Part 1
01 Roman Poncet – Crisan
02 Insolate – Locomotive
03 Dustin Zahn – Ejected
04 DJ T-1000 – Modulate
05 CYRK – Eprom One
06 Denise Rabe – Spaceless
07 Luis Flores – Decends
08 J Blofield – Circles
09 Crashguard – Last Of The Phuture
10 K-Ten – Nightwalker

Part 2
01 Drumcell – Dialogue
02 Zadig – Dark Factor
03 Joe Farr – Stock Form
04 Oliver Deutschmann – Anavrin
05 Florian Meindl – Samsara
06 Kaiser – Tribal Battle Lines
07 Madben – Fled in Fear
08 Cri Du Coeur – Twinpeak
09 MARHU – Want It

Label: Arkham Audio
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Arkham Friends Part 1 & 2
Release Date Digital: September 3rd, 2021

Featuring techno tracks at its finest, Arkham Audio announced an upcoming compilation, ‘Arkham Friends Part 1 & 2‘ that is coming out this september 2021. Part 1 is constructed of 10 quality tracks that speak many different tongues of techno, while Part 2 turns up the intensity to the maximum with 9 slamming club ready tracks.

The compilation features music from big players like Roman Poncet, Insolate, Dustin Zahn, DJ T-1000, CYRK, Denise Rabe, Luis Flores, J Blofield, Crashguard, K-Ten, Drumcell, Zadig, Joe Farr, Oliver Deutschmann, Florian Meindl, Kaiser, Madben, Cri Du Coeur & MARHU. Stay tuned and read full details below.


Time to engage with modern techno at its finest. Belgian techno wizard Cri Du Coeur is back with a new 2-part vinyl release on his label Arkham AudioĀ titled ā€˜Ericksonā€™ & ā€˜Erickson on Acidā€™, to be released simultaneously in digital format and vinyl on the 24th July, 2020.Ā 

In his new release, Cri Du Coeur is showing his francophile roots by having a solely French lineup for the remixes, definitely a selection to enjoy featuring Electric Rescue, [wex 10], Trunkline, Roman Poncet, Umwelt & Zadig.Ā 

Following the recent release of his EPs ā€˜Diaphragmā€™ and ā€˜Warningā€™, and now bringing us the inebriating ā€˜Ericksonā€™ & ā€˜Erickson on Acidā€™, Cri Du Coeur has established that his new alias and freshly-founded but tenacious Arkham Audio label are a force to be reckoned with.

The entrancing yet adrenalizing sound that he has adopted shows that his approach to industrial electronic music knows no boundaries or compromises.

Tracks description.Ā 

The first part of this release features the original mix of ā€˜Ericksonā€™ by Cri Du Coeur and remixes of the track by Electric Rescue, [ Wex 10 ], and Trunkline. The second part ā€˜Erickson on Acidā€™ puts a squelching acid twist on things and features remixes by Roman Poncet, Umwelt, and Zadig.

The original mix of ā€˜Ericksonā€™ leads with a strong beat and a mixture of industrial sounds that makes for a sublime dark dancefloor track. Electric Rescue follows on with a remix that engages the listener with a terrorising yet intoxicating heavy base- line. Next up is [ Wex 10 ] who enchants us with a bouncy laserbeam rhythm and muffled looping vocals.

Last but not least on the ā€˜Ericksonā€™ lineup is Trunklineā€™s remix which delivers an addictive hazy melody and a deep and dirty mechanical synth horn.

Cri Du Coeur plays with tensions in ā€˜Erickson (on Acid)ā€™, putting the listener into a state of hypnosis with squelching sounds that give the song a raunchy character. We are implored to dance as Roman Poncetā€™s remix bears layers of lively percussion beats with twangy synth melodies. The mood intensifies once more as Umweltā€™s remix features a dark and fuzzy baseline that contrasts with a screeching siren sound creating an ultimate thrilling experience for the listener. Zadig closes off this immense concoction of remixes with a relentless distorted base and scintillating machinelike background noises.

Cri Du Coeur has outdone himself by bringing together such a well-suited selection of artists to create a visceral and magnetizing collection of tracks that showcases his competence in making industrial techno.

Arkham Audio will release both \’Erickson\’Ā & \’Erickson on Acid\’ simultaneously in digital formats and on vinyl on the 24th July, 2020.Ā 

Cover Artwork.

Label: Arkham Audio
Artist: Cri Du Coeur
Remixers: [wex10], Trunkline, Electric Rescue
Ā Zadig, Roman Poncet, Umwelt
Title: Erickson / Erickson On Acid
Format: 2xEP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: July 24th, 2020
Release Date Vinyl: July 24th, 2020
Cat. No. ARKIO03a, ARKIO03b
Distribution: EPM, Word and Sound


01. Erickson (Original Mix)
02. Erickson (Electric Rescue Remix)
03. Erickson ([wex10] Remix)
04. Erickson (Trunkline Remix)

01. Erickson On Acid (Original Mix)
02. Erickson On Acid (Roman Poncet Remix)
03. Erickson On Acid (Umwelt Remix)
04. Erickson On Acid (Zadig Remix)

After some well crafted previous releases on labels like Suburban Avenue, Eduardo de la calle\’s Analog Solutions, Knotweed, Diffuse Reality, Freddy K label Key Vinyl, among others, Benales has announced that a new 3-track EP is already cooked and is scheduled to be out on May 8th (Vinyl), June 7th (Digital) via SINO recordings.


Well fellas, it\’s time to announce that 7 years after his debut, Antigone is finally releasing his first album via Token in November. After having coincided with a series of successful EPs on Token including last yearā€™s Ostinato, Antigone returns to the label with \”Rising\”, his first experiment with the LP format. A sound experiment that the author creates to stimulate the mind and the body simultaneously.

\”Rising\” follows four EPs previously released on Kr!z\’ label since 2015, as well as on Oscar Mulero\’s PoleGroup, Indigo Aera, Zadig\’s Construct Re-Form, Concrete Music and Dement3d just before his 30s. That\’s why Antigone\’s schedule is busy more than ever, hitting the best clubs and festivals every week since years now.

As we were saying, \”Rising\” is electronic music for mind and body at the same time, between ambient, more IDM-ish, deconstructed rhythms and, of course, the most elegant and pure techno. 5 years residency at Paris\’ Concrete made Antigone one of the freshiest protagonists of the Parisian techno wave of the last years, indeed extensively endorsed by an exclusive techno label like Token.Ā 

\”Rising\” is the 6th album published on Token ā€“ two both by Ƙ [Phase] and Inigo Kennedy, and one by Sigha. Just in 2018, Token released an EP and an album by Inigo Kennedy, a 2×12\” by Oscar Mulero (2×12\”), two EPs by Ƙ [Phase], and other three EPs, by Sigha, former Voices From The Lake Neel and Copenhagen\’s Banke.

Stay tuned for more info.Ā 

Overview: Continuing on from a series of successful EPs on Token including last yearā€™s Ostinato, Antigone returns to the label with Rising, his first experiment with the LP format. Rising is an album that exerts itself to stimulate the mind and the body simultaneously. As such, itā€™s a record that gives the dramatic illusion of having a physical pulse.

The artist, real name Antonin Jeanson, already has a substantial body of work behind him. Considering his previous releases on Token, Indigo Aera, Construct Re-Form ,Concrete Music and Dement3d and his experience as a resident at Concrete in Paris, the level of artistic maturity he possesses while still being under 30 is highly impressive yet unsurprising at the same time.

For Rising, Antigone manages to oscillate between great ambient introspections carried by spacey synths and deconstructed rhythms, and elegant techno epics that are suitable for listening pleasure as much as for the pure abandonment of reality.

The title trackā€™s delicate arpeggios meld into strings with stirring cadences, delivering above and beyond the standard intro, as it breaks and continues for a second round with added depth. Sands of Time stands out with tiny, breathy samples, pitch bent into something ever different from the last. Lost and Foundā€™s granulated percussion sits adjacent to a cinematic sea of strings, while Out There provides a tasteful fragment of the sci-fi reverence many listeners demand of a techno album. Duality of Mind hints once again at the measured moods of Cantor Dust, his Token debut EP. It Follows alludes to supernatural horror with call-and-response variants on an almost microtonal theme. Infinite Limitā€™s tension from the offset brings a UK-influenced sound to the record, which continues with the IDM-feeling Dume and the equally glitchy and pulsing Love Field, while the in-between Irreversible is an immersive piece with a piercing high-end, guaranteed to induce a physical sensory response.

Cover Artwork.Ā 

Artist. Antigone
Title.Ā Rising
Label. TOKEN
Release date. 16.11.18
Format.Ā 2 x Vinyl 12ā€ / CD / Digital

LP Tracklist

A1. RisingĀ 
A2. Sands Of TimeĀ 
B1. Perchance To DreamĀ 
B2. Lost And FoundĀ 
C1. Out ThereĀ 
C2. Duality Of MindĀ 
C3. Infinite LimitĀ 
D1. It FollowsĀ 
D2. IrreversibleĀ 
D3. Love FieldĀ 

CD Tracklist & Digital TracklistĀ Ā 

1. RisingĀ 
2. Sands Of TimeĀ 
3. Perchance To DreamĀ 
4. Lost And FoundĀ 
5. Out ThereĀ 
6. Duality Of MindĀ 
7. It FollowsĀ 
8. Infinite LimitĀ 
9. DumeĀ 
10. IrreversibleĀ 
11. Love Field

Listen to Antigone – Dume full track.Ā 

Previous releases.Ā 

2018 First Album (forthcoming) Remix for Carl Craig – InfinĆ© Remix for Amandra – Obscura

2017 Token 10 Years Compilation – Token T.O.U. – Venatori (Antigone Remix) – Deutsche Grammophon Ostinato EP – Token

2016 Time Enough At Last EP – Token Antigone & FranƧois X – We Move As One EP – Dement3d Saudade EP – Token

2015 Cantor Dust EP – Token

2014 The Day The Sky Fell In EP – Indigo Aera As I Walk To You EP – Construct Re-Form

2013 Forbidden Galaxy EP – Ars Mechanica The Astral Traveller EP – Concrete Music The Deadly Games Of Gamma EP – Children of Tomorrow

2011 Forbidden Work EP – Construct Re-Form

All tracks written and produced by Antonin Jeanson Mastering & cutting by Matt Colton at Alchemy London Image by Charlotte Faucon & Antonin Jeanson Cat. no. TOKEN88LP ā€“Ā 
all rights reserved ā„— & Ā© 2018 Token Records