This is the first time the outstanding experimental techno producers Lucy and Rrose have teamed up under the collaborative moniker \”The Lotus Eaters\” to announce their debut album \”Desatura\” that sees the project return to Stroboscopic Artefacts and explores very interesting \”themes of physical density, emptiness and space,\” according to the press release. Also defines their style as a synthesized sound and feedback as fundamental sources to generate both textural and percussive elements. The ten-track LP will be released on vinyl, CD and digital this October.

The two techno producers have previously released collaborative EPs titled The Lotus Eaters in 2016 on Lucy\’s label Stroboscopic Artefacts and 2018 on Rrose\’s Eaux, but this announcement is special because has finally make The Lotus Eatear an oficial collabs that will premiere as a live act at ADE this autumn.

The LP will be available as a double 12″, on CD and digital formats and is available to preorder here.

Overview:  Lucy and Rrose, now coming together as The Lotus Eaters, have established themselves separately as techno artists who are just as comfortable operating in the uncharted area of experimental music. Running their own labels (Stroboscopic Artefacts and Eaux, respectively), they have gained a cult following, both influencing and challenging the direction of techno. Their first collaboration took the form of mutual remixes. Lucy remixed Rrose, taking on his modern classic “Waterfall” while Rrose remixed Dadub for Stroboscopic Artefacts, and shortly thereafter contributed an extended EP as part of SA’s Monad series. Eventually, the idea of working together became inevitable. Several intense sessions in Lucy’s Berlin studio followed, using mainly analog hardware. These sessions gave birth to a new project, starting with two EPs signed Lucy and Rrose, called “The Lotus Eaters” (SA) and “The Lotus Eaters II” (Eaux). With the “Desatura” album, the first release signed under the project name The Lotus Eaters, their common work is refined further, also becoming a live act which will debut at ADE (Amsterdam) 2018. With “Desatura,” Lucy and Rrose explore themes of physical density, emptiness, and space, creating sonic objects which can be rotated and viewed from multiple perspectives. Eschewing the typical instrumentation of techno, the duo use synthesized sound and feedback as fundamental sources to generate both textural and percussive elements. A sense of tension and weight emerge from sources that cannot be easily pinpointed. The resulting album forms a complex narrative from a paradoxically simple and restrained set of sound sources. A mysterious and profound accomplishment.

Desatura [SALP007 – SACD010] — The Lotus Eaters
catalog number. SALP007 – SACD010
format. 2×12\” lp | cd | mp3 | wav
release date. Oct. 5th, 2018

Track List.

01. Anchor
02. Marrow
03. Diamond
04. Decanter
05. Eat Eat Eat
06. The Idea Of North
07. Under The Benches
08. Foul Winds
09. A Third Man
10. And Then There Were None


New music my friends! Stroboscopic Artefacts\’ label boss Lucy is set to release a concept EP which will mark his return on SA\’s main brunch after 6 years. ‘Dyscamupia’ is out March 15th on 12” and digital formats. 

I had the chance to listen to one of the upcoming release tracks \”A1 – Lucy – Dyscamupia (Forward)\” and i had to say that like the sound of the waves in the sea, the atmosphere sound in these track is like describing how you can feel the power and the energy of the sea in the sound of the waves bursting, and its actually a quiet sound, quiet between the dark and powerful in the day, i think this is a great description to this wonderful producing style of Lucy in this release, slow beats but dark rhythms. 

Listen to A1 – Lucy – Dyscamupia (Forward) [SA034] on Soundcloud: 

Following his acclaimed ‘Tarkomania’ EP to kick off the Totem series, ‘Dyscamupia’ presents an introspective, multisensory techno triptych revolving around the core sequence of Albert Camus’ classic existentialist novel, ‘The Stranger’. Lucy offers 3 variations that he has produced in very different tempos (120, 130 and 140 BPM) each of them translating a particular step from the story.
Overview. Six years on since his latest appearance on the label’s main series, Stroboscopic Artefacts boss Luca Mortellaro, aka Lucy, returns with ‘Dyscamupia’ – an introspective, multisensory techno triptych revolving around the core sequence of Albert Camus’ classic existentialist novel, ‘The Stranger’. Also known as the ‘killing of an arab’, this pivotal moment in Camus’ seminal book – which also inspired The Cure their song ‘Killing An Arab’ back in the day, is here evoked through three variedly intense, deep and hypnotic techno variations – flexing from 120 to 130, onto 140 BPM – each of them translating a particular step in the author’s minute, focal-shifting depiction of the unknown man’s murder on the beach.

Embodying Meursault for a minute, Jason Snell lends his voice to the narrator and his inner demons, casting a strange, ominous spell on the club and its crowd. Willing to explore and dig up further into the textural wealth and crucial warmth of organic sounds and synthetic treatments, Lucy made wise use of the binaural microphones technology during the vocals recording process, greatly enhancing the immersive force of his compositions to create thoughtful, dystopic narrative bubbles that stand in their own right.

The first number, ‘ Dyscamupia (Forward)’, happens before and right until the actual killing – hence time flowing at a metronomic, heartbeat-like tempo; the second cut ‘Dyscamupia (Pause)’ takes place right after the nameless man’s death, when the narrator enters a kind of existential ‘pause’ and a whole new flow of consciousness begins; the third sequence, ‘Dyscamupia (Backward)’, plumbs the depths of the action itself as played backwards, like an equally hazed-out and dizzying reminiscence of the sad encounter’s mechanism. Don’t let its seemingly conceptual framework fool you though, like most of his past output ‘Dyscamupia’ also aims to bring dancefloors to a steady simmer, whilst maintaining Lucy’s ascending momentum towards an all-round genre-busting, thought-provoking apex.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Lucy 

Title. Dyscamupia
Format: 12” / Digital

Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts 
Cat. No: SA034 
Release Date: March 15, 2019


A   / 1. Dyscamupia (Forward) 
B1 / 2. Dyscamupia (Pause) 
B2 / 3. Dyscamupia (Backward)


All tracks (w) & (p) by Lucy AKA Luca Mortellaro
Voice on all tracks by Jason Snell
words by Albert Camus’ “ The Stranger”
mastered @ Artefacts Mastering Studio, Berlin
graphic concept by Ignazio Mortellaro [OA]
Ⓟ & © Stroboscopic Artefacts 2019
Cat. No. SA034 – all rights reserved

We definitely are huge fans of Ruskin’s unique sound, we have some news you may like it if you are a fan too.  Lets begin with ANEW, who is the secretive alias of an artist duo whose roots are deep within the European and US club scenes.


m the most recondite places where disco, house and tech house melodies inhabit, to where electro, techno and modern sounds emerge, Living Techno presents the Volume one of the new Living Techno Essentials series. (more…)

Heads up, Berghain / Panorama Bar resident Efdemin is next on Stroboscopic Artefacts\’ Totem series, a unique set of releases pressed on transparent 10” vinyl that \”aims to meld the artistic resonance of each forthcoming release into an emblematic representation of the sounds that are to be presented\”.

Efdemin, real name Phillip Sollmann, has developed an extended discography on labels such as Dial, Curle or his own Naïf label with recent releases as the CD-mix compilation on Curle earlier this year and his collaboration with PAN’s Konrad Sprenger and Oren Ambarchi for Ostgut Ton’s sub-label A-TON. 

Following EPs By Luke Slater as L.B. Dub Corp and the label head Lucy, the Berlin legend presents 3 cuts that illustrate different perspectives of the same idea. ‘Wrong Movements’ will be out on December 7th. Efdemin also make his appearance in the Stroboscopic Artefacts showcase at ADE 2018.

Listen to Efdemin\’s Wrong Movements (Circles) full track: 

Overview: Stroboscopic Artefacts returns with another strong addition to its Totem series, a unique set of releases pressed on transparent 10” vinyl, capturing the essence and effusiveness of multidimensionality of club culture. Bridging the gap between the worlds of sound and material objects, Totem is a series that aims to meld the artistic resonance of each forthcoming release into an emblematic representation of the sounds that are to be presented, clearly within the grooves seen and heard on the 10”. Stepping up for the third release in the series is Berlin legend Efdemin — bringing a three-track journey that is unequivocally enduring and flexible for journeys on-and-off the dancefloor.
While each track shares the same title, the textures and traits are different — with the A1, “Circles” setting things up with pertinent percussion and staccato synth lines; as Efdemin sways towards another side with “Left” — a heady, hedonistic thumper with exuberant melodic bursts; followed by a therapeutic sequel with “Right” — closing out the release with a melange of spacious efficacy, something the Berlinbased producer has been known for throughout his near-two-decade career. Between releasing for the likes of Ostgut Ton, Curle, Dial, and his own imprint Naïf; Efdemin takes on the challenge of Totem’s conceptual subjugation and subverts it with his emotionally honest take on a stimulating and subdural sonic experience within three parts. Narratively dense and expertly-paced, the Totem series carries on with another outer-worldly insertion to its catalog.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Efdemin
Title. Wrong movements.
Label. Stroboscopic Artefacts
Release date: December 7th, 2018
Format. Vinyl 10” / Digital
Cat#. SATOTEM003


A1 / 1. Wrong Movements (Circles) 

B1 / 2. Wrong Movements (Left) 
B2 / 3. Wrong Movements (Right)

All tracks (w)&(p) by Phillip Sollmann Graphic concept by Ignazio Mortellaro [OA] ℗ & © Stroboscopic Artefacts 2018 Cat. No SATOTEM003 – all rights reserved 

Updating the blog, as usual, bringing the good news, specially when it comes to fantastics sounds. The bomb is that Kangding Ray launches label \’ara\’ with new EP \’Predawn Qualia\’ that is due to May, 2019. Between a mixture of delicacy and hypnotizing sounds, the release denotes a very deep style, a story to tell, basically four tracks made from the nature and melodic modern music, spatial and relaxing techno of course.

Listen to this sonic delight and enjoy the track A1 – Predawn Qualia by Kangding Ray:

Overview. ara is a new record label curated by David Letellier, a.k.a Kangding Ray.
ara is a platform for recording artists with unique sonic identities that seeks to induce deep emotion through sound; focusing on singular artistic endeavours, created with patience and dedication.
While rooted in electronic club music, ara will not follow any prescribed sonic path:
it will explore a palette of diverse sound worlds who evolve through parallel series of curated releases. Each series will represent either a concept or a particular musical direction, which will be mirrored by its own design approach.
Since releasing physical records is increasingly becoming an irrational choice, each record will be irrationally produced as an hand-made work of art, involving procedures and techniques such as manually-applied ink, brushed acrylic paint or tape. Each edition will be individually numbered, recognisable as a part of a whole, while being slightly different by nature.
The first release, by label curator Kangding Ray, will be the first step of this journey: organic, emotional club music, for the body and mind.
Kangding Ray’s ‘Predawn Qualia’ EP will be followed by Adiel’s EP on June 21st.In 2019 releases from Hydrangea, Refracted & Voiski will also follow.
Over the past few years Kangding Ray has been releasing on labels such as Raster-Noton and Stroboscopic Artefacts. Recently his new collaboration project ‘Neon Chambers’, together with Sigha, has gained global attention since the premiere of their mind-bending live show at last year’s edition of Atonal Festival in Berlin. They are now preparing a selection of eagerly anticipated festival shows during this summer, including Sonar Barcelona, Dekmantel Amsterdam, Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival and Forte festival.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Kangding Ray
Title. Predawn Qualia EP
Release date. May 17, 2019.
Label. ara
Format. Vinyl / Digital
Pre-Order on Bandcamp available :
12\” 180g Black Vinyl (Limited edition of 500, numbered )


A1 / 1. Predawn Qualia
A2 / 2. Stone Sober Brushstrokes
B1 / 3. Orcan Tears
B2 / 4. Trade On Azul


All tracks Written and Produced by David Letellier / Kangding Ray Cat. No. ARA001 – All rights reserved ℗ & © 2019 ARA

Efdemin (born 1974 in Kassel, Germany as Phillip Sollmann) is equally at home in very different circles. In the world of art as much as in the techno realm, and he does the splits effortlessly and without overstretching it. Due to his output and particularly his constant and remarkable DJ presence he surely is one of the most independent, versatile and inspiring characters in today’s club scene.

Having come a long way from the character defining Hamburg (with the cornerstones that are the Golden Pudel club and his DIAL family) via a university stay at Vienna (music and performing arts) Efdemin has been a mainstay during the days and nights at Berghain since his arrival in Berlin around 2005. He runs the record label naïf and works as a sound and visual artist under his given name Phillip Sollmann.

Posts in which it appears:

Efdemin next on Stroboscopic Artefacts\’ Totem series!

There are few musicians who manage to explore the convergence between techno and experimental music as successfully as David Letellier. Known as Kangding Ray, he has been composing, producing, performing Live and DJing for almost a decade, releasing his music mainly on RasterNoton and Stroboscopic Artefacts. 

The aesthetic domains of these two labels epitomizes Kangding Ray’s unique sound – one that tests boundaries, evolving tirelessly in its exploration of texture and rhythms. 

Letellier’s foundations in rock and experimental music give his sound a vitality and a distinctiveness that has won fans the world over, from discerning avant-garde music listeners, all the way to devoted clubbers. KR has also been known for remixing artists such as Battles on Warp, Ben Frost on Mute, Oscar Mulero on Warmup or Inigo Kennedy on Token. 

His collaboration project “Neon Chambers”, together with Sigha, has gained a lot of attention since the premiere of their mind-bending live show at last year’s edition of Atonal Festival in Berlin. They are now preparing a selection of eagerly anticipated festival shows during this summer, including Sonar Barcelona, Dekmantel Amsterdam, Nowa Muzika and Forte festical, paving the way for what is set to become an era-defining record. 

Throughout his career and a number of critically acclaimed releases, Kangding Ray showed his ability to keep a genuine artistic approach, while delivering powerful club-leaning tracks and beautiful cinematic soundscapes. He never ceased to explore and push further the envelope of his sound, slowly building a raw and visceral universe, focused on the ritual of collective dancing, and the emotional response to sound.

Perc is one of modern electronic music’s reference points: an internationally touring DJ and live act, founder of the renown Perc Trax label and one of the most respected producers in techno today. From his earliest releases in 2002 to his current position as one of the most forward-thinking individuals in techno Perc (aka London based Ali Wells) has continued to challenge and innovate as his recognition has grown.


Great news, Ostgut Ton’s sublabel A-TON is set to release two new albums from Luke Slater’s mid 90’s alias The 7th Plain; Chronicles II & III as well as a complete box set of Chronicles I-III are all due out on December 14th.

A-TON was was launched in 2016 with The 7th Plain’s Chronicles I, which established the label as a platform for archive, ambient and art-repeated releases. Much like Chronicles I, Chronicles II & III dig into Luke’s elusive back catalog to deliver a combination of previously released and unheard material. Chronicles II include tracks off of My Yellow Wise Rug and The 4 Cornered Room + 4 exclusive new tracks “Silver Shinhook”, “Wand Star”, “I Think I Think Too Much” and “JDC”. Chronicles III is fully comprised of tracks from the General Production Recordings label catalogue.

Luke Slater is one of techno’s most prolific enigmas, in constant exploration of the deep space of the imagination. Active since the late 80’s and releasing under a myriad of monikers on some of the genres most groundbreaking labels like Peacefrog, Mute / NovaMute, and his own Mote-Evolver as well as in more recent days on Ostgut Ton and Stroboscopic Artefacts. Dont miss the chance to get this trmendous release, stay tuned.

*Exclusive: A-TON just shared the exclusive new track \’JDC\’ on Bandcamp, listen below to it, also anyone who preorders the album will receive the track to download.

Chronicles by The 7th Plain

Overview: In the afterglow of rave’s white heat, the mid-90s were a period of going as far out in all directions as possible – and Luke Slater’s The 7th Plain tracks were certainly about exploration of the deep space of the imagination. Cosmic, analogue, orchestrated, they still represent some of the most emotionally intense music ever to come out of the techno realm. Whether built on percussive frameworks or sweeping nebulas of dissipated sound, Slater’s synthesizers still sing space-travelers’ tales compellingly and beautifully. 

For this reason, Ostgut Ton sublabel A-TON launched back in 2016 with The 7th Plain’s Chronicles I, establishing itself as a platform for archive, ambient and art-related releases. This first eight-track compilation was split between classics from the albums My Yellow Wise Rug and The 4 Cornered Room on the one hand and previously unreleased tracks on the other, with the goal of providing a different, remastered framework for Slater’s futuristic visions from the past. 

Now, with the release of Chronicles II and Chronicles III , as well as a special edition vinyl boxset, the journey continues further into outer and inner space. Like its predecessor, Chronicles II is divided between previously released material from the aforementioned albums, as well as four unreleased future classics: “Silver Shinhook”, “Wand Star”, “I Think I Think Too Much” and “JDC”

In contrast, Chronicles III is made up solely of music from the General Production Recordings label catalogue and stylistically skews less toward percussive techno-funk and more toward free-form broken rhythms – though tracks such as “Lost”, “Time Melts” or “Millentum” stand strong as hybrid pillars of both. 

Ultimately, when listening to all three parts of Chronicles , it’s apparent that 7th Plain music is cut from the same emotional cloth, one related strongly to the backroom, the chillout, the after-party, the solo headphone voyage. These weren’t and never should be considered separate zones from the dancefloor. 

In other words, as Luke Slater puts it, in the mid-90s, they were “ part of the night, part of the experience… where ideas could be shared. ” And like Global Communication, Mira Calix, The Future Sound of London, the Artificial Intelligence

generation, Slater\’s 7th Plain was a response to those hallucinatory, spiritual, but still social spaces at the heart of underground communities – and the magic is still strong in it. 

Aside from the special vinyl boxset (6×12“ LP), which includes Chronicles I – III , limited edition stickers, an essay by Joe Muggs and a complete download code. All releases are available individually on CD, 2xLP and for the first time in digital formats.

Cover Artwork.

The 7th Plain | Chronicles I | A-TON CD01/LP01 
Tracklisting CD*, 2xLP*, Digital (* incl. Download)


1. Boundaries 
2. Extra (The 7th Plain Remix) 
3. Grace 
4. Surface Bound 
5. The Super 8 
6. T Funk States 
7. Slip 7 Sideways 
8. Chords Are Dirty 
The 7th Plain | Chronicles II | A-TON CD06/LP06 
Tracklisting CD*, 2xLP*, Digital (* incl. Download)


1. Silver Shinhook 
2. Astra Naut-E 
3. Wand Star 
4. Convex 
5. I Think I Think Too Much 
6. JDC 
7. To Be Surreal 
8. Big Field 

The 7th Plain | Chronicles III | A-TON CD07/LP07 
Tracklisting CD*, 2xLP*, Digital (* incl. Download)


1. Time Melts 
2. Reality Of Space 
3. Excalibur\’s Radar 
4. Millentum 
5. Lost 
6. Think City 
7. Shades Amaze 
8. Seeing Sense

All tracks produced by Luke Slater @spacestationzero UK, except “Slip 7 Sideways” written and produced by Luke Slater and Alan Sage. “Extra” original written and produced by Ken Ishii, ℗&© R & S Records, published by R & S Records, used by kind permission, remix and additional production by Luke Slater. Mastering Chronicles I by Tim Xavier at Manmade Mastering, Berlin 2016, all tracks mastered from the original 1/4 inch and DAT tapes.  Mastering Chronicles II & Chronicles III by Kassian Troyer at Schnittstelle Mastering, Berlin 2018, all tracks mastered from the original 1/4 inch and DAT tapes except “To Be Surreal”. Artwork: Viron Erol Vert | Layout: Yusuf Etiman