F2. Alessandro Adriani – Two Journeys 
F3. Serena Butler – Giubia 


Other Credits. 

Mastered @ Artefacts Mastering Studio, Berlin Graphic concept by Ignazio Mortellaro [OA] ℗ & © Stroboscopic Artefacts 2019 Cat. No. SA10YEARSLP – All rights reserved http://www.stroboscopicartefacts.com 

New music my friends! Stroboscopic Artefacts\’ label boss Lucy is set to release a concept EP which will mark his return on SA\’s main brunch after 6 years. ‘Dyscamupia’ is out March 15th on 12” and digital formats. 

I had the chance to listen to one of the upcoming release tracks \”A1 – Lucy – Dyscamupia (Forward)\” and i had to say that like the sound of the waves in the sea, the atmosphere sound in these track is like describing how you can feel the power and the energy of the sea in the sound of the waves bursting, and its actually a quiet sound, quiet between the dark and powerful in the day, i think this is a great description to this wonderful producing style of Lucy in this release, slow beats but dark rhythms. 

Listen to A1 – Lucy – Dyscamupia (Forward) [SA034] on Soundcloud: 

Following his acclaimed ‘Tarkomania’ EP to kick off the Totem series, ‘Dyscamupia’ presents an introspective, multisensory techno triptych revolving around the core sequence of Albert Camus’ classic existentialist novel, ‘The Stranger’. Lucy offers 3 variations that he has produced in very different tempos (120, 130 and 140 BPM) each of them translating a particular step from the story.
Overview. Six years on since his latest appearance on the label’s main series, Stroboscopic Artefacts boss Luca Mortellaro, aka Lucy, returns with ‘Dyscamupia’ – an introspective, multisensory techno triptych revolving around the core sequence of Albert Camus’ classic existentialist novel, ‘The Stranger’. Also known as the ‘killing of an arab’, this pivotal moment in Camus’ seminal book – which also inspired The Cure their song ‘Killing An Arab’ back in the day, is here evoked through three variedly intense, deep and hypnotic techno variations – flexing from 120 to 130, onto 140 BPM – each of them translating a particular step in the author’s minute, focal-shifting depiction of the unknown man’s murder on the beach.

Embodying Meursault for a minute, Jason Snell lends his voice to the narrator and his inner demons, casting a strange, ominous spell on the club and its crowd. Willing to explore and dig up further into the textural wealth and crucial warmth of organic sounds and synthetic treatments, Lucy made wise use of the binaural microphones technology during the vocals recording process, greatly enhancing the immersive force of his compositions to create thoughtful, dystopic narrative bubbles that stand in their own right.

The first number, ‘ Dyscamupia (Forward)’, happens before and right until the actual killing – hence time flowing at a metronomic, heartbeat-like tempo; the second cut ‘Dyscamupia (Pause)’ takes place right after the nameless man’s death, when the narrator enters a kind of existential ‘pause’ and a whole new flow of consciousness begins; the third sequence, ‘Dyscamupia (Backward)’, plumbs the depths of the action itself as played backwards, like an equally hazed-out and dizzying reminiscence of the sad encounter’s mechanism. Don’t let its seemingly conceptual framework fool you though, like most of his past output ‘Dyscamupia’ also aims to bring dancefloors to a steady simmer, whilst maintaining Lucy’s ascending momentum towards an all-round genre-busting, thought-provoking apex.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Lucy 

Title. Dyscamupia
Format: 12” / Digital

Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts 
Cat. No: SA034 
Release Date: March 15, 2019


A   / 1. Dyscamupia (Forward) 
B1 / 2. Dyscamupia (Pause) 
B2 / 3. Dyscamupia (Backward)


All tracks (w) & (p) by Lucy AKA Luca Mortellaro
Voice on all tracks by Jason Snell
words by Albert Camus’ “ The Stranger”
mastered @ Artefacts Mastering Studio, Berlin
graphic concept by Ignazio Mortellaro [OA]
Ⓟ & © Stroboscopic Artefacts 2019
Cat. No. SA034 – all rights reserved

Hey, do you want us to talk about a monument that was made for hypnotic techno, or about the very epitome of surgically executed dance music with a fascinatingly soulful, nearly shamanic edge to it.

Well, as we already have done this before, for previous outstanding releases, let\’s talk again about the Roman Dj and Producer Adiel, that just announced her new EP that is going to be out in vinyl and digital formats on June 5th, 2020, as a debutthrough the records of Lucy\’s label Stroboscopic Artefacts.

This comes just a few months on from the drop of the label’s anniversary compilation ‘X – Ten Years of Artefacts, and following on from an array of 12-inches on her Danza Tribale imprint, including her collaboration for the Italian master Donato Dozzy, a recent joint effort with Anthony Linell & a release on Kangding Ray’s ara imprint.

The upcoming EP has been entitled ‘If Not Now When?’, and is described as an ode to the all-enveloping strangeness of eternal nights that cuts a path of ecstatic light in the dark.

The EP contains new tracks forward-facing to techno, that carry the same style of heavy, acidic, shamanic  and powerful music. Basically it consists of 4 tracks that could easily be catalogued as a pure sound odyssey, thanks to the high standart beats, the constant static atmosphere helding on a surreal bass line that shape a perfect tetric techno tune.

\”‘If Not Now When?’ is an ode to the all-enveloping strangeness of eternal nights that cuts a path of ecstatic light in the dark. Breaking the ice, the title-track plunges us in an effervescing pool of menacing reverbs, bloopy signals and rippling synth tides on a murky tip, while its faster and sharper twin ‘At The Bottom Of The Sea’ vigorously ups the ante to ensure optimal peak time firepower.

Flip sides and here’s ‘If Not Me Who’ diving even deeper into tape-echo’ed bizarro, swishing back and forth from blunt lo-freq frenzy to liquid-like levitation. ‘ESRR’ rounds off the package on a further freaky note, merging heavily processed vocals and swampy, octave-shifting keyboard movements to form a slice of wild, cross-pollinated electronics laid upon a much enticing techno swing.\”

Support the label by buying directly on Stroboscopic Artefacts\’ website at this link: http://www.stroboscopicartefacts.com.

Listen below to the track: Adiel – If Not Now When? [SA036], and scroll down for full details. 

Overview. Sharing the same forward-facing approach to techno music, it was about time that Roman DJ and producer Adiel lands her debut EP on Stroboscopic Artefacts. Just a few months on from the drop of the label’s anniversary compilation ‘X – Ten Years of Artefacts’, featuring the broadest array of talents including Rrose, Shifted, Efdemin, Denise Rabe, Chevel, Lucy and more, the timing couldn’t be better for both her and Lucy’s mind-expanding visions to unify.
Following on from an array of 12-inches on her own imprint, including a recent joint effort with Anthony Linell, ‘If Not Now When?’ is an ode to the all-enveloping strangeness of eternal nights that cuts a path of ecstatic light in the dark. Breaking the ice, the title-track plunges us in an effervescing pool of menacing reverbs, bloopy signals and rippling synth tides on a murky tip, while its faster and sharper twin ‘At The Bottom Of The Sea’ vigorously ups the ante to ensure optimal peak time firepower.
Flip sides and here’s ‘If Not Me Who’ diving even deeper into tape-echo’ed bizarro, swashing back and forth from blunt lo-freq frenzy to liquid-like levitation. ‘ESRR’ rounds off the package on a further freaky note, merging heavily processed vocals and swampy, octave-shifting keyboard movements to form a slice of wild, cross-pollinated electronics laid upon a much enticing techno swing. The very epitome of surgically executed dance music with a fascinatingly soulful, nearly shamanic edge to it.
Order: https://stroboscopicartefacts.com/shop/if-not-now-when-sa036/

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Adiel
Title. If Not Now When?
Format: Vinyl 12” / Digital
Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts
Cat. No: SA036
Release Date: June 5th, 2020


A1 / 1. If Not Now When?
A2 / 2. At The Bottom Of The Sea
B1 / 3. If Not Me Who?
B2 / 4. ESRR



all tracks (w) & (p) by Adiel
Mastered @ Artefacts Mastering Studio, Berlin
Graphic concept by Ignazio Mortellaro [OA]
Cat. No. SA036 – All rights reserved
Ⓟ & © Stroboscopic Artefacts 2020
All rights reserved.

This is the first time the outstanding experimental techno producers Lucy and Rrose have teamed up under the collaborative moniker \”The Lotus Eaters\” to announce their debut album \”Desatura\” that sees the project return to Stroboscopic Artefacts and explores very interesting \”themes of physical density, emptiness and space,\” according to the press release. Also defines their style as a synthesized sound and feedback as fundamental sources to generate both textural and percussive elements. The ten-track LP will be released on vinyl, CD and digital this October.

The two techno producers have previously released collaborative EPs titled The Lotus Eaters in 2016 on Lucy\’s label Stroboscopic Artefacts and 2018 on Rrose\’s Eaux, but this announcement is special because has finally make The Lotus Eatear an oficial collabs that will premiere as a live act at ADE this autumn.

The LP will be available as a double 12″, on CD and digital formats and is available to preorder here.

Overview:  Lucy and Rrose, now coming together as The Lotus Eaters, have established themselves separately as techno artists who are just as comfortable operating in the uncharted area of experimental music. Running their own labels (Stroboscopic Artefacts and Eaux, respectively), they have gained a cult following, both influencing and challenging the direction of techno. Their first collaboration took the form of mutual remixes. Lucy remixed Rrose, taking on his modern classic “Waterfall” while Rrose remixed Dadub for Stroboscopic Artefacts, and shortly thereafter contributed an extended EP as part of SA’s Monad series. Eventually, the idea of working together became inevitable. Several intense sessions in Lucy’s Berlin studio followed, using mainly analog hardware. These sessions gave birth to a new project, starting with two EPs signed Lucy and Rrose, called “The Lotus Eaters” (SA) and “The Lotus Eaters II” (Eaux). With the “Desatura” album, the first release signed under the project name The Lotus Eaters, their common work is refined further, also becoming a live act which will debut at ADE (Amsterdam) 2018. With “Desatura,” Lucy and Rrose explore themes of physical density, emptiness, and space, creating sonic objects which can be rotated and viewed from multiple perspectives. Eschewing the typical instrumentation of techno, the duo use synthesized sound and feedback as fundamental sources to generate both textural and percussive elements. A sense of tension and weight emerge from sources that cannot be easily pinpointed. The resulting album forms a complex narrative from a paradoxically simple and restrained set of sound sources. A mysterious and profound accomplishment.

Desatura [SALP007 – SACD010] — The Lotus Eaters
catalog number. SALP007 – SACD010
format. 2×12\” lp | cd | mp3 | wav
release date. Oct. 5th, 2018

Track List.

01. Anchor
02. Marrow
03. Diamond
04. Decanter
05. Eat Eat Eat
06. The Idea Of North
07. Under The Benches
08. Foul Winds
09. A Third Man
10. And Then There Were None


Heads up, Berghain / Panorama Bar resident Efdemin is next on Stroboscopic Artefacts\’ Totem series, a unique set of releases pressed on transparent 10” vinyl that \”aims to meld the artistic resonance of each forthcoming release into an emblematic representation of the sounds that are to be presented\”.

Efdemin, real name Phillip Sollmann, has developed an extended discography on labels such as Dial, Curle or his own Naïf label with recent releases as the CD-mix compilation on Curle earlier this year and his collaboration with PAN’s Konrad Sprenger and Oren Ambarchi for Ostgut Ton’s sub-label A-TON. 

Following EPs By Luke Slater as L.B. Dub Corp and the label head Lucy, the Berlin legend presents 3 cuts that illustrate different perspectives of the same idea. ‘Wrong Movements’ will be out on December 7th. Efdemin also make his appearance in the Stroboscopic Artefacts showcase at ADE 2018.

Listen to Efdemin\’s Wrong Movements (Circles) full track: 

Overview: Stroboscopic Artefacts returns with another strong addition to its Totem series, a unique set of releases pressed on transparent 10” vinyl, capturing the essence and effusiveness of multidimensionality of club culture. Bridging the gap between the worlds of sound and material objects, Totem is a series that aims to meld the artistic resonance of each forthcoming release into an emblematic representation of the sounds that are to be presented, clearly within the grooves seen and heard on the 10”. Stepping up for the third release in the series is Berlin legend Efdemin — bringing a three-track journey that is unequivocally enduring and flexible for journeys on-and-off the dancefloor.
While each track shares the same title, the textures and traits are different — with the A1, “Circles” setting things up with pertinent percussion and staccato synth lines; as Efdemin sways towards another side with “Left” — a heady, hedonistic thumper with exuberant melodic bursts; followed by a therapeutic sequel with “Right” — closing out the release with a melange of spacious efficacy, something the Berlinbased producer has been known for throughout his near-two-decade career. Between releasing for the likes of Ostgut Ton, Curle, Dial, and his own imprint Naïf; Efdemin takes on the challenge of Totem’s conceptual subjugation and subverts it with his emotionally honest take on a stimulating and subdural sonic experience within three parts. Narratively dense and expertly-paced, the Totem series carries on with another outer-worldly insertion to its catalog.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Efdemin
Title. Wrong movements.
Label. Stroboscopic Artefacts
Release date: December 7th, 2018
Format. Vinyl 10” / Digital
Cat#. SATOTEM003


A1 / 1. Wrong Movements (Circles) 

B1 / 2. Wrong Movements (Left) 
B2 / 3. Wrong Movements (Right)

All tracks (w)&(p) by Phillip Sollmann Graphic concept by Ignazio Mortellaro [OA] ℗ & © Stroboscopic Artefacts 2018 Cat. No SATOTEM003 – all rights reserved www.stroboscopicartefacts.com info@stroboscopicartefacts.com 

Mancunian duo AnD rose to prominence in 2011 following a slew of ground breaking releases characterised by their refurbished, stripped back and Dave Clarke-inspired brand of techno. True vinyl purists, the two maintain fierce analogue production principals and showcase this in their heavy hitting live show. 

AnD’s modernistic approach has been endorsed by trailblazing UK imprints Project Squared and Idle Hands, whilst their purist ideologies have been employed by the visionary Horizontal Ground, Black Sun Records and Repitch labels. Meanwhile covert productions on their own self-titled white label series has seen the pair embrace the shadowy outskirts of techno, furthered by a collaboration with Headless Horseman, Sunil Sharpe and D.Carbone for the clandestine Brothers imprint. In recent years they’ve been stepping out under the banner of Speedy J’s respected Electric Deluxe brand, culminating in the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Cosmic Microwave Background’, back in Autumn 2014. The record sewed up AnD’s uncompromising sound into a long form dancefloor contemplation of the cosmos. It has since been remixed by a selection of the pair’s own noisy set of heroes, including Sleeparchive, O/H, Black Rain and JK Flesh, in a way completing the circle back to source. 

Together with Tom Dicicco, the three artists established Inner Surface Music back in 2011, which has already garnered support from the likes of Regis, Surgeon, Lucy, Norman Nodge, DVS1 and many more. But it’s from the booth that AnD have been making their presence truly felt. As on point vinyl selectors and potent live performers they’ve been storming their way across Europe, from Berghain in Berlin to the mammoth Gashouder at Amsterdam Dance Event, leaving no floor unscathed by their wrecking ball sound and sledgehammer ethics.

Florian Meindl is a multi-talented and multi-faceted artist, who is renowned for his technical prowess. Producing for over 15 years, Florian has become known for his diverse, powerful Techno productions, live performances and DJ sets.
2006 saw the inception of Florian’s label FLASH Recordings. The imprint showcases Florian’s musical vision, reflects his taste and gives him tracks for his DJ Mixes. A platform for artists that Florian likes, FLASH has had over 180 releases already including tracks and remixes from Radio Slave, Sigha, Stephan Bodzin, Lucy, Subjected, Jusai, Jamie Anderson, Flug, STRISC., Avgusto, Black Lotus, Twr72, Anml Mthr…
In May 2017 Florian released his third solo album ‘Time Illusion’ to critical acclaim. The album was clearly influenced by Florian’s full analog live production without any computer. The technical aspect is integral to Florian’s musical journey that he takes the listener on. His talent lies in enabling the machines to speak and groove, to connect with them and create sounds and patterns.
February 2019 is the release date of his 4th album \”Nonlinear Times\” which is another sonic proof of Florian being able to become one with his studio. This time merging analog sound creation with digital techniques to combine the best of both worlds.
Florian\’s countless gigs, which are mostly a combination of playing live and Djing, have become an extraordinary experience by continually pushing the boundaries of combining true live performance on the modular synth with DJing. A unique raw energy and response to the audience marks the signature sound of his performance.
His live appearance for Boiler Room TV in Funkhaus Berlin 2018 with 3 modular synth live performers, who never met before, marked another milestone in his career as a live act and showcased his ability to improvise on electronic instruments in an exciting live jamsession.
As a DJ, live performer, studio producer and sound designer, Florian has over the years established an impressive producing base for himself in his Berlin based Riverside Studio complex with an exciting hardware set up including Modular Systems, an analog mixing desk as well as classic machines like Roland 909, letting them speak for him in music where words just aren’t possible.

There\’s no doubt that Lucy\’s one of the Genre\’s most exciting and ambitious DJ/producers, a truly mastermind of the modern and experimental techno scene. Now following his critically acclaimed 2011 debut \”Wordplay for Working Bees\” also this year he released a collaborative album with Speedy J via the imprint under the name Zeitgeber; and some solo releases on Chris Liebing’s CLR and Luke Slater’s Mote-Evolver; Lucy just softened the ground for what will be his second solo album \”Churches Schools And Guns\” planed to be released the next year on february 17, under his own label, Stroboscopic Artefacts.

According to a press release description, we agreed that \”what’s perhaps most ear-catching about Churches Schools and Guns, though, is Lucy’s sense of space. The album is by no means a dub techno record, but the intent is the same. How do twist recognizable sounds into new ones that have little or no relation to their origin? And, yet, for all its alien wonder, there’s rarely a moment where you feel cut off from something human. Even when the beat gets heavy, you can’t help but feel that you’re in the room with it. Every time things feel digital, there’s always something natural that complicates things.

As the record goes along, it continues to pull away from reality – and the Lucy you once knew. “We Live As We Dream,” “All That Noise” and “The Best Selling Show” all propose possible futures: Elegiac, dystopian and somewhere in between. And then comes “Falling,” which sounds like nothing you’ve heard from Lucy before. But that’s to be expected. Contradictions. The search for an answer being the answer itself. Catch-22’s. The illusion of choice. These are the important things to take away from Churches Schools and Guns, Lucy’s masterful second album.\”

Artist: Lucy
Title: Churches Schools and Guns
Cat. No.: SALP002 / SACD005
Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts
Release Date: 17 February 2014
Format: 3×12\” LP / CD / Digital Download

01. The Horror
02. Leave Us Alone
03. The Self As Another
04. Human Triage
05. Laws and Habits
06. Follow The Leader
07. Catch Twenty Two
08. The Illusion Of Choice
09. We Live As We Dream
10. All That Noise
11. The Best Selling Show
12. Falling feat. Emme

If you are looking for dark and heavy sounds, a lot of energy accumulated and definitely a range of background catchy noises ready to blow your head completely, you\’re in the right place. On many occasions we had the joy of listening to Roberto Espinosa live, A dj and producer of Honduras who certainly knows what it is the true meaning of heavy techno and has spread the virus all over Central America; so it is very easy for us to catalog Espinosa as some of the finest and most groundbreaking artists today in Techno.

So it\’s very good news that Prestigious Erphun\’s Brood Audio Label and the home for some of his more darker and experimental productions that includes a great Artist like Roberto Espinosa, representing Central America and bringing the darker side of techno to techno heads all over the world! Great! 

Artist: Roberto Espinosa 
Tittle: Brood Audio Podcast #101 
Release date: 10-12-2013
Genre: Techno, Dark
Source: WEB
Type: Set


1. Measure Divide- BLK (Brood Audio)
2. Gregor Tresher- System X (Drumcode)
3. Audio Injection- Kats (Illegal Alien)
4. Exium- Time (Oscar Mulero remix) (Nheoma)
5. Mick Finesse- They Sex Machinas (Perc remix) (Perc Trax)
6. Jerome Sydenham- Black Ice (Apotek Records)
7. Traversable Wormhole- Where 2D Meets 3D (Chris Liebing remix) (CLR)
8. The Spaceape, Martyn- Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock remix) (3024)
9. Ducerey Ada Nexino- 004_Soup Pt. 2 (Scalameriya remix) (Genesa Records)
10. Erphun- Diatomic (Monoloc remix) (Sleaze Records)
11. Ricardo Garduno- Esta En Tu Mente (Espinosa’s Malcriado remix) (Abstract Mechanisms)
12. JP Montesino- Viaje Número Uno (Pfirter remix) (MindTrip Music)
13. Drumcell- Frame Shifter (CLR)
14. Rebekah- X-36 (Brood Audio)
15. Nicolas Bacher- Silence Is Golden (Pornographic Rec’s)
16. Dadub (Lucy remix)- Death (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Listen & Download (Save as…)

Brood Audio Podcast 101 – Roberto Espinosa

A session with a lot of energy, deep and dark sounds that are reflected in the selection of music such as: Lucy, Surgeon, Exium, Peter Van Hoesen, Xhin and of course Mulero\’s heavy remixes. The best reference of the underground scene is here, this week\’s slam radio show has included one of the most original and defined techno sound in spain, Oscar Mulero… 

Something about Oscar Mulero:
Already a well known name on the underground circuit among the most faithful clubbers, Oscar Mulero now started to appear in media headlines in the specialised and general press alike. Thanks to him, the DJ was now a figure taken seriously by the media who had until then viewed them as just another of the many night works. As he had done so on many previous occasions, Oscar was again opening up doors and blazing trails…
His second work was released in 1999. It was done with GROOF, an experienced producer from Madrid. The two formed the duo Quite Unusual, on the GROOF label Brainwaves. They were well received by critics and also enjoyed good sales. His first release with an international label came in 2000 on the French label Kobayashi. It was his first away match and first away victory!
That very year saw the birth of WARM UP and a couple of years later, its offspring POLE. From then on, all Oscar’s efforts were focused on releasing his own material, whether home or away, on the very best techno labels of the planet, such as Coda, Pure Plastic, Tresor, Sheep, Tsunami and Main Out. That put him definitively on the world techno map. Between 2000 and 2002 he released no fewer than 9 EPs, which lead to a contract with one of the biggest dj booking agencies of the time, Dynamix Booking from Berlin, an agency that also represents some of the best techno artists of the world. From then on, Oscar was seen and heard in clubs and festivals from all over the world, more and more often.
In 2003 he released A Occhi Chiusi on the Pure Plastic label, under the name of TROLLEY ROUTE. This was a totally mental electronic work that was also easy to dance to. That album ended a cycle and confirmed his maturity as a producer.
Since then, he has continued his relentless work producing and remixing with the very best techno labels the world over, and he hasn’t stopped appearing on the electronic stage everywhere. Dr. Smoke, his alter ego, gained strength during this period as a showcase of Oscar’s open and eclectic vision as a music selector, leaving techno aside and moving deep into territories such as electro, dub and IDM.
During 2008 Oscar significantly expanded his work map. Visiting the Movement festival in Detroit, China and Japan, he has left his mark on almost every continent.
During 2009, his international presence included forays into countries as exotic (from a techno point of view) as China. As for studio work, that same year saw the digital release of the Trolley Route album, the making of a CD mix for the prestigious Tresor Records label and the creation of the Selección Natural collective together with Exium, Reeko and Christian Wünsch.
Following a memorable anniversary party at Fabrik, Madrid, that was a huge success with the crowds and celebrated his twenty years as a dj, we see the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. From then on he is open to the use of new technologies and new projects, such as the Pole platform, which picks up the thread from Selección Natural and gathers the best of the national techno scene under one banner.

During 2011 we saw the release of his first LP as Oscar Mulero, Grey Fades to Green. A double CD also released as a 4 vinyl set which will bear testimony to Oscar’s maturity and consolidation as one of the most important electronic music producers worldwide.
On the stage side Oscar has developed a fully audiovisual experience with his “Light & Dark AV Set”, tested live in some of the best festivals around.
2012 was Warm Up Records tenth anniversary, with thirty four releases to date. Last year also saw the publication of Oscar\’s second full length album, Black Propaganda, which means a twist in his trademark sound on behalf of a modern and dark approach to techno, and has the support of the best DJs and the media.
During 2012 PoleGroup expanded their activities and started promoting their showcases all over Spain and Europe, working side by side with artists like Regis, Lucy, Xhin, Perc or Peter Van Hoesen, to name but a few.
As a performer, his agenda has expanded in 2012 with gigs all over the planet: Asia, Oce-ania and South America.
For 2013 he’s going to release the Black Propaganda remixes, where the cream of the techno scene remake his tracks. He\’s also going to launch Spherical Coordinates, a pro-ject with Christian Wünsch, as well as other releases for labels such as Semantica, Modu-larz, Blank or Detroit Underground.

Artist: Oscar Mulero
Tittle: Slam Radio #043
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Rls Date: 25.07.2013
Type: Radioshow


01. Reeko – Segmento 3
02. Ducerey Ada Nexino – Guide (Exium remix)
03. Oscar Mulero – To Convince For The Untruth (Lucy remix)
04. Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 (Lucy remix)
05. Regis – Blood Witness
06. Victor Martinez – Anything Called Dead Consumerism (Oscar Mulero remix)
07. Oscar Mulero- Disinformation (Xhin remix)
08. Darqwan – Said The Spider (Surgeon remix)
09. Shifted – Unveiled
10. Spherical Coordinates – scfls-17
11. Spherical Coordinates – scfls-12
12. Phase – Binary Opposition (Peter Van Hoesen remix)
13. Go Hiyama – Common Blank (Oscar Mulero remix)

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It was time that we write a review of a heavy material, dark, industrial sound, dangerous measures. Finland master of dark industrial techno, Tuomas Rantanen just get very heavier with his latest upcoming release \”Nychthemeron in Madagascar EP\” coming out the September 23rd, 2013 on City Wall Records. This EP is one of those we really recommend, of course, if you can handle dark noise, industrial backgrounds and a very deep insane atmosphere.

\”City Wall Records is a 100% independent download label. We aim to release electronic music that has individual depth and character while ensuring every production is painstakingly tweaked to possess optimum audio quality.\” Word to that, definitely this ep is well done, the sound quality and endless amount of energy surprised me, surely these 4 track will blow up your mind and body in the most dark dancefloors.  There is not much to say after reading the release info, just something important, Get this amazing material on september 23rd, 2013, you will not regret of this industrial madness. 

Review: 9.5/10 Release date: september 23rd, 2013

Release Info:

Nychthemeron in Madagascar EP follows on from Nychthemeron in Galapagos EP, it continues Finnish techno composer Tuomas Rantanen’s epic exploration of how our auditory environment is subtly yet dramatically changing from a natural state to an industrial state.
Two hundred and fifty years ago there were very few non-organic rhythmic sounds, it was a mainly natural sound environment, but now we are constantly surrounded the rumbling, grinding and roaring of engines, the droning tones of computers and the bleeps of mobile phones. So in this strand of his music Tuomas is reflecting on these changes, he also has a separate strand which is looking at the concept of cyborg and the influence of cybernetics on individual and society at large, for more on that his 100th release, the album Robot Construction is out now on City Wall. His other works to date on City Wall have received widespread recognition from the likes of Cari Lekebusch, Mark Anxious, Dave The Drummer, Angel Alanis, Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts) and Ryuji Takeuchi to name a few.
Morning in Madagascar
The gentle tick of the clock and Madagascar awakes, altogether a bright and lively place in the morning which is well reflected in classic chugging Rantanen beats and tonal percussions. Yet beyond the power and colour are edgy ambiences and dark string glides which suggest other forces also have an agenda.
Day in Madagascar
Beautiful warmth with a fresh air vibe yet those anxious agendas just cannot be shaken off. Day in Madagascar has a consistently driving vibe that revolves around a tough downward facing stomper kick and what seems to be an ever evolving rhythmic groove. However, it is when the ride drops that deeper energy is found.
Evening in Madagascar
Ahh! The church bells are calling! The focus is sensitively shifted slightly left from the banging drums onto the cultivated centre piece which is best described as a unique tapestry of patterned chimes and ringing tones. But of course this is Rantanen world so even if gently distracted the beats are still strong and the bass still rumbling!
Night in Madagascar
And this is how the night comes. A hard steady beat with a roaring fire of a bass that together pulse in the pitch black blaze. The tribal droning flute feels like a snake charmer that is eternally keeping its subject in a perpetual unsuspecting trance, meanwhile the ethereal soundscape fluoresces a calming moonlit glow.

Artist: Tuomas Rantanen

Title: Nychthemeron In Madagascar EP
Label: City Wall Records
Format: Digital
Cat. #: CW077
Release Date: September 23rd, 2013
Distribution: Believe
Domain: http://www.citywallrecords.com/

01. Morning in Madagascar
02. Day in Madagascar
03. Evening in Madagascar
04. Night in Madagascar

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When it\’s time for something new, There are always people who can create and imagine a perfect atmosphere for whatever they were supposed to create. We think that\’s just what happened here with Chris Liebing and the CLR crew as they are Presenting another brilliant \”RECONNECTED\” episode in the popular series of digital compilations and they are very happy to present this current edition with the new and pretty face in CLR, Rebekah. Living Techno got some access to the material and we highly recommend you to get this february 25 Rebekah´s \”RECONNECTED 03\” compilation. and we can be sure you will experience a quality and fancy techno sound mixed by the beautifull rebekah. Get involved in our review and left your comments about the compilation.
Time has come for another RECONNECTED episode in the popular series of digital compilations and we are very happy to present you this current edition by our new CLR member Rebekah. RECONNECTED 03 contains music by numerous internationally acclaimed Techno artists such as Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Traversable Wormhole, Peter Van Hoesen, Jerome Sydenham, Function, James Ruskin, Cari Lekebusch, Brian Sanhaji, Monoloc, Tommy Four Seven, Drumcell, MOTOR, Edit Select, Markus Sprengler, Sleeparchive, Pfirter, Lucy and Xhin. All of the featured tracks are CLR releases, including original productions of label artists, exclusive compilation tracks as well as remixes by several prestigious guest producers.
Over the last years CLR has become noticeably more open minded and experimental with regard to the variety of musical styles on the label and Rebekah took advantage of this wider stylistic range to record a truly diversified and dynamic set. The mix moves through all kinds of atmospheric changes, from soulful to driving, from relentless to hypnotic, from twisted to spheric and back to soulful. RECONNECTED 03 is the skilled work of an electronic artist who deeply feels this sound and does not believe in any limitations when it comes to creating an absorbing musical flow. It also shows the full range of the label´s output and creates pleasant anticipation of things to come – like for example Rebekah´s first CLR release of original productions, which is due to come out soon. Chris Liebing and the CLR crew are exited about this new digital sampler and highly recommend you Rebekah´s RECONNECTED 03.
Full Tracklist:

1. Monoloc – Mind 

2. Tommy Four Seven – Talus (Lucy Remix) 
3. Traversable Wormhole – Tachyon (James Ruskin Remix) 
4. Xhin, Lucy – LX3 
5. Motor feat. Douglas McCarthy – The Knife (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) 
6. Speedy J – Armstrong 
7. Brian Sanhaji – Synchrotron (Cari Lekebusch Remix) 
8. Drumcell, Brian Sanhaji – Structure (Original) 
9. Traversable Wormhole – Superluminal (Sleeparchive Remix) 
10. Chris Liebing feat. Markus Sprengler – Ataraxia 
11. Motor feat. Billie Ray Martin – Hyper Lust (Pfirter Remix) 
12. Drumcell & Brian Sanhaji – Split 
13. Chris Liebing – Auf Und Ab (Edit Select OCD remixes part 1) 
14. Chris Liebing – A2 Endlosrille 15. Pfirter – Mi Estudio (Original) 
16. Jerome Sydenham vs Function – Two Ninety One (Original) 
17. Chris Liebing – String Theory 
18. Monoloc & Daniel Wilde – When I Get Older

Release date: 2013.02.25

Listen & Download Teaser clip: