After a very well received EP from Sebastian Ledher, now Paco Osuna takes over the controls on his own label Mindshake to release his new EP titled \’Brain Bells\’ featuring two of his new original tracks alongside remixes by Marco Faraone and Egbert.

Along with releases on Mindshake, Paco Osuna has featured on some of the world\’s best known labels ranging from Richie Hawtin’s Minus to Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. One of Spain’s most accomplished DJ’s, he is in regular high demand with EP’s like this one being a fine example of his exceptional talent.

This EP is the demonstration of Paco Osuna outstanding production work as usual. The two originals of this release blends on intense melodic grooves, backgrounded with banging hypnotic techno atmospheres. Very proper from Osuna\’s sound.

Marco Faraone is on remix duty, adding the Midas touch he has previously applied to his top selling releases on influential techno labels like Radio Slave\’s Rekids, Josh Wink’s Ovum and Shlomi Aber\’s Be As One.

Dutch master Egbert also adds his stamp with a peak time remix in the style he has showcased on scene leading imprints that range from Sven Väth’s Cocoon to Dense & Pika\’s Kneaded Pains.

Tracks Description.

Brain Bells” opens the EP with explosive claps and pitched tom drums layered with a lurching bassline. The intense bell melody and muffled vocals contribute to the murky atmosphere that adds suspense to the unfolding excitement.

Second of the originals, “TechBass” does exactly what is says on the tin with a throbbing bassline that pulsates a fierce energy throughout the techy track. Swelling with a brooding energy, the unrelenting onslaught of sub bass is a speaker rumbling masterpiece.

Track three is Marco Faraone’s remix of Brain Bells, which adds a looped melody that transforms the track into a hypnotic version. Deep but still dance floor focused, this masterfully crafted remix has a subtle sophistication for all to enjoy.

Egbert closes out the EP with his rework of Brain Bells that adds dramatic bass stabs to key elements from the original. The sinister mood combined with the frantic melody creates a compelling rollercoaster ride that will have people screaming for more.

Mindshake records will release \’Brain Bells EP\’ digitally on Friday 21 August 2020.

Previews soon…

Cover Artwork. 

Artist: Paco Osuna
Title: Brain Bells EP
Label: Mindshake
Release Date: Friday 21 August 2020
Format: Digital


01. Brain Bells
02. TechBass
03. Brain Bells (Marco Faraone Remix)
04. Brain Bells (Egbert Remix)

Whats up? The thing is that this post is to talk about a \”unique exploratory sound that will frequently push the boundaries of techno\”. 

You just read a phrase from a OTB records description made by itselfs. And it\’s true, we had talked before in this blog about OTB releases, and we keep doing it, because the music is classy and heavy as we like it. 

And the good news are that we just got the announcement that the label is going to release new material from the co-founder of OTB records, Jeroen De Pessemier aka One Track Brain. Making it as he knows, pushing the boundaries of techno, the new release comes out with two heavy duty techno tracks, also features two well elaborated remixes from Efdemin

Entitled \”The Hunt\” (as the first track of the EP,  and the track that got two remixes from Efdemin, the Strong Wind Remix and the Good Winds Remix) this release has a special strong dark energy, specifically the one needed to create a strong techno record. All the tracks has its thing, very mental sounds, heavy kicks and dark rhythms. No wonder why someone like Efdemin got featured here. 

Don\’t wait more, check on full details for this release and stay tuned because the official release date is scheduled for November 29th, 2019 in Vinyl and Digital Formant trough OTB records. Read below for full details. 

Listen to some OTB Records music on soundcloud. 

Overview. On the hunt for timelessness we travel far and wide and realise only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. Brilliance borders lunacy. Extreme wisdom and extreme stupidity are the same. When you know everything you know nothing. Just as minus infinity reaches plus infinity and forms a circle. Just as extreme right wing and extreme left wing are basically the same but arrived from a different angle. Extremely bad taste becomes good, and extremely good taste is contrived. The truth is in the middle (yes I have come at an age where I can say that) so we have to embrace change to be the only constant. 
Everything and everyone always changes. So what does it mean “to be timeless”? 
A very special thanks to Efdemin. 
The story goes like this:
He gave us the strong winds remix. We told him its a bomb. We also said it‘s a little sad maybe perhaps that it contains so little of the original. “Oh let me try something” was his answer. And the very next day we got sent the good winds mix. Of course we asked if we could include both mixes. How could we choose?

Cover Artwork.

Label: OTB Records 
Artist: One Track Brain 
Remixer. Efdemin 
Title: The Hunt EP 
Format: Vinyl / Digital 
Cat.Number: OTB#15 
Release Date: November 29th, 2019 
Distribution: N.E.W.S. 


01. The Hunt 
02. The Hunt (Efdemin‘s Strong Wind Remix) 
03. Only The Wisest and Stupidest of Men Never Change 
04. The Hunt (Efdemin‘s Good Winds Remix)


Good vibes brothers, let\’s keep talking about good techno music. In particular, the Amelie Lens record label \”LENSKE\” has a unique and remarked style in their releases that seems very good to me. On this occasion the label is about to release its fifth release and is in charge of Milo Speakers, Anyone who witnessed Milo Spykers at the decks, knows his experience is as powerful as it is loving, he is an authentic warrior of the underground techno scene, also as a producer he\’s been cooking music bombs, and that\’s why he has been appearing in LENSKE and his tracks has been picked for so many artist, that stuff definitely speaks for itself.

Observable 93 is the title of his upcoming EP on LENSKE and the release date is around the corner, in May 3rd, 2019 via all digital formats and Vinyl. In a little review, the EP is composed of 4 tracks, all powerful, dark, harsh, full of black energy and of course deep bass and a perfect speed for the dancefloor. As one of the objectives of the release is giving the dancers a tough time picking their legs and brain up once the lights are back on again. Keep reading the story.

Listen to Trax Magazine Premiere of Milo Spykers – Observable 93 [LENSKE]:

Overview. Hot on the heels of his debut solo EP issued on the label in late 2018, Milo Spykers returns to Lenske with his much anticipated second outing, ‘Observable 93’. Where his previous, ‘Infinite’, was marked by a certain minimalism in approach – zeroing in on the depth of field and hypnotic power of its reverbs and delayed intricacies, this one has the Belgian producer slinging out a sharper-than-ever tetralogy of strapping big-room agitators that waste no time or energy in useless courtesies, rather well whelming his audience headlong into a deluge of raging kicks and hellish drum swirls to maximum effect.
All horsepowers roaring, ‘Beyond’ sets the tone right away with its heavy battery of pounding kicks and cavalcading drums whipping a frenzy as full-on cascades of liquid-like synth modulations and rumbling echoes interweave in hazardous precipitates. A straight-out binary stormer, the title-track then puts on the kind of no-nonsense hardcore rave buildup that’ll have your brain going on overheat without further ado. The very idea one can make of a peaktime thriller, warheads locked and loaded onto giving the dancers a tough time picking their legs and brain up once the lights are back on again.
Sure to drain every drop of sweat from your sore body in less spins that your washing machine needs to wring your favourite AC-DC tee, the strenuous B-side opener ‘All You Need Is A Thought’ rotates and revolves like a satellite gone out of its orbiting trajectory into deep space. Tailored to drive any sound-system into a corner, ‘The Invisible’ tops it all off in particularly nasty fashion, keeping the pressure gauge in the red up until the woofers have given up the ghost. With this strikingly forceful and ambitious sophomore 12″, Milo Spykers clearly sets his sight onto a new horizon of potentialities, confirming his status as one of the emerging techno artists to keep your eyes on. Closely.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Milo Spykers
Title. Observable 93
Cat#. LENSKE005 

Release date. May 3rd, 2019
Formats. 12″ / Digital


A1 / 1. Beyond
A2 / 2. Observable 93
B1 / 3. All You Need Is A Thought
B2 / 4. The Invisible


All tracks written & produced by Milo Spykers
Cat. No. LENSKE005 – All rights reserved
℗ & © LENSKE 2019

It\’s been a while since last post, i ask for apologies, i have been partying and traveling through europe, just to keep the lines on road, getting knowledge and discovering more music. But check this, i know you like the LENSKE releases, and i guess this one is the last of 2019 (here you can check out previous LENSKE releases we talked about in Living Techno this year: Lenske reviews and articles.

Well, as always, this upcoming release has the style and of course the approval of LENSKE label boss Amelie Lens. Making some memories, if you’ve come across Amelie Lens’ all-new fabric presents mix, then the name of Ahl Iver shall definitely ring a bell. And we say that because here it is the official announcement of his forthcoming EP entitled \”Haunted Patterns\” that will come out on LENSKE this December 20, 2019 in 12″ and Digital formats. The EP features 3 new tracks, one of them remixed by another local producer of LENSKE, Milo Spykers

\”The opening track ‘7AM’ features a punchy gabber kick and rush, hard-hitting drums and a healthy dose of slimy acid squelch to leave you dazed and confused for a while. Adding his ever efficient spin to the original, LENSKE mainstay Milo Spykers reworks the groove onto straightforward clubby railway as he sure knows well how to subdue the dancers through the most wildly enjoyable ankle-twisting/brain-melting manoeuvres.

As its name suggests the title-track ‘Haunted Patterns’ is a spooky dance floor affair. Allowing a 4/4 hell to break loose on the basement while enveloping it in further hypnotic synths and intense cosmic vibrations. Lovers of classic Altern-8 style hardcore shall find the perfect outlet to their headbanging fantasies in the euphoria-inducing ‘Rave Simulator’. With four cuts tailored to take clubs and dance floors by storm, Ahl Iver steps up for his debut record on LENSKE.\”

Meanwhile the official snippets are upload, listen to some previous LENSKE releases already uploaded to Soundcloud. 

Overview. If you’ve come across Amelie Lens’ all-new fabric presents mix, then the name of Ahl Iver shall definitely ring a bell. In addition to a forthcoming appearance at the next Exhale party in Antwerp in February 2020, where he’ll get to share the stage with Richie Hawtin, Helena Hauff, Kobosil, Stephanie Sykes and the whole LENSKE family, new sensation Ahl Iver is undeniably on the cusp of big things, and his debut EP, ‘Haunted Patterns’, sets the tone in gutsy fashion.
The opening track ‘7AM’ features a punchy gabber kick and rush, hard-hitting drums and a healthy dose of slimy acid squelch to leave you dazed and confused for a while. Adding his ever efficient spin to the original, LENSKE mainstay Milo Spykers reworks the groove onto straightforward clubby railway as he sure knows well how to subdue the dancers through the most wildly enjoyable ankle-twisting/brain-melting manoeuvres.
As its name suggests the title-track ‘Haunted Patterns’ is a spooky dance floor affair. Allowing a 4/4 hell to break loose on the basement while enveloping it in further hypnotic synths and intense cosmic vibrations. Lovers of classic Altern-8 style hardcore shall find the perfect outlet to their headbanging fantasies in the euphoria-inducing ‘Rave Simulator’. With four cuts tailored to take clubs and dance floors by storm, Ahl Iver steps up for his debut record on LENSKE.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Ahl Iver 
Title. Haunted Patterns 
Format: 12″ / Digital 
Label: LENSKE Records 
Cat. No: LENSKE009 
Release Date: December 20, 2019 


A1 / 1. 7AM
A2 / 2. 7AM (Milo Spykers Remix)
B1 / 3. Haunted Patterns
B2 / 4. Rave Simulator


Other Credits.

All tracks written & produced by Ahl Iver
Cat. No. LENSKE009– All rights reserved
℗ & © LENSKE 2019

Pre Order (Vinyl) : Bandcamp

Music have roots, and it\’s very special, when you got to understood and enjoy those roots. We are talking about this to make a quite good introduction to Hypnoskull, a solo project that was created in 1992 in order to experiment in the area of electronic noise combined with rhythmical structures. 

Now in 2020, Folgsamkeitfaktor is pleased to present Hypnoskull brand new 7-inch single titled \’The Trickster\’. But before we got on this industrial master production, we should read the very interesting history of this tremendous \’Hypnoskull\’ concept

In the first years of its existence, Hypnoskull was releasing cassettes and tracks on international labels in the so-called cassette network, a widely spread network of independent and experimental musicians and artists who expressed themselves throughout limited tape releases often including artworks, ideas, texts. In 1998, Hypnoskull signed to the German label ant-zen. That is not a coincidence: ant-zen stands for ‘anti-zensur’ (anti-censorship), one of the main starting points of the provocative Hypnoskull project. Patrick Stevens does not limit himself to just producing music as such, albums always include a severe message, a thought-provoking underlying concept text, questions. 

The main philosophy: ‘the dance floors, the clubs, the festivals… are staged warzones with a different set of rules – a therapeutic zone where hidden anger and even aggression of both the artists as well as the spectators can be released in a proper, human way. Music as a means to open up the deepest anger inside human beings, letting it out in a way which is not harmful to others\”. A strange symbiosis between the two worlds, Patrick Stevens is a part of the techno and the industrial scene. Techno once being a genre promoting an open, positive mindset, industrial on the other hand being a highly nihilistic, philosophic but pitch black reflection on society. The mix of both musical as well as content wise elements of these genres result in what Hypnoskull is all about. Added to this an explosive mixture of post-war and contemporary western subversive philosophy – in a rather impulsive manner – makes the project what it is today, after 30 years of existence.

\’The Trickster\’ goes from industrial techno monster of the title track on A side, to the slow burning B side track with vocals, an eerily predictive textual dissection on the state of our contemporary societies, written in 2013, rediscovered in an old notebook and recorded in 2020. 

B1. The Trickster (Setup) Lyrics:
Fear of a nationwide struggle so deep and steep, like trails of a tank and ten banks go on blank. Dead strike without knives and no stumbling upon stones on the ground. How does this sound?

Holy as in holy not hollow, officer puts my hands in chains, my mind full of stains like never before. Andromeda Nebula forced to hit a black hole like never before. You hear me?

Full feature night on drugs, cardboard images cut out on Mohair rugs, and no one is considered to be the thug. Celebrate your future life as if it is your last one you will ever survive.

Continuously reading the websites full of domestic violence, of the masses bending over and getting raped by some New World Order. Flip over, don’t come any fucking closer.

Insanity markets your marketing and possessed demons of consumerism throw figures at you. What the fuck could you even do?

As matter speaks out on behalf, consider consulting your true self as a moment in time ain’t working so fine. Move over make place for the newest case of tactics in-your-face, what the fuck is ‘race’ anyway?

Truth will be spoken by grown men in black togas, and one thing can’t fail cause everything is for sale. Your heroes bend over like hoes – supposed to raise a cash drain for some hero in some office which is too insane. For words, obviously.

Geological structures in cold war politics – scan your communication in order to create disordered communities. No policies on privacy, it’s that writer’s legacy. Go to your bookstore and buy ‘1984’.

As they beat up opponents and crush down minorities, the masses raise their heads in dangerous glory. Not ashamed by their own history – no, probably simply not aware in their heads of the soil and all the red and the dead.

What the fuck could you even do to stop it, or do you truly want to stop this? Dream on, get a life.

The release sounds extremely massive and crystal clear at the same time. Mastered by not less legendary German techno & EBM figure, Thomas P. Heckmann, the record is ready to smash the floors and, with a collage artwork, hand-made by Patrick Stevens himself, also may take place on a shelf of any authentic vinyl collector. Prepare for this brain-smashing industrial technopunk dual-charge bombshell!

Folkgsamkeitfaktor will release \’The Trickster\’ in Digital & Vinyl formats on September 14th, 2020. Pre Order: Bandcamp

Cover Artwork. 

Artist: Hypnoskull
Title: The Trickster
Label: Folkgsamkeitfaktor
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: September 14th, 2020
Release Date Vinyl: September 14th, 2020
Cat. No. FSFR004
Distribution: Ready Made, Bandcamp

01. The Trickster (Setup)
02. You Hear Me (Talk Dilettant Strategies)

Here we always talk about exquisite music, that\’s why this post is dedicated to Maceo Plex record label Ellum Black upcoming release. This time it has three new tracks with the brand and style of the label, what is supposed when the music comes from a Dj and Producer who seems to be favorite and regular for Ellum parties across the globe after standout releases and remixes, i\’m talkin about Mindaugas Lapinskis aka Gardens Of God.

The new release is entitled \”Ken\” and the official release date is due to march 8, 2019 in Vinyl and Digital version via Ellum Black, Links to buy below in this post. Basically the release is tremendous, minimal in essence combined with the finest delayed drums and hypnotic, knee-buckling bass, the three tracks are bombs. 

Below a little video of how Gardens of gods created the \”Ken\” track of this release.

Overview. Even though his name’s been on plenty of lips since the drop of his debut EP, ‘Ys’, released back in 2014, each new record from Gardens Of God comes as a fresh and vibrant kiss of life to whichever label gets him to grace its grooves. Back on Ellum Black to kick off the new year after three outings in the imprint’s main series, the Lithuanian producer unleashes one of his home-cooked assortments of stripped-down, yet salient, warehouse-sized brain melters.

Starting with the title-track ‘Ken’, which – sure to have the fierce winds of dementia blowing on all dance-floors it comes across – lays down a balanced mix of textural roundness and train-like dynamism with an ever trenchant, gut-punching churn. Minimal in essence but forged in the strongest of alloys, GoG’s compositions keep rolling and pitching like carbon-made nutshells in a tempest of raging elements. Same goes with the tribal dub of ‘Spirits’, which trades most of the opener’s spheric bounce for a harsher, steelier kind of rhythmic shuffle, whilst lifting its listener to a further entrancing state of mind.

Rushing headlong into euphoric 4/4 terrains, the steady rolling highlight ‘Bell You’ nails it on an even more addictive note with its delicate wind chimes cutting a path of illumination across intricate games of delayed drums and hypnotic, knee-buckling bass moves from down the greater depths. ‘Ken EP’ encapsulates most of what makes Garden of God’s singular appeal: a subtly-inlaid hybrid of trancey buildups, electronica-infused melodicism and an out-there, big-room-dedicated pound that’s no other aim but to morph a disparate crowd into one giant, malleable mass of pleasure and ecstasy. Tune yourself in.

Listen to Ken by Gardens of God. 

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Gardens of God
Title. Ken
Release date. March 15, 2019
Format. Vinyl 12″ / Digital download
Label. Ellum Black




A1 / 1. Ken
A2 / 2. Spirits
B1 / 3. Bell You


Written, produced & mixed by Gardens of God
Distributed by Above Distribution
Cat. No. ELLB004 – all rights reserved
℗ & © Ellum Black 2019

Well dear techno heads, i know you love strong entertainment, heavy ass techno music, but ot course with luxury and well elaborated rhythms. This upcoming release brings to us something like shadowclad sounds, dubby depths, terror beats, all this stuff as a result of an amazing industrial techno style that this two amazing artists are bringing in their new collab.

This time Blacklabel Distillery Records hand the reins over to label co-founder Samuli Kemppi and longstanding friend and collaborator Inigo Kennedy. The upcoming release has been entitled as the name of the alias of this brilliant collaboration \”Catalogue Of Errors\” and the oficial release date is due to May 20, 2019. With four tracks made with such a finest touch in modern electronic music, the collab is also returning with their second outing after a choice debut offering from Latmos. I don\’t need to tell you more, you now this kind of artists can only bring deluxe sounds into your ears and brain, so stay tuned and read the full story below. 

Listen to Inigo Kennedy & Samuli Kemppi Catalogue of Errors – 404 previews:

Overview. Returning with their second outing after a choice debut offering from Latmos, Blacklabel Distillery hand the reins over to label co-founder Samuli Kemppi and longstanding friend and collaborator Inigo Kennedy for a four-track safari across murky post-industrial terrains and shadow-clad dubby depths under their new collaborative alias, Catalogue Of Errors.
Melding Kennedy’s sensitive harmonics into Kemppi’s fiery rhythmic whorls and scrolls, Catalogue Of Errors synthesizes both of the artists’ idiosyncratic traits through hybrid schemes – by turns obscure and disquieting, whilst other times more emotive and opulently textured. The compositions comprising this eponymous debut effort lack no floor-traction, that’s for sure, but also don’t plan on relying on their big-room strike force attributes exclusively, far from that.
A much speaking example of the duo’s complementary power, ‘404 breaks things in on an equally melodic and dominant note that also suits as a manifesto of the pair’s ambitions. Going straight for the jugular, ‘Kernel Panic’ allows no lingering doubt about its intentions: it’s all cut up and fashioned to wash the club over in a deluge of alarm-like bleeps, stomping drums and stealth acid bass swashes tailored to whip up a frenzy amongst the dancers.
Flip sides and let the knee-buckling ‘Buffer Overflow’ take over your mind and body for good. A laser-guided peaktime weapon of the finest alloy, this one plays mind games like none other. Twisting ankles by the dozen with its evil breaks and sudden drops, whilst tweaking the pressure gauge from ill-mospheric to utterly oppresive, this one promises moments of sheer lunacy on and off the dancefloor.
Drifting towards the leftfield end of the spectrum although not losing sight of its native club environment, ‘BSOD’ winds up ‘Catalogue Of Errors’ debut 12″ on a droney/ambient tech tip that further asserts Kemppi and Kennedy’s uniquely poetic and rough-grinded take on contemporary techno with the very audacious yet sure-handed mastery of worldly-wise producers at their most effective and inspired.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Inigo Kennedy & Samuli Kemppi
Title. Catalogue Of Errors
CAT#. BLD002 – May 20th, 2019
Format. Vinyl 12″ / Digital

Label. Blacklabel Distillery


A / 1. 404
AA / 2. Kernel Panic
B / 3. Buffer Overflow
BB / 4. BSOD


All tracks written & produced by Inigo Kennedy and Samuli Kemppi
Vinyl release is distributed by Readymade Distribution
Cat. No. BLD002 – all rights reserved
℗ & © Blacklabel Distillery 2019

Dear folks, it\’s time to announce that Tiger & Woods will release a new album on Gerd Janson’s Running Back. “A.O.D.” is scheduled to release April 12th on 12” and digital formats.

The Roman duo, formed by Marco Passarani and Valerio Delphi, are celebrating 10 years of collaborating with their third full-length. “A.O.D.” stands for “Adult Oriented Dance\”, taking inspiration from A.O.R. (Adult Oriented Rock) and the romantic landscapes and discotheques on the Italian countryside.

Known for their raw disco edits, loopy sampled cuts and boogie bangers, Tiger & Woods illustrate Rome’s Italo Disco that was influenced by New York City’s dance scene of the 80s. They sampled materials from the Roman legend Claudio Donato and his Full Time and Goodymusic catalog for this new body of work, except for the track \’1:00AM’, which is 100% sample-free. (listen below) 

AOD by Tiger & Woods

Overview. Unshrouded in mystery: what once started as an anonymous underground project with stamped white labels and a clever take on sampling, has since then unfolded to be one of the longestrunning and most successful teams in current dance music. Nurtured by the sounds of the past and blessed with the techniques of today, the music of Tiger & Woods always kept evolving in and around the tropes of disco, house and boogie. Classic dance music, if you will. 

Celebrating the 10th anniversary this year, Marco Passarani and Valerio Delphi managed to arrive at album number three. “A.O.D.” is a pun on A.O.R. (adult oriented rock) and a play on their own sound. Defying the restricting rules electronic music record shop crates, it\’s a departure and an arrival at the same time. Inspired by the faded buildings and images of discotheques on the Italian countryside, the romantic start and bittersweet endings of summer, beach life and the excitement of travelling through the landscape to get to aforementioned temples of dance and subsequently the morning after. Except for the 100% sample-free “1:00 am”, everything on “A.O.D.” is based on a quiver of cleared samples from the Roman institution that is Claudio Donato and his Full Time and Goodymusic emporium. In Tiger & Woods hometown Rome, the often very electronic and futuristic sound of Italo Disco had a different twist. Much more boogie-based and influenced by the song-writing styles of New York City\’s dance scene, it played in a league of its own. Tiger & Woods use these materials to take them apart, out of context and into contrasting areas. Molding something completely new, one gets fooled to recognize Sade songs that aren\’t, pop music instrumentals and a reprise of memories that never existed. A ride through one’s brain in a convertible with an Italian FM radio station playing in the background. Or to use less stiff poetry: a chill out album you can dance to or a dance album you can chill out to. Adult Oriented Dance.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Tiger & Woods 
Title. A.O.D. 
Format: 12” / Digital
Label: Running Back 
Cat. No: RBLP13
Release Date: April 12th, 2019 


I Forever Summer
II Warning Fails
III A Lovely Change
IV Night Quake V The Bad Boys
VI Salsaro Ete VII 1:00AM
VIII Kelly McGillis


Credits: I — Forever Summer, 3:45 • Written by M. Passarani. Contains elements from Orlando Johnson »Turn The Music On« / O.Johnson, M.Zannini II — Warning Fails, 5:01 • Written by M. Passarani, V. Del Prete. Contains elements from Laura D‘Angelo e La Danceterie »Follow Me« / M.Violante III — A Lovely Change, 4:12 • Written by M. Passarani. Contains elements from Kate Farrow »Love And Pride« / M. Violante IV — Night Quake, 4:12 • Written by M. Passarani, V. Del Prete. Contains elements from Boeing »Dance To The Beat« / L.Cantone V — The Bad Boys, 5:01 • Written by M. Passarani. Contains elements from M&G »When I Let You Down« / M. Sangineto VI — Salsaro Ete, 5:08 • Written by M.Passarani, V. Del Prete. Contains elements of Patty Johnson »I‘m in Love» / USA Version / P.Gianolio VII — 1:00AM, 5:07 Written by M. Passarani. VIII — Kelly McGillis • 4:41 • Written by M. Passarani. Contains elements from Geraldine »You Are My Goal« / M.Violante 
Written and produced by Tiger & Woods Mastered by Lopazz at Vinyl Cut at SST
 Manufactured by R.A.N.D. MUZIK Distributed by WAS – Word and Sound Artwork by Gina A Moench Sleeve Image: Marabù. Cella, Reggio Emilia Paradise Discotheque All Images by Antonio La GrottA
 Published by Goody Music SRL
 ℗ & © 2019 Running Back

Something about Radionasty:

Keith Tenniswood (aka Radioactive Man and one half of Two Lone Swordsmen alongside Andrew Weatherall) has been privy to some of the most twisted machine funk to emanate from the UK in the last decade, and has hooked up with production partner Billy Nasty for the project Radionasty. Billy has taken techno to the world via his DJ sets and Tortured label. 

Radioactive Man (aka Keith Tenniswood) began his musical career, aged nine, when his father thrust a guitar in his hand. Destiny also took charge when he met up with Jagz Kooner and Andrew Weatherall – The Sabres Of Paradise – at night-clubs like \’The Drum Club\’, \’Full Circle\’ and \’Sabresonic\’ and began working with Weatherall manipulating the front of house sound on the Sabres 
tour. Having been an integral part in the Weatherall studio set up, it seemed a natural step that upon the demise of Sabres, Weatherall and Tenniswood should arise from the debris and form their own production team, the Two Lone Swordsmen. In 1996 they released their first album together as the Swordsmen, entitled \’The Fifth Mission-Return To The Flightpath Estate\’ on Weatherall’s own Emissions imprint. They have since recorded for Warp Records and Rotters Golf Club. 

Outside of the Two Lone Swordsmen, Tenniswood leant his talents to David Holmes’ \’Lets Get Killed\’ album and has also worked with The Aloof, Primal Scream and Red Snapper. He released his debut album also titled “Radioactive Man” on Rotters Golf Club, in September 2001. The album received many plaudits (amongst them, “One of the UK’s most underrated DJ/producers”) and established him as a producer in his own right, disassociating him from the 2 Lone Swordsman moniker. He has since released the album ‘Booby Trap’ and today he can be found DJing in the UK and overseas most weekends, and still finds the time to work on his own label Control Tower which he set-up with Simon Brown, aka The Dexorcist. 

20 years is a long time in electronic music, but that’s how long British techno DJ Billy Nasty has been at the forefront of the game. From early beginnings in London’s acid house scene to the huge global following he enjoys today, Billy’s continual hunger for new music, combined with his extensive experience, has made him one of the scene’s most enduring and in-demand figures. And with a current residency at BLOC festival plus a string of new releases coming up, Billy shows no signs of slowing down soon. 

Emerging from a background playing rare groove and funk, Billy’s first forays into house appeared during his residency at London’s The Brain Club, alongside Lost founder Steve Bicknell. Meanwhile, he manned the tills at Zoom, one of the capital’s most important record shops, soaking up everything from American house and techno to the emerging strains of British progressive and early European trance. Quickly making an impact, he was asked to contribute the first volume of the seminal ‘Journeys By DJs’ series – gaining him entry into the Guinness book of records for being the first DJ to produce a commercially available mix. 
As the dance scene of the early 90s splintered into numerous subgenres, Billy’s profile sky-rocketed, resulting in regular slots at famed London clubs Final Frontier, Open All Hours, The Drum Club and Strutt. Collaborating with a handful of likeminded friends, Billy’s studio work started to reach the public’s ears, and by 1995, he was jetting across the globe every weekend, spinning at many of the most famous clubs and festivals in dance music history. 

Around this time, he formed his own agency, Theremin, and was responsible in no small part for introducing the wider world to the talents of now-huge European DJs such as Adam Beyer, Marco Carola and Joel Mull. Meanwhile, his first label, Tortured, showed the development of his style into a harder, purer form of techno, and quickly became one of the genre’s most influential and prominent imprints. This was followed in 2001 by Electrix, where Billy released more experimental techno and electro from artists including Umek, The Advent and Carl Finlow. Again, this quickly became one of the leading labels in its field, and remained so until its closure in 2006. 

Having decided to wind down his labels to concentrate on DJing and studio work, Billy has spent most of the 21st century doing the same as he always has – sourcing out the freshest, most innovative, dancefloor sounds to spin. Incorporating the recent trends towards minimalism, along with dubstep, electro and classically-styled techno into his seamlessly-mixed style, Billy is a regular guest at Fabric, and holds a residency for the UK’s hugely acclaimed electronic music festival, BLOC, whilst continuing to travel the globe for gigs each and every weekend. 

As electronic music continues to splinter and evolve deep into the future, one thing is certain – Billy and Keith will be right there in the thick of it, doing what they do best. They kicked off the proceedings at the beginning of this year with the release of Radio 3 on the well received EPM 10 Compilation closely followed by a formidable DJ debut at the promotions company and label’s revered Off-Sonar Party. Later this year two more tracks, Radio 1 and 2, are set to be released on fabric’s musical directer and long time  resident Craig Richard’s label TYRANT giving the pair the vinyl platform that these tracks deserve.

Artist: Dave Clarke & Radionasty 
Tittle: White Noise 313 
Rls date: 04-12-2011
Genre: Techno
Source WEB
Type: set


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Something about Adam Beyer:

Adam Beyer became dedicated to the fascinating world of rhythm early on. After playing the drums as a teenager his obsession turned to the decks. In 1990 he bought his first set of turntables and started spinning a wide range of hiphop, hiphouse, acid and techno at local parties and clubs. Beyer soon learned how to blend his sets in a thoughtfull and highly focused way, a talent that has now developed into his trademark style. In 92 Fellow school friend Peter Benisch introduced Beyer to the sampler , a year later they got their first record deal with New York based Direct Drive. After finishing school in 1995, Beyer started work at the Planet Rhythm record store while releasing some tracks under a variety of names and continually djing all over Scandinavia.

Adam Beyer sites Drumcodes 1 (Planet Rhythm 1995) as the first record to define his style; hard, percussive and loop oriented. This 12\” names Beyer´s future label and was soon followed by his critically acclaimed debut album Decoded (Planet Rhythm 1996). His need to create the perfect dj tool gave rise to the launch of the Drumcode label allowing him total musical freedom. The label´s strong concept and high production levels meant it enjoyed immediate success. After six releases Beyer launched his second label Code Red focusing on a slightly softer side of techno. Code Red finished with its 10 th and final release Stand Down (Code Red 1999) which was a compilation of remixes from various international artists.

His production skills soon brought Beyer to the attention of djs worldwide and global bookings soon followed. His meteoric rise has been cited as one of the catalysts for Swedish techno´s current influence. He pinpoints the Stockholm sound as being closely linked to his network of friends in the city aswell as the triumvirate of himself, Joel Mull and Cari Lekebusch. After many releases and remixes on various labels he launched the second album Protechtion (Drumcode 1999). While the market was being flooded with monoton loop oriented techno Beyer worked on strengthening the arrangements that characterised his earlier works, aswell as adding melodic strings. Still with a clear focus on the dance floor.

The same year Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch linked up to create a stunning live act first witnessed in London to instant acclaim. The act created the intense feeling of a creative dj set while the duo played back to back mixing their production styles.

Artist: Adam Beyer 
Tittle: Drumcode 066 
Rls date: 04.11.2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01. joseph capriati – spring sprouts — unrilis records
02. chris hope – i take [sasha carassi remix] – driving forces
03. m.i.t.a. – technamplesso
04. xpansul & alessio mereu – moldy oscillators – analytic trail
05. markantonio — hade game – slaze records
06. marco bailey – purple haze [joseph capriati remix] ‘ mb electronics
07. sasha carassi – tetrahertz – unrilis rec
08. uberto – infinite potential
09. dj hi-shock – ageha [kyle geiger remix]
10. slam – stepback [adam beyer & jesper dalback remix] ‘ soma
11. roberto capuano – white stripes – analytic trail
12. bodyscrub – radiate [original mix] – respekt
13. luigi madonna – lost in lodz remix – amazing records
14. luigi madonna – city liner – excentrik muzik
15. alberto pascual – bailando – analytic trail
16. slam ~ area 51- drumcode
17. fergie – liquid brain [alan fitzpatrick remix] – excentrik muzik
18. kalden bess – nine souls [samuel l.sesslon remix] – ground factory rec
19. truncate – pad mode [jerome sydenham remix] – enemy records
20. cari lekebusch & joseph capriati – napoli 4 pm – drumcode

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Biography of Santos:

They say you can’t keep a good man down. Similarly you can’t keep a talented producer down, nor can you keep him in a box. A figurative box that is. Italian producer an DJ Santos astounds year after year with his diverse and consistently inspiring productions, showing that if you’ve got the raw talent, you can indeed be a jack of all trades and master of all of them too. He’s one of those people whose creativity seems to know no bounds and needs to be indulged constantly. His quirky 2000 breakthrough track Camels remains an unforgettable and unique classic, and in the years that have passed since then he’s released three acclaimed solo artist albums and the huge anthem Hold Home in 2009. To date?, he’s released some 400 under a myriad of aliases (such as Maskio, Class 71, Smoke Maschine, Peter Katafalk, Bellone and Sohante), and he is executive producer for the likes of Timo Maas, Mutant Clan and Los Veteranos plus co-producer for the likes of Alex Dolby, Giorgio Roma and Trouble Soup (with Madox – now better known as Riva Starr). He’s graced the legendary Annie Nightingale’s show on Radio 1, played at Japan’s massive Fuji Rock Festival straight after the legendary Chemical Brothers, picked up remix credits for the likes of Fatboy Slim and Armand Van Helden. All this plus a co-production for a little lady called Madonna in 2008 (on a new version of her classic Like A Prayer on her Sweet & Sticky Tour). And that’s just scraping the surface. Continually evolving and refusing to stick to genre expectations and regulations, you can never predict where he’s going to crop up next – or indeed how he’s going to sound. Recent times have seen him focus once again on the house and techno formats, but creating something fresh therein on each occasion. He’s graced the likes of Nic Fanciulli’s Saved, John Digweed’s Bedrock, Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour, Get Physical, Figures, VIVa, Crosstown Rebels, Germany’s Great Stuff and many more, bringing nothing but straight heat each time to these timeless and cutting-edge labels. It’s undeniable: you play one of his records in a club, you see the reaction. He’s an expert technician of innovative dancefloor bombs. “Pictures come into my mind” he says of how he starts his creative process. “Sometimes it\’s the crowd on the dancefloor and sometimes it’s a personal trip, and my mission is soundtracking these pictures and emotions.” Working on several different tracks at once in order to find the right sounds and to keep his mind as fresh and open as possible, his quest to find the perfect aural accompaniment to match up to his subconscious thoughts is a wild, complex and unbounded one. With current loves including everything from alternative rock to chiptune to psychedelia to industrial music, his ears and brain form a dense musical sponge which always welcomes new ideas and tastes. In 2008 he met his musical match in Teutonic titan Timo Maas. Together as Mutant Clan they’ve flipped the script on techno and “tripped the ass out of people” in the process, as they would say. Dishing out goodies on labels du jour like Connoisseur and Dubfire’s SCI+TEC imprint, it wasn’t long before they were in demand across the world, and the constant studio sessions also helped to relaunch Timo’s career in the club underground with big comeback bangers Subtellite and Jetstream for Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings. The Mutant Clan project soon gave birth to a feisty little record label: the fast-acclaimed Rockets & Ponies, which has seen Santos and Timo push hot new talents like Adam Port & Santé and old friends like Riva Starr and Alex Dolby. “Working with Timo is very magical” he beams. “We have in mind the same pictures and so it\’s very easy to understand each other. We follow our instincts and we always meet at the same destination. We have the same background and this is important when we talk about music and what we want to feel.” You won’t find my producers who keep themselves relevant over the years in such a dynamic and exciting way, as oppose to simply following the crowd and jumping on the latest musical bandwagon. The list of supporting DJs is quite frankly ridiculous – Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Locodice, Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Carl Craig, Ellen Allien, Jesse Rose, Shlomi Aber, Lee Curtiss, Deetron, Slam, Bushwacka!, Karotte and Till Von Sein to name just a few. What’s the secret to his myriad successes and ever-young sound then? It’s quite simple: “ignore the trends and do the opposite of what the market says”. Spoken like a true innovator. (Words by Ben Gomori)

Artist: Martin Eyerer & Santos 
Tittle: Kling Klong Radioshow – October 2011
Rls date: 04-10-2011
Type: Set
Genre: Minimal Techno
Source: WEB


First hour by SANTOS (Rockets & Ponies)


Second hour by MARTIN EYERER (Kling Klong)

01 jeahmon chameleon natura viva 
02 david mayer moment keinemusik 
03 kruse & nuernberg lights blinding liebe detail 
04 mario aureo on every corner (chris lattnermx) yippiee 
05 peter horrevoorts fire in thedisco kanzleramt 
06 marc antona illegal dissonant 
07 james talk & android cartel mafumi (neuroxyde rmx) neurotraxx 
08 piemont managua (thomas schumacher rmx) yellow tail 
09 rainer weichhold jerk chicks (dub) kling klong


Something about Sasha Carassi:

Hailing from Italy\’s techno capital Napoli, Sasha Carassi gained major recognition in 2010 for his outstanding releases on not only his own imprints Globox and Phobiq but also on other prominent labels such as Drumcode,Harthouse,Sleaze, Respekt Recordings, 8 Sided Dice , Driving Forces.. . With numerous remixes and collaborations with artists such as Joseph Capriati ,Adam Jay, Brian Sanhaji, Spektre and Virgil Enzinger, he has also enjoyed major support from the likes of Adam Beyer, Slam, Fergie, Alex Bau,The Advent, and Alan Fitzpatrick. With no let-up in his busy schedule, 2011 looks set to be another huge year for Sasha Carassi. One of the few remaining dj\’s still using vinyl decks comnined with a laptop, his dj sets are likened to his production work. With powerful grooves and infectious techno sounds, expect to hear \’Big Room Techno\’ at its best.

Owner of the wellknown brand Globox Recordings,in 2009 Sasha founded with Rosa Cecconi, the ambitious Phobiq Recordings using an excellent team of international producers who share their love for music and for the detail.

Artist: Sasha Carassi 
Tittle:  Rhythm Convert(ed) Podcast #010 
Genre: Techno
Rls date: 29.06.2011
Source: web
Type: Set
Quality: 85 MB | 61 Minutes | 192 kbps 


1. Pascal Mollin vs. Pan-Pot – The_Elephant (Pig & Dan Remix)
2. Sian – Are You Reading This (Ramon Tapia Remix)
3. Redhead – Calciform (Original Mix)
4. Sasha Carassi – Cubic Carbon (Original Mix)
5. Fergie – The F.E.A.R. (Sasha Carassi Remix)
6. Alex Bau – Noise A (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
7. Tom Hades – Necesito (Original Mix)
8. Luigi Madonna – Reset (Original Mix)
9. Xpansul & Alessio Mereu – Track 3 (Sasha Carassi Remix)
10. Sasha Carassi – Untitled
11. Lee J Malcolm – Oh Yeah (Ben Sims Rolling Dub Remix)
12. Kalden Bess (Aka m0h) – Next (Flug Remix)
13. Snello – Forget Your Brain (Locomatica Remix)
14. Roberto – Logical Progression (Jerome Krom Remix)

DESCARGAR Rhythm Convert(ed) Podcast 010 by tomhades