6SISS Biography

Belgium-based (Sint-Niklaas) artist Peter Adriaenssens goes under the alias 6SISS and is a name people will be familiar with, featuring in the Belgium underground club shows and festival lineups over the years. 

6SISS is best known for his live set performances and has been prolific in keeping a steady output having established vinyl records releases on different label’s. His main release on R&S Records he’s combining driving rhythms with ominous, desiccated field recordings and withered pads that call to mine the Ben Frost’s militant soundscapes. The foggy atmospherics that pervade make sense when you learn that he often moonlights as a member of a post metal/drone band, creating eldritch soundscapes and drones. In short, he delivers bruising off kilter rhythms stagger and lurch in mesmerising ways that undercut the 4:4 hegemony and are sure to confuse and delight dancefloors in equal measure. 

Together with 47 regular Killawatt he combines to form Motive Power – a project exploring the powerful depths of techno, distorted broken kicks, rioting vocals and straight-up slammers. 

Releases on: R&S Records – 47 (1/2 Motive Power) – UX – Metempsychosis and collabs with MAERE on HEX Recordings & Leyla Records

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