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Legendary John Tejada‘s label Palette Recordings, now in its 25th year, presents a brand new collaboration between label boss and Ulrich Krieger. The EP titled ‘Silversonic‘ includes 3 different versions of the single title track, featuring interpretations by Josh Wink and a beatless edit. The EP is definitely recommendable. Stay tuned, the official release date has been set for July 16, 2021. Full details below.


Taking a trip in unknown lands, submerging in abstract landscapes, of course extreme and with a very original and celestial sound. Matias Aguayo details first solo album in six years entitled \”Support Alien Invasion\”. Read below all the overview and get into the full history this artist always has to tell. 

In a general review, the Cómeme founder\’s latest LP is due to May. Basically Aguayo´s takes you into a world of hypermodern grooves, quasi-abstract sonic architecture and eclectic music. Released by Cómeme and Crammed Discs, the press release describes the LP as \”soundsystem-friendly beats which incorporate non-Eurocentric, non-4/4 rhythm programming.\” The result is something like \”futuristic maloya or carnival music.\”

Listen to Matias Aguayo\’s new \”Pikin\” tracks, From the album Support Alien Invasion, out on May 24:


Overview. The ever-surprising and adventurous Matias Aguayo takes another step into unknown territories with this new solo album (his first in six years). 
The most immediately striking aspect of Support Alien Invasion is the dual nature of the music: the tracks overflow with festive dance action via hypermodern grooves, while exuding an impression of quasi-abstract sonic architecture.
The danceable dimension is stunningly original, as Matias has been striving to create heavy, sound system-friendly beats which incorporate non-Eurocentric, non-4/4 rhythm programming. The result often sounds like some kind of irresistible, futuristic Maloya or carnival music, which induces new ways of dancing (as already witnessed by Matias while testing tracks during his DJ sets), and might open new roads by bypassing some of the rules and references set by the official dance music narrative.
At the same time, when approached in a more intimate setting (headphones, living room, inner sanctum), the album turns out to provide a unique listening experience: one can easily get lost in its buzzing soundscapes, huge spaces, clinking tones, and other sonic inventions which bring Support Alien Invasion strangely close to some elegant, conceptual electroacoustic piece of work.
Also noteworthy is the fact that, although Matias Aguayo has been exploring unconventional ways of using his voice in in his previous recordings, this is the first of his albums on which he chose not use this trademark feature.
So what\’s with the title ?… Rather than referring to aliens from outer space, it\’s a plea to welcome human aliens (the different, the foreign, the immigrant), a hope that letting them \’invade\’ us might set us free, free from isolation, alienation, exclusion. Support Alien Invasion reflects this on many levels, for instance by the use of rhythms far beyond the dominant structures of the northern hemisphere.
Support Alien Invasion comes out on May 24. Forward-thinking, eclectic music lovers will be happy to learn that (leading boundary-breaking label) Crammed Discs and (Matias and Avril Ceballos’ internationalist electronic music imprint) Cómeme have exceptionally joined forces to release this album.
Matias Aguayo in a nutshell: born in Chile and raised in Germany, he\’s created a varied body of genre-defying work since the early 00s, including several albums with legendary Cologne-based electronic music label Kompakt. A much in-demand DJ, he\’s constantly been performing all around the world, in clubs, festival stages and on the street. His own imprint, Cómeme, has become a reference for free-spirited dance music lovers, featuring and nurturing above all Latin American producers and DJs, but also artists from other corners of the world, Bucharest, Johannesburg, Helsinki and more. Matias Aguayo has always been an original, iconoclastic artist: starting out \”the man who helped popularize and expand minimal [techno]\” (Pitchfork), he\’s gradually been using his voice as a key element, in his DJ sets and on certain albums. In 2016 he went on to form The Desdemonas, a post-electronic rock band which he fronts as the lead singer.
By contrast, today, when the herd animal in Europe is the only one who attains and distributes honours, when “equality of the rights” all too easily can get turned around into equality of wrongs – what I mean is into a common war against everything rare, strange…
Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil
1. S.A.I. represents another step into unknown territories, along the mysterious paths Matias Aguayo consistently chooses to tread. This music seems to have been conceived in the high Baroque realm of a parallel world: folds, ruffles, angles, the inside, the outside, the nature and the soul. What is exuberantly masquerading as music for the millennial rave turns out to be the ultimate statement of a common thread in Aguayo’s work. Nomads and monads, the dance of pluralism!
2. Matias’ call to support the invasion of the alien (the different, the foreign, the other, the strange, the rare, the immigrant) is meant as a joyful political statement, a passionate negation of exclusion, lockdown and isolation – a sonic effort against the dreadful reality of people drowning in the seas and dying at the borders, against the dreadful sight of the impoverishment of souls under the rule of capital, personal profit, calculation and fear.
3. Joyful science is meant to be resurrected here, by abandoning rigid grammar and form. How remarkable: a musician effecting a crucial development with a light-footed move, delivering a comprehensive statement and raising to a next level in his own work without integrating his “most precious asset”, his “unique characteristic”: there is no singing on this record, no human voice, no crooning subject – no Matías? But it’s all only Matías! We hear buzzing soundscapes, scraps, clinking glasses, colossal halls, endless spaces, sacred machines, knobs and buttons! We move to heavily-danceable and vividly complex beats – folding spaces, question-and-answer games from ancestral instruments, an arabesque, futurist Maloya, a dragon dance, a trap beat – triplets and polyrhythm all over the place, half tempo, double tempo, small sound, big sound – what a celebration!
Join Aguayo on this trip, leaving the corporate public space to embrace the meaningful and the sensorial, the trance and the focus…
releases May 24, 2019

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Matias Aguayo
Title. Support Alien Invasion
Release date. May 24, 2019
Label. Cómeme
Format. Digital Formats / Vinyl


01. The Fold 

02. We Have Seen Another World 
03. 2019 
04. Support Alien Invasion 
05. Insurgentes 
06. Laisse-Moi Parler 
07. Between The Risings 
08. Pikin 
09. Spread This Number


All eyes on Jazz-o-Tech‘s upcoming forward looking techno-jazz and deep/soulful project straight from Berlin’s fertile scene. It’s a new EP featuring an intriguing collaboration between German producers Morgen Wurde & Tis, and the Japanese avant-gard trumpet player Tetsuroh Konishi.


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You’re Trouble, that’s the new project from Berlin-based producer Sin Maldita aka Tim Roth aka 1K Flowers… or, maker of infernal, androgynous avant-garde pop that takes cues from experimental club music, seeking to strike an uncanny chord between abrasiveness and accessibility to tap into jagged, chaotic, beautiful and at times humorous emotions and spaces (more…)

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If you are aware of what a good techno classic is, you may know you need to go back to 2009, more than ten years ago, when one of Italy’s most talented electronic music exports, Sardinian Dusty Kid released one of the greatest techno albums in the modern history of techno, ‘A Raver’s Diary’.

More than 10 year later, we still following that LP,  and now we are happy of making the announcement that ‘A Raver’s Diary’ is set to be re-issued via Kompakt\’s imprint Isolade on the 15th May, 2020 and is being made available on vinyl for the very first time. 

On its initial release, ‘A Raver’s Diary’ revealed Dusty Kid’s extraordinary talents for producing and championed his style of deep hypnotic productions. Classically trained and versatile in his output, his eclecticism has made his music timeless and is why the album has had a continued impact.

Following the release of the vinyl issue, Dusty Kid will be issuing further digital releases of album remixes from the likes of Robert Babicz, Freedom Fighters, Eitan Reiter and Violinist Vito Gatto as well as new singles & B-sides. Stay tuned.

Dusty Kid’s ‘A Raver’s Diary’ Vinyl Release will be available 15th May via Isolde. Scroll down to read the full story and listen back to 2009 album ‘A Raver’s Diary’. 

Overview. One of Italy’s most talented electronic music exports, Sardinian Dusty Kid, makes a return with the re-issue of his 2009 classic Techno album – ‘A Raver’s Diary’. The audio will be made available on vinyl for the first time on 15th May. As well as delivering a number of remixes from a range of electronic producers, that breathe new life into the album. 
Paolo Alberto Lodde AKA Dusty Kid also releases a package of never before heard B-Sides and singles. To mark the start of the project, tracks ‘Moto Perpetuo (Heat Engine)’ and ‘Pluk’ (Nicolas Bougayeff Remixes), will be made available to stream on the 24th April. Since its release in the late ‘00s, ‘A Raver’s’ Diary’ his set the mark for groove ridden melodic techno LPs. As it surpasses it’s 10th Anniversary, Isolade help to deliver a full package on double vinyl. Set to include new remixes, versions and B-sides; never before heard. 
First appearing in the early-00’s with a string of well received releases, Dusty Kid was one of many sparks that helped usher in a new era for electronic music. With releases on globally esteemed labels such as Systematic, Bpitch Control and Mau5trap, he saw himself catapulted into the spotlight and saw support come from key international artists such as Richie Hawtin. Dusty Kid had grown organically into his global position and saw himself become a permanent fixture on the international touring circuit. 
Upon its release in 2009, the album demonstrated Dusty Kid’s extraordinary flair for producing intelligent dance music. A truly versatile and classically trained musician, his eclecticism and ability to embrace diverse sounds is what has made his music so timeless and sees ‘A Raver’s Diary’ continue to electrify and inspire.
Merging direct dancefloor tracks with deep and hypnotic productions, ‘A Ravers Diary’ inspires trance inducing atmospheres that make the music engaging from the first beat. ‘The Fugue – Contrapunctus X’ pays homage to Bach’s experimentation with monothematic instrumentation. The track directly references the theory as the basis to the track with two pieces of music occurring dependently together. Instantly commanding the attention of the listener with a melodic intro and austere bassline, Dusty Kid delivers this as a darker version of the original.
Reworking original ‘Moto Perpetuo’, Dusty Kid’s ‘Heat Engine’ rework reveals an uncompromising techno track laced with trance elements. Meanwhile Freedom Fighters, adds progressive psytrance to his remix of ‘Moto Perpetuo’. The ‘Klin (Enaxri Point)’ rework is pitched up, embodying a deep electro beat, whilst ‘Amazon’ infuses ambient tones with emotive breaks. Filled with melancholy ‘America’ is a 17-minute-long opus – a lengthy piece that calls for its own ‘director’s cut’. 
‘Cowboys Titles’ slows down the tempo on the album, layering synths amongst dreamy tone and edges down further with the Winter In June remix. Upping the ante, producer Ferlin’s remix of ‘Cowboy’s’ invokes acid lines whilst Andrea Cossu adds ambient and deep techno sounds. On ‘Nemur’ Dusty Kid utilises lyrics and vocals in a folk-pop techno crossover. The track receives its own acoustic cover on the project alongside a mystic remix from Grizzly and a classical ‘Walls Of Guitar’ version from Italian producer Odyzë.
Canadian Nicolas Bougayeff looks back at his roots in 90’s rave music with his remix of ‘Pluk’, delivering both his two ‘Journey’ and ‘Tool’ remixes. Italian composer and violinist Vito Gatto also remixes ‘Pluk’, delivering a string heavy track. ‘Lynchesque’ also receives a trio of remixes from Italian electronic artist Marascia, Isreali Eitan Reiter and Acid Techno Pioneer, Robert Babicz. 
2020’s re-issue holds a diverse range of remixes, new versions and remasters from both Dusty Kid and friends. ‘A Raver’s Diary’ is set to reaffirm the prodigal Dusty Kid and his abilities as an electronic music artist.
Dusty Kid’s ‘A Raver’s Diary’ Vinyl Release will be available 15th May via Isolde.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Dusty Kid
Title. A Raver’s Diary – RE-ISSUED 2020
Release date: mAY 15, 2020
Label. Kompakts Isolde
Format. Vinyl. 


1   Here Comes The Techno 
2   The Underground Persistence  
3   Lynchesque 
4   Klin 
5   Cowboys  
6   Moto Perpetuo 
7   The Fugue 
8   Pluk 
9   America 
10   Agaphes 
11   Nemur (Wall Of Guitars)


Just receiving dope news of one of our favorite artist of all times, the thing is that Efdemin’s upcoming album ‘New Atlantis\’ will be released via Ostgut Ton on February 15th on 2×12”, CD and digital formats. This record will mark his 4th full-length and his first solo release on Ostgut Ton as following his previous albums on Dial. However, he’s been a resident at Berghain / Panorama Bar for more than a decade.

Inspired by Francis Bacon’s 17th century novel with the same title, this album will combine for the first time Phillip Sollmann’s deep dancefloor productions as Efdemin with his sound art and experimental music projects such as his 2017’s Harry Partch-inspired \’Monophonie\’ performance or 2018’s \’Panama / Suez\’ EP with Oren Ambarchi and Konrad Sprenger.

As well, the album features a track co-written with 60s California art icon William T. Wiley and guest appearances of the likes of his PNIN band colleagues Nika Son (Synthesizer), Joachim Schütz (Guitar) and PAN’s Konrad Sprenger (Motor Controlled Guitar) for the 14-minute long title track.

Sollmann will curate album release parties at Berghain on February 16 and at London’s Village Underground on March 15 – see full list of dates on the press release, as well.

Listen to Ostgun Ton previews on soundcloud (previews soon):

Overview: So begins New Atlantis , the fourth full-length album by longtime Berghain resident Efdemin aka Phillip Sollmann. The words, sung by 60s California art icon William T. Wiley and embedded in glowing drone swells, set an otherworldly tone for Sollmann’s first solo release on Ostgut Ton.

Over eight tracks, New Atlantis oscillates between fast, kaleidoscopic techno, multilayered drones and acoustic instrumentation, fusing for the first time Sollmann’s deep dancefloor productions as Efdemin with his sound art and experimental music projects. The latter include 2017’s Harry Partch- inspired Monophonie performance and 2018’s Panama / Suez EP with Oren Ambarchi and Konrad Sprenger.

Long drawn to utopian musical traditions, Sollmann took inspiration for New Atlantis from Francis Bacon’s unfinished 17th century novel of the same name, which describes a fictional island devoted to social progress through the synthesis of art, science, technology and fashion. In the story, Bacon imagines futuristic ‘sound houses’, which contain musical instruments capable of recreating the entirety of the sounds of the universe; a 400-year-old prophesy of today’s digital sonic reality.

Through Sollmann’s lens, Bacon’s vision ebbs and flows over 50 minutes in varying speeds and colors, emerging as a tapestry of different utopian musical traditions – through billowing synth lines, early Detroit techno, resonant wooden percussion, trance, droning organs, dulcimer, electric guitars, hurdy-gurdy, just intonation, poetry, hymns and murmuring voices. Sometimes they merge into epic, rhythmic journeys like the 14-minute long title track; other times they appear as a briefly open sound portal (“Temple”), or in the forlorn human voice on “Oh, Lovely Appearance Of Death”, calling to be freed from jail of the human body and pass into the afterlife.

Like previous Efdemin albums on Dial, New Atlantis veers off the techno path to explore other musical territory. Here however, Sollmann occasionally abandons the club entirely, returning only to push its boundaries with other instruments, mythologies and psychedelic story telling. 

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Efdemin 

Title: New Atlantis 
Label: Ostgut Ton 
Cat.No.: OSTGUTCD45/LP31 
Formats: 2xLP / CD / digital 
Release: February 15, 2019 
Distribution: Kompakt 
Barcode 2xLP: 4250101402579 
Barcode CD: 4250101402586 
Barcode Digital: 4250101402593
Photo credit: Yasmina Haddad


A1. Oh, Lovely Appearance Of Death 

A2. Good Winds 
B. New Atlantis 
C1. At The Stranger’s House 
C2. A Land Unknown 
C3. Temple 
D1. Black Sun 
D2. The Sound House


All tracks written and produced by Phillip Sollmann except A1, written by Phillip Sollmann and William T. Wiley Guest appearances: “Oh, Lovely Appearance Of Death”: William T. Wiley (Vocals | from Vision #4 – Word of Mouth, Crown Point Press, 1980) “New Atlantis”: Nika Son (Synthesizer), Joachim Schütz (Guitar), Konrad Sprenger (Motor Controlled Guitar) “At The Stranger’s House”: John Gürtler (Saxophone) “The Sound House”: Andrew Wass (Vocals), Tomas Svensson (Sing-Drum) Published by Copyright Control Mastering by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin Artwork: Max Stocklosa | Layout: Yusuf Etiman Release page: Upcoming dates, discography, bio, pictures, more: 

ANNA. THE last 18 months have seen the talented Brazilian-born artist ANNA reach new heights with productions such as ‘Hidden Beauties’ and her powerful remix of Jon Hopkins ‘Singularity’, garnering acclaim from every corner of the industry, and achieving large streaming numbers on Spotify. New music from ANNA has been huge in festival sets for many world-leading techno DJs all summer. Then there was the richly deserved Essential Mix for the BBC that started 2019 off right, as the Brazilian distilled 20 years of DJing experience into an inspiring two-hour techno masterclass. DJ Mag rightly recognised her talents, putting her on the cover of their North American edition in February, a nod to the breakaway impact she’s had on that region. 

Today’s success has been two decades in the making, stretching back to the nightclub her father owned in the countryside outside São Paulo, where she honed her craft as a DJ from the age of 14. Her journey since then has been marked by passion, hard work and unrelenting dedication to her craft. You can see this when she plays – a skilled and accomplished selector, her performances are energetic, engaging and captivating. Gigs at the legendary Warung, D-Edge and Time Warp Brazil in her home country are the stuff of legends, while globally she’s in ever-increasing demand playing everywhere from Movement Detroit, Awakenings, Tomorrowland, DC10 and Block in Tel Aviv. For an insight into her talents, you only need to check her vinyl DJ set for Cercle from last February, that’s already hit well over two million views. No surprise Mixmag heralded her as one of the best DJs of 2018 in their yearly wrap-up.

On the production front, she’s dropped critically acclaimed music on virtually every significant label in techno, including Hotflush, Drumcode, Novamute, Clash Lion, Sapiens, Domino with her Jon Hopkins remix, plus a new original for Tale of Us on Afterlife. Her relationship with Kompakt continues to reap fruits. Following on from the success of ‘Hidden Beauties’ that was acclaimed by Pitchfork and judged one of 2018’s Top Tracks by Mixmag, she released the stirring ‘Remembrance’ EP, highlighted by ‘When I Am Only A Dream’. In August this year, she released a very special collaboration with Kittin titled ‘Forever Ravers’ – which is already being heralded as ‘techno track of the year’ by a number of media platforms and certainly an anthem for our times.  

Rod Modell is a sound-designer with 30+ years of involvement in electronic music, and over 75 releases under various aliases and styles. His musical journey began with more industrial / ambient / avant-garde forms of sonic experimentation in the 1980/90’s, and culminated with the dub-influenced Detroit-techno sound he is most known for today. While attending art school, Rod lived in Detroit’s Eastern-Market neighborhood, near the famous “techno boulevard”, home to Derrick May, Juan Atkins, and Kevin Saunderson during that time. Immersed in the blossoming Detroit techno scene around him, influence was impossible to avoid. Modell co-founded the Deepchord record label in Detroit during the early-90’s. Years after the end of Deepchord Records, Rod adopted the Deepchord moniker as a solo artist name, producing dozens of releases. Later, as half of the duo Echospace, Rod released two full length albums and numerous 12” singles under various aliases. “​The Coldest Season​” and “​Liumin”​ by Echospace are critically acclaimed electronic music classics, and were on top-lists of prestigious musical resources such as The Wire, xlr8r, and Resident Advisor… who wrote of The Coldest Season: “​in terms of sheer quality, it rivals Basic Channel’s vaunted catalog… this album is bound to be one of the most fully realized listening experiences to grace your stereo this year, and is proof positive that Deepchord / Echospace are the rightful heirs to the dub techno legacy​”. Rod has released a huge body of ambient works throughout the years, and has done remixes for labels such as Kompakt in Cologne, Hyperdub in London, and DFA in New York. He has played live sets in 30+ counties at the most highly regarded clubs and festivals. He operated an audio-mastering facility in the Detroit area from 1995-2005, employing his services to many electronic record labels, including Richie Hawtin’s M-NUS imprint. His recent projects include an ongoing collaboration with Fluxion (​K Soublis​) called “​Transformations​”, which has produced two EP’s on Vibrant Music, and a forthcoming LP. 

SPEKTRE weaves an intrepid, complex web amongst underground dance music’s elite. The techno brainchild of DJs/producers Filthy Rich and Paul Maddox, the dark duo was formed through a shared passion for driving electronic music and a mutual desire to push sound boundaries using the most cutting edge technology available. The fusion of their combined experience in the studio allows them to construct dark, sinister sounds mixed with twisted, haunting vocals and unnerving, atmospheric foundations.
Always innovative, their sinful sound draws inspiration from early looping detroit techno from the likes of Joey Beltram and R&S releases, combined with an amalgamation of much more recent production masterminds such as Dubfire, Martin Buttrich, Trentemoller and Stephan Bodzin. High rulers in the underground scene, their live shows feature rave-inspired, melodic, razor-sharp beats and their menacing releases hold the key to packing out hot, sweaty, dance floors every weekend.
Spektre’s web is a permanent fixture nestling snugly in the corner of the studio. As producers they more often than not hover comfortably in Beatport’s top 10 listings, with their tracks being released on prestigious labels such as Yoshitoshi, Great Stuff, Dekadent Schallplatten, Dance Electic, 303 Lovers and Weave, plus remixes on Craft, Audio Therapy, John Henry and Spectrum amongst a whole host of others. In addition, their tracks have featured on Renaissance and Umek compilations and their ‘Live At Glade Festival’ album was released via VeryVeryVeryWrongIndeed in 2009. Spektre’s production is supported by some of techno’s biggest pioneers including Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and James Zabiela. They have had recent features in Mixmag, DJ and IDJ magazines, with DJ mag dubbing them “the home-grown producers, tipped to give Berlin’s minimal crowd a run for their money.”
On the road, Spektre pack in a very hectic itinerary, wowing Spektre hungry crowds worldwide in countries including Mexico, the United States, Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Israel, Romania, Germany, Austria, Portugal and the Netherlands. On home turf, they’ve notably been booked by London’s Matter, Ministry of Sound and the SW4 festival official after-party with Eric Prydz – Spektre’s dedicated following is growing at an unstoppable pace.

The newest silk thread to be concocted and brought into Spektre’s web is the highly anticipated and awaited launch of their ‘Respekt’ imprint. A fresh and exciting new label concept that will serve as a platform for exclusive Spektre productions as well as a breeding ground for upcoming talent. With two single releases on the horizon before the year’s end, the tracks see Spektre collaborating with Matt Cooper on ‘Cuenos Cubanos’. Following this will be their solo ‘From The Deep EP’ and their first studio album will finally drop in Spring 2010 and is guaranteed to awaken the senses of any credible music lover.
As they carefully weave their way, carving out a name as leaders of dance music’s underground pack, the gruesome twosome promise unrivalled aural delights in the coming months and, as they say “EXPEKT THE UNEXSPEKTED”
Artist: Spektre

Tittle: Mutual Respekt #061
Rls date: 21.09.2012
Genre: Techno, tech house
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01. Alex Di Stefano – Ride The River (Spektre Remix) [Binary404]
02. Sasha Carassi – Old Rustle [Phobiq]
03. Spektre & Tom Hades – Respekt the Rhythm [Analytictrail]
04. Franyeffe – Cut Off [Respekt]
05. Roberto Capuano – Absolute [Drumcode]
06. Spektre & Tom Laws – Whores & Hangovers [Toolroom]
07. Alan Fitzpatrick – The Showgirl [Drumcode]
08. Tom Laws – Acid Theatre [Respekt]
09. Alex Bau – Sidestep (Spektre Remix)
10. Spektre & Tom Laws – Colon Clubbers
11. Gary Beck – Before The Crash [Soma]
12. Terranova – Question Mark (KiNK feat. Rachel Row Remix) [Kompakt]

Listen & Download:


Tomas have played drums since he was 10 years old, but at some point in his late teens he bought a recordplayer, an Atari and an Akai mono-sampler. He slowly started djing and producing housemusic. Since then (late 90’s) he have been doing loads of club oriented music, both alone and together with different partners and on different labels. After some years in the electronic clubscene the live music was slowly catching in on him again, and he startet Whomadewho with two fellow danes, where he plays drums and produce.


For ‘Tomboy’ / Tomas Barfod the kickstart came with the acid / disco 12” series on Gomma records, shortly afterwards came releases on Get Physical, Kitsune and Turbo, where ‘Samba’ and ‘I.K. Guitar’ became clubbangers. Tomboy also is a much requested remixer and have done remixes of such diverse artists as Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz, Lance de Sardi, Digitalism, Telex, Chromeo, Asia Argento just to name a few. As a dj he played legendary clubs like Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Weekend (Berlin), Bar 25 (Berlin), Goa (Roma), Magazini Genarali (Milan), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Lux (Portugal), Social Club (Paris).

Tomas has been involved in many different constalations. The most important is Whomadewho, who have released two albums and have been touring the whole world from New York to Sydney and been playing the most significant clubs and festivals like Sonar, Glastonbury, Melt and 10 days off. Old friend Kasper Bjørke has also been important with their project Filur. With Fredski (Tartelet label partner) Tomas recently did two ep’s on Get Physical and the track ‘Swan Lake’ made it to the records bag of all important house djs and climed to number 7 at the main Beatport chart….search youtube for ‘Barfod’ and ‘Swan lake’ and you will see. In addition Tomas has been working with many danish acts from upcoming indietronica band Giana Factory to Punk legend Steen Jørgensen and majorleague producer Anders Trentemøller with whom Tomas produced the classic ‘Copenhagen’. Recently he produced ‘Bubububadub’ together with MHM 1, the track (which actually feature vocals by Whomadewho) made it to Loco Dice’s ‘The Lab’ complilation and in Ricardo Villalobos’ recordbag.

As the head of bookings of Copenhagen Distortion Barfod has been taking part in developing the festival into one of Scandinavias most important contemporary festivals. In 2008 Barfod also founded the Label tartelet with fellow dane Fredski – Tartelet is known for their hand-drawn ‘anti-Versace’ artwork and many quality releases from producers like Waraika, Claude Von Stroke, Ink & Needle, Mhm 1 and offcause Tomas himself. German magazine De:Bug wrote that Tartelet is one of 2009’s most important labels and a very diverse pool of djs are supporting – from Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Richie Hawtin to Erol Alkan, Duke Dumont and Brodinski.

Artist: Tomas Barfod

Tittle:  Get Physical Radio With Tomas Barfod 
Rls date: 30.08.2012
Genre: Minimal Tech House
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01. Touchy Mob – Crooked Lust (Remix)
02. Bear In Heaven – Deafening Love (Touchy Mob)
03. Sleep Party People – Chin (Jesper Ryom Remix)
04. Uffe – I\’ll Leave Soon (Catz \’n Dogz Just Leave Remix) [Pets]
05. Tomas Barfod – Till We Die Feat. Nina Kinert (Blond:ish Remix) [Get Physical Music]
06. Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp Single Edit
07. Antonelli – Deal Original Mix [Level Düsseldorf]
08. Simian Mobile Disco – Unfixed
09. Teen Daze – Hold (Torkelsen Remix)
10. Tomas Barfod – Don\’t Understand (Abstraxion Remix)
11. Terranova – Paris Is For Lovers (My Love) Feat. Tomas Høffding [Kompakt]
12. Grimes – Symphonia Ix (My Wait Is U)
13. Ducktails – Daily Vacation


Biography of Kolombo:

Olivier Grégoire aka Kolombo hails from the city of Namur, in the South of Belgium where he\’s been djing for a long while as well as promoting highly succesful parties.  He has also been producing dance music since 2001but it took him a couple of years more to really master his art of modern production within many pseudonyms and dance music genres and a HUGE discography. 

He came to international proeminence trough King Kong records (Sharam Jey\’s label) for which he\’s been producing many electro-house Eps with his partner Djerom under the name of Loulou Players. The pair went on to remix artists such as Darren Emerson, Joachim Garraud, Zoo Brasil, John Acquaviva or Remo feat Cheleonis R Jones and became a hugely influential dj duo in the South of Belgium, playing huge raves and festivals. Carried by this succes, Olivier founded his own label, naturely named Loulou records but then felt it was time to start producing alone and started recording under his soon-to-be-big Kolombo moniker. 

He started to experiment new ideas and production techniques and made a mix between house, tech house & minimal and still with an club feel on labels such as Giant Wheel (with Ante Perry), Boxer, Hypnotic, Robotronic, Ladies and Gentlemen, Add2basket, Karate klub,… 

He was also spotted by Systematic records boss, Marc Romboy who created a sub-division of his label to release his Kolombo material call Viceversa and got him to remix Systematic artists under his real name, Olivier Grégoire as well as a full solo Ep on Systematic. 

He then hooked up with Belgian producer Compuphonic to release eps on Tiga\’s Turbo imprint for which he has also solo material lined-up. They also have remixed Cari Lekebush and the Presets (on Modular) and Martin Solveig. 

As a side project he\’s also producing deeper music together with Belgian house dj veteran Geoffroy (Hi-Phen, Suicide, SSR) as Mugwump whose recent eps on Mood Music, Misericord (Ewan Pearson\’s label), Disco45 (Rob Mello\’s label) and Kompakt have been causing a stir (imminent Mugwump remixes and tracks on Kompakt, Cocoon, R&S, Gigolo, Eskimo) 

The future looks bright with new material lined-up on Systematic, Turbo, Boxer, Hypnotic and many more as well as collabs n remixes all over with Compuphonic, Ante Perry,Oliver Klein, Mugwump and start a new deephouse projet with his cousin call Family Stuff…

Artist: Kolombo
Tittle: Game Over 096
Rls date: 08-03-2012
Genre: Minimal, Tech House
Type: Set
Source: WEB


In Search…


Biography & picture credit:
Dowload link credit: Mixing, Electronic music magazine

Mexico is a country that has put out undeniable electronic talent for years. Unquestionable talents like Murcof and Cubenx, producers who have known how to be on the cutting edge of emotional synthetic music over the last decade, at times do very well crossing the line separating the experimental from the dance floor. But if there is one artist who is currently Mexico’s ambassador to the rest of the world, it is Mauricio Rebolledo— original, special, as if he had come from another time and place. His approach to techno –with traces of dark synth-pop, EBM and a perverse sense of humour– is starting to create its own school. We discovered him when Matías Aguayo decided to start his record label Cómeme with the valuable ideas contributed in “Pitaya Frenesí”, today a minimal classic with Latin touches and a freaky attitude. Over time, his stature has risen higher and higher, culminating in its current peak, best summed up by two projects: “Super Vato” (Cómeme, 2011), his debut album released in October of last year, and his parallel adventure in Pachanga Boys, his duo with Superpitcher.

Rebolledo gives us volume 064 of our series of PG Mixes, and he does so calling on a lot of his own material, vinyl hidden away in the enormous minimal production of the mid-90s. He even uses a classic Laurie Anderson song, always keeping the tension up in an hour-long journey that will make you move like a wild thing (at the very least, your neck will). Rebolledo has a 2012 full of gigs ahead of him –don’t miss him at the beginning of June when he hits Barcelona’s San Miguel Primavera Sound festival– and this mix is a good example of what you are going to find when he comes in to heat up the floor: analogue whiplash, studs, leather, alcohol and irrepressible fun. To further illustrate PG Mix 064, we have recovered the conversation that we had with Rebolledo last October, coinciding with the release of “Super Vato”.

Artist: Rebolledo [Kompakt/Comeme] 
Tittle:  PlayGround Mix 064 
Rls date: 01.03.2012
Genre: Techno, Minimal
Source: WEB
Type: SET


Pachanga Boys: “Thunderscat”
Rebolledo: “Guerrero Beats”
Kasper Björke: “Lose Yourself To Jenny (Rebolledo Remix)”
Rebolledo featuring Superpitcher: “Meet Me At TOPAZdeluxe”
Moroder / Summer: “Hot Stuff (Edit)”
Jürgen Paape: “Fruity Loops 2”
Hiltmeyer Inc: “FinalAhh”
Steve Pointdexter: “Faces Drums 3”
Le Dust Sucker: “Mean Boy (Edit)”
Pachanga Boys: “Time”
Laurie Anderson: “Sharky’s Day”
Dorau / Köhncke: “Durch Die Nacht (Geiger Mix)”
Coma: “Fiction”
El Güero Fresa Presenta: “Convertible Ride”


Biography of Guy J:

After setting the scene alight with numerous killer singles, Israeli producer Guy J releases his hotly anticipated full length artist album with label heavyweights, Bedrock Records.

Guy J has emerged over the course of the last two years to represent an intrinsic part of the Israeli dance music juggernaut that has been steadily powering through clubland in recent times. Along with fellow countrymen Guy Gerber, Sholmi Aber, Chaim and Gel Abril, Guy has been at the forefront of a movement back towards the melody rich sounds on which House music is based.

Guy’s productions, with their driving beats, shimmering synths and journey-like qualities, embody characteristics from all manner of House music. Guy states “I didn’t set out to write an album – I just wrote tracks when I was in different moods, hence each track having different types of genres, different influences.” He adds, “This is the album I wanted to make… it has a warm sound… it’s very sexy and really tells a story.”

On this, his debut artist album, Guy fully exploits the opportunity to explore the length and breadth of his creative capacity. Alongside the dance floor orientated cuts on which he has built his reputation, Guy straddles moods of ambient, techno and electronica whilst constantly maintaining a melodic and highly emotive core. Anyone who appreciated the majesty of Nathan Fake’s ‘Drowning in a Sea of Love’ will instantly feel at home with ‘Esperanza’, as would fans of the Kompakt or Border Community sound where the focus is first and foremost on musicality.

‘Indigo Fields’ opens up the album perfectly and immediately encapsulates the rich tapestry of sound for which Guy J is famed. Following on, ‘Nebula’ highlights the dancefloor focused underbelly of the album by marrying dark, driving bass with Chicago-influenced synth-stabs that leave you doubtless of Guy’s sonic capabilities. ‘Geko’ again picks up a strand of the classic house blueprint albeit this time in slower and more twisted fashion. Guy’s first single ‘Under Pressure’ appears on the album in a slightly more restrained album version. Flourishes of synthesis and noise appear and disappear as the track travels patiently through peeks and troughs of intensity.

By the time ‘Druma’ jerks into the frame you realise you are experiencing the work of a genuine musical talent. Epic slabs of sound are stacked atop glitchy lo-fi drums which results in a listening experience that simply swallows you whole. Closing track ‘Esperanza’ completes the journey and in archetypal Guy J fashion it’s a musically dense trip that is dynamic enough to keep you hanging until the very last beat.

Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha and Tiga are among Guy’s many supporters thanks to consistently releasing sterling tracks. In support of the album, the three singles ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Geko’ and ‘Mirko’ are all being released through Bedrock Records in the coming weeks and months.

What is without question is that Guy has managed to produce an album that is brimming with soul, a feat which an artist can toil for an entire lifetime hoping to achieve.

Artist: Guy J
Tittle: February Into Ice Mix
Rls date: 08-02-2012
Genre: Tech House, Minimal
Source: web
Type: Set


In Search…


Biography of Oxia:

Olivier Raymond, born in 1971 in Grenoble (France), got into “black music” (disco & funk) already in his early teens. During college years, Olivier’s friendship with Stéphane Deschezeaux, kick started a musical journey, with a debut on a local radio station broadcasting a show dedicated to Funk … hence, only being 15 years of age, Olivier had started mixing. Olivier’s mixes were influenced by a large spectrum of music styles: electro-funk (Afrika Bambaata…), italo-disco, new-wave (Depeche Mode, New Order… ) and the early Chicago and New-York house scene.

By 1991, Stephane and Olivier bought their first bits of equipment and started to compose music. Not too long after that, Olivier became a resident dj at a club in Grenoble, jump starting a career in electronic music! It was by 1994, that the experiments of Stephane and Olivier became official. Their live act ‘Oxia’ was born. In 1995, Olivier and Stéphane met Michel Amato (The Hacker), Alex Reynaud and Kiko in Grenoble, the electronic-tuned city of France. That same year Olivier created Ozone records together with Kiko, where Oxia released the first EP (influenced by the American techno sound like Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Damon Wild). On that same stamp, Olivier also co-produced the first releases of Jack de Marseille.

Olivier never rested and went on to create a new label with Michel Amato aka The Hacker and Alexandre Reynaud in 1998. They baptized it ‘Goodlife’ in homage to the mythical Inner City track.

Olivier and Stéphane still produced several EP’s together and by the end of the century they decided to part paths (as good friends) and Olivier continued with Oxia as solo DJ act.

Oxia’s continued sound evolution gave birth to a series of EP’s & remixes on Goodlife but also on labels such as Intec, Terminal M, … leading to a worldwide dj diary. The excelling dj qualities were captured in several mix cds, and that’s not all. A page still unfolding, Oxia released his debut solo album ‘24 HEURES’ on Goodlife in 2004 that floats between groovy melodic techno and a deeper electro touch. Besides the major international press attention, ’24 Heures’ reached he n°5 in the category ‘best album’ by the readers of Trax magazine.

After an extended period of touring, Oxia returned with some A class releases & remixes in 2006. ‘Domino’, on the German Kompakt stamp, became a worldwide hit played by every DJ you can think of. More Oxia releases for the English Tsuba stamp (collaboration with Eric Borgo), Confused (collaboration with Gino’s) and another banger on Kompakt (‘Not Sure’). The new release on his Goodlife stamp (‘Lost Memory’) finally came in December 2007. The icing on the cake came in 2008 when Oxia got voted in second & third spot in the Beatport Music Awards ‘Best Remix’ (Oxia remix for Butch ‘On the line’) and Best Techno Artist. The list of remix requests got longer as Oxia remixed the likes of Agoria, Smith & Selway, Marc Romboy to name a few. As you can imagine, this contributed to a busy dj schedule which even got more intense by the vibrant dj battle done with his good friend Agoria.

In 2009 Oxia did not shy from releasing some more fine material. In October the ‘Sun Step’ EP was released on 8Bit record reaching immediately top rates in charts like Beatport, Resident Advisor, etc. He also mixed the fifth anniversary compilation of Systematic (a selection of tracks exclusive to the Systematic compilation), including a previously unreleased track produced with his friend Nicolas Masseyeff (‘Trying Out’).

After so many years in the game, Oxia is still at the forefront of the international electronic scene, never losing sight of all influences he had along the way and keeping one strong element in his music, and that is groove!

Artist: Oxia 
Tittle: 8 Bit, Ideal September Chart 
Rls date: 13-09-2011
Genre: Techno – Tech House – Minimal
Source: WEB
Type: Chart


Alejandro Vivanco – Rise Again (Original Mix)
Seuil – Ultravision ft. Jaw (Original Mix)
Deetron – Starblazer (Original Mix)
Samuel Fach – Murter (Original Mix)
Adam Port – Basement Feat Daniel Wilde (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
Sante Meets Alex Tepper – Bare Bones (Original Mix)
dOP-After Party Clockwork Remix
Oxia – Meaningful (Original Mix)
Martin Aquino – Penguin In A Dufflebag (Original Mix)
Soul Clap-Incoming Bitch Get Low (Original Mix)

DownloadOxia – 8 Bit, Ideal September Chart – 13.09.2011

For more than 15 years, Jennifer Cardini has been working the European electronic dance music circuit. Her early influences came from Detroit, Chicago, and Cologne, which led her to play primarily house music in the late ‘90s at clubs in France; but time and experience allowed her style to develop into the more experimental techno sets she’s known for today. After her move to Paris in 1998, Cardini ultimately became one of the first of a generation of French DJ’s to play the stripped-down Berlin sound that would eventually settle into a distinctive movement in electronic music – ‘minimal’ even before that genre term became popular. In Paris, she quickly became a resident at two of the most influential venues at the time – Le Pulp, which turned into the underground hot spot for avante-garde music, and Rex Club, which continues to be the site of her groundbreaking “Correspondant” parties. It has been at these shows that her skill and passion for music became fully realized, and where she earned her reputation as an icon in electronic music culture. Over the course of her career, Cardini has continued to work hard and constantly improve, landing her regular appearances at elite venues like Fabric in London, Womb in Tokyo, and Tresor and Panorama Bar in Berlin. Cardini also reached a major milestone in 2008, becoming the first female French artist to sign with Kompakt, with the release of her compilation, Feeling Strange. In addition to her DJ work, Cardini’s productions have also been successfully on target, right from her first acid house 12-inch on Pumpking Records in 1996, all the way through her latest EP on Crosstown Rebels. These carefully crafted tracks have been slowly released over the years, but they have landed solidly on techno powerhouse labels like Mobilee and Kill the DJ. Most recently, Cardini has been spending more time continuing her production efforts, focusing on her current solo projects. She is also starting her own label, Correspondant, as an outlet for her musical vision.

Artist: Jennifer Cardini 
Tittle:  Summer of Girls Mix –
Rls date: 29-07-2011
Genre: Minimal Techno
Source: WEB
Type: SET


Chloé – One in Other (Jennifer Cardini remix)
Jennifer Cardini – The Way it used to be
Clement Meyer – Sweet Insanity
Enola – Slowmotion (Nhar remix)

Jennifer_Cardini_-_Summer_o…mp3 (61,50 MB) –
Download for free on
Get on

Biography of Robert Babicz:
Straight out of Cologne in 1993, under the pseudonym Rob Acid, Babicz released his first single Happy Answer on London Records, which unexpectedly became a huge club hit. With the rise of acid house influenced records dominating the charts, Babicz was able to ride high on this new wave of club culture. In addition to becoming an in demand live performer using one of his other names, Acid Warrior, Babicz started to release singles on high profile imprints like Kompakt, Treibstoff and Steve Bug’s Audiomatique, as well as his own label, Junkfood
In what Rob appropriately dubs “the rave years” in the mid-nineties, he was already playing all over the world. During this time Babicz teamed up with Mate Galic and psychedelic sonic experiences of every kind followed, which as Rob himself sums up perfectly came as a result of “excessive sound-research and absurd parties… transistor radio and porn films on big screen”. His affiliation with Force Inc a few years later brought a series of more experimental, less dancefloor-orientated works which suggested his theoretical musique concrete roots.

By the turn of the new millennium, Babicz was striving for a different sound and thus began a new label, Shortcut. At the same time, he received multiple requests for sound design from hard and software producers, most notably resulting in the presets he produced for Native Instruments. In 2007 Robert released his landmark record, A Cheerful Temper on Systematic Recordings, which expertly moves between electronica, techno, minimal and classic house.

Playing ‘live’ has always been a key feature of Babicz’s authentic musicianship; improvising instead of reeling off pre-determined sets has made his celebrated shows unquestionably unique events. He consistently delivers astonishing performances of his own productions built around warm melodies, blissed atmospherics & analogue bass – sometimes jacking, but mostly tripping and always around the foundations of his first love: techno. Consequently, Babicz has more than proven his worth in the world of dance music and his right to the title of pioneer and innovator, whether producing tech house, minimal or acid techno. With the release of Immortal Changes in early 2010, described by DJ Mag as a “marriage of organic groove and glistening electronic melodies” it is clear that Robert Babicz still has much more to give…

Since Immortal Changes, Babicz has continued to release a string of singles on various labels such as Bedrock Records, Bang Bang and Treibstoff Recordings as well as on his own label Babiczstyle which he began in 2010. Early 2011 will see him release a compilation on his label, titled Robert Babicz Volume 001.

Artist: Robert Babicz 
Tittle: Babiczstyle Radio – July 2011
Genre: Minimal
Source: Web
Type: Set


Robert Babicz – Sontag (Dub Mix)
Mason – Little Angel (Babicz Remix)
Robert Babicz – Beautiful Day (Ricky Ryan & Vipul Remix)
Robert Babicz – What A Day
Robert Babicz – Remote Kiss (Davi Remix)
Ripperton – Tobias Welcome Song (Babicz Remix)
Hardfloor – Acperience 1 (Babicz Remix)
Robert Babicz – Echoes FromThe Past
Robert Babicz – Bangaday
Robert Babicz – Pink People
Robert Babicz – I Am Here

Robert Babicz – Babiczstyle…mp3 (100,79 MB) –
Download Robert_Babicz_-_Babiczstyle_Radio_-_July_2011.mp3 for free on
Get Robert_Babicz_-_Babiczstyle_Radio_-_July_2011.mp3 on

From his earliest demos to his current position as a key figure in the global techno scene, Perc (aka Ali Wells) has taken the established forms of the music he loves and twisted them into something new and fresh.

Building up successful relationships with scene-leading labels such as Drumcode, Ovum, Kompakt and CLR whilst unleashing a strong run of releases on his own Perc Trax label has seen Perc’s influence and support grow even further. With each release his sonic experimentation has taken another leap forward without losing sight of the dance floor.

2009’s ‘Throb’ on Ovum and ‘Submit’ on CLR brought Perc his first support from the key Berlin tastemakers and his 2010 releases including ‘BCG’ (Perc Trax) and ‘Monad V’ (Stroboscopic Artefacts) have made him an essential artist for those with an interest in techno that refuses to conform to preconceptions. 2010 has ended on a high with a trio of releases for Perc including his third EP on CLR, a collaboration with Italy\’s Modern Heads on Stroboscopic Artefacts and a split 12\” with rising star Sawf on Perc Trax.

As a DJ and live act Perc has covered all of Europe plus multiple tours of USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Japan. Personal highlights for Perc\’s touring include a back-to-back set with Oliver Ho in Tokyo, his debut at Tresor in early 2010, being part of the Drumcode tent at Dance Valley in 2008 and playing on the same bill as Richie Hawtin and Speedy J at 2008’s Electric Deluxe Queen’s Day party at Melkweg, Amsterdam.

2011 will see the release of Perc\’s first album, another tour the USA and Canada and his debut at Berghain.

Artist: Perc  
Tittle: Anatomy Mix 12 
Genre: Minimal Techno
Date: April 2011
Type: Set.


1) Vagon Brei – The Dark Corridors – Further
2) Cabaret Voltaire – If The Shadows Could March – Rough Trade
3) Emika – Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann Vocal Edit) – Ninja Tune
4) Francesco Tristano – (Tantra Development by Moritz Von Oswald) – Deutsch Gramophon
5) Emika – Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann Remix) – Ninja Tune
6) Ed Davenport – More Red Lights (Dub) – NRK
7) Rumenige & Loktibrada – Kulenty (Sandwell Mix) – Antidandruff
8) Sigha – The Politics Of Dying – Our Circular Sound
9) Perc – Wooden Art (Modern Heads Jumplex Remix) – Stroboscopic Artefacts
10) Kassem Mosse – Workshop 12 A1 (Vocal Tool) – Workshop
11) Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy – Elekra – Time To Express
12) Frozen Border – FB07 A1 – Frozen Border
13) Mike Dehnert – Teilfolge – Delsin
14) D\’Marc Cantu – No Control – Creme Organization
15) Sawf – Unrhythm (Marcel Fengler Remix) – Perc Trax
16) Exaltics – Creep Over – Bunker
17) Perc – Porter – Blank Records
18) DJ Koze – Don\’t Feed The Cat – Kompakt
19) Forward Strategy Group – Tayo Olowu – Perc Trax
20) Endless – 00165 – Electric Deluxe
21) Perc – Tokyo Blank – Blank Records
22) Karl O\’Connor & Peter Sutton – Guiltless – Tresor
23) Casual Violence – Maybe We Are – Aftertaste Recordings
24) Abstract Souls – Subway (Claudio PRC Perspective Remix) – Stroboscopic Artefacts
25) Anodyne – Talon – Earwiggle
26) Cabaret Voltaire – Partially Submerged – Rough Trade