Meet Joaquin Ruiz, a DJ and Producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Besides releasing music on labels as PLOINK, Children Of Tomorrow, Absolute Records, Mitten, Illegal Aliens Records, Labrynth, Injected Poison Records and Newrhythmics Records, he also has his own label West Rules. 

Now,  Signal Rec are very pleased to welcome this tremendous producer with his new EP titled \’Phase\’. With this release, Joaquin delivers 4 original techno bangers tracks ranging from the strength that characterizes this artist to more mental and atmospheric sounds that propose an EP full of nuances and details.

Driving intensity meets here with borderline industrial style rawness, locked in groove with intricate percussions, and undercut by hypnotic metallic sounds. It\’s raw, pounding, grooving and innovative, with enough energy to keep any dance-floor transfixed on it\’s own movement.

But darkness leave space to light, and you can now appreciate the good energetic vibes of Jörg Rodriguez’s techno slammers. He is a blossoming of sick sounds keeping the paranoia mode on.

Closing the pack a perfect and endless loop from Drop-E. Where he transports you to a tasteful dance floor gathering.

Signal Rec will release Phase EP digitally on  August 3, 2020. Pre-order here: Bandcamp

Phase_EP__Incl. Jörg Rodriguez & Drop-E Remixes by Joaquin Ruiz

Cover Artwork. 

Artist. Joaquin Ruiz 
Remixers. Drop-E, Jörg Rodriguez
Title. Phase EP
Label. Signal Rec.
Format. Digital
Release date. August 3, 2020
Pre-order hereBandcamp 


01 – Joaquin Ruiz – Phase 001 (Original Mix)
02 – Joaquin Ruiz – Phase 002 (Original Mix)
03 – Joaquin Ruiz – Phase 003 (Original Mix)
04 – Joaquin Ruiz – Phase 004 (Original Mix)
05 – Joaquin Ruiz – Phase 001 (Drop-E Remix)
06 – Joaquin Ruiz – Phase 003 (Jörg Rodriguez Remix)


All original tracks written and produced by Joaquin Ruiz
Remixes are written and produced by Jörg Rodriguez & Drop-E
All tracks mastered by Drop-E
Art Design by Teorema Studio

Last month we were talking about Joaquin Ruiz and his release \’Phase EP\’ on Signal Rec that really impressed. And now, he returns to Norway’s PLOINK label with his debut album titled ‘Voices Of Space’, featuring ten ethereal tracks. 
Buenos Aires-based producer has continually challenged the senses with twisted releases on labels like Blackrod, Affekt and Hardtools, which have garnered support from Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Sims, and Dax J. He now returns to Thomas Urv and Miss Mostly’s Bergen-based techno label for his most impressive body of work yet. 
Voices Of Space’ opens with an enticing stereo landscape, lush with bubbling samples and subtle percussion, ‘Hypnotic Alert’ moves by upping the energy with tight kicks and eerie synths when ‘Mantrack’ then finalises the A-side with soft keys and distant melodic flurries. On the flip, ‘Nuclear Substance’ kick starts with propulsive drums and chiming tubular-like sounds until ‘Altered System’ adds in cantering sub-frequencies and rapid snares, providing a cavernous feel to the mix. 
Next, ‘Genesick’ gives a sense of spatial progression with fleeting plucks and white noise before ‘Reset’ initiates a more club-focused shift with acid stabs, field recordings and splashing cymbals. ‘Satellite’ readjusts the aural journey with casting pads and computerised bleeps that lead to the harrowing rhythms and celestial chords of ‘Challenged’, ahead of ‘Times’ that beautifully concludes the album with sharp risers, zappy effects and low-swung beats. 
PLOINK will release ‘Voices Of Space’ LP in Digital & Vinyl formats on 28th August 2020.
Cover Artwork.

Artist: Joaquin Ruiz
Title: Voices Of Space LP
Release date: 28th August 2020
Cat No: PL027NK
Format: Vinyl & Digital
A1 – Voices Of Space
A2 – Hypnotic Alert
A3 – Mantrack
B1 – Nuclear Substance
B2 – Altered System
C1 – Genesick
C2 – Reset
C3 – Satellite
D1 – Challenged
D2 – Times

Listen to Joaquin Ruiz music in his set recently recorded for SRIE Podcast.