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Cod3 QR showed their label heads Laurent Garnier & Scan X with their 10th release, ¬†‘COD3 QR 010’.¬†¬†

Here is a very interesting story about the the Cod3 QR label foundation, definitely a label that has seen many interesting and thrilling releases over the years, and now, for their 10th release, the label released the ‘COD3 QR 010’ featuring tracks from Laurent Garnier, Speaking Minds & Amarcord, Scan X & Diego Infanzon, but most important, […]

David L√∂hlein unveils his debut album, ‘Via Taya‚Äô.

Stuttgart techno fixture David L√∂hlein is back to tease & seduce, with the dark, incendiary techno sound of his debut album titled ‘Via Taya‚Äô. The 8-track LP due out November 11, 2021 on his Vision Ekstase label, featuring a deep dive into the lush, sultry techno that‚Äôs defined the artist‚Äôs sound since the release of […]

Terr is back to Phantasy with a new single, ¬†‘Wings of Time‚Äô (Incl. Tornado Wallace remix).

Phantasy Sound announced a new release, this time the label presents the Berlin-based DJ/producer and label owner, Terr, who began her fruitful partnership with the label back in 2019, as she liked “the way the label is focused more on the artistic and experimental side of electronic music”. Now, Terr is making her third appearance‚Ķ

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Procombo landed in Rekids Special Projects with a new EP, ‘Orpheus’ (incl. Sterac Remix).

September is leaving us impressive releases, one of the labels that we usually love with its style, is Radio Slaves ‚ÄôRekids Special Projects, that recently presented Istanbul‚Äôs Procombo with his new EP titled ‘Orpheus‘, released the past September 17th. The EP turns in three rolling techno cuts backed with a remix from Amsterdam‚Äôs Sterac. A‚Ķ

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James Ruskin collaborated with DVS1 to release a new 4-track EP, ‚ÄėChapter One‚Äô.¬†

Blueprint‚Äôs 25th birthday series continue unveiling outstanding releases, like the following previous EPs that showcased James Ruskin collaborating alongside Truncate with ‘Sketch EP’, and Mark Broom with ‘Basement Jams 2 EP’… Now for the next release on the series, Ruskin teamed up with DVS1 to deliver the new 4-track EP titled ‚ÄėChapter One‚Äô. Taking the‚Ķ

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Auspex present his new 5-track EP, ‘Bloodlines’.¬† ¬†

Auspex announced his new EP due out October 11th, 2021 via his own Oath imprint. ¬†The EP features an assortment of five peak-time varied techno tracks from studio sessions over the summer of 2021‚ÄĒfrom the rambunctious, rumbling opening title track ‚ÄúBloodlines‚ÄĚ to the twisting and turning, constantly unfolding arpeggiated climax of ‚ÄúScatterbrain”. This release is‚Ķ

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The duo Black Cadmium to release their new ‘Inertia EP’ via Transient Nature.¬†¬†

Rotterdam-based duo Black Cadmium announced a new four-track EP titled ‚ÄėInertia‚Äô due out September 16, 2021 via Wanderist‚Äôs Transient Nature imprint. The EP showcases very interesting electrifying drums, acid sounds, elegantly fuses arcade-style melodies and nice textures. Please let these two creative minds guide you through their interpretation of sound with their new EP, which‚Ķ

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Jon Dixon unveils his new EP, ‚ÄėDetroit Get Down‚Äô.¬†¬†

One of Detroit’s most sought-after musicians for every genre ranging from jazz to techno, Jon Dixon, is presenting his new EP titled ‚ÄėDetroit Get Down‚Äô. The new release brings out 5 phenomenal tracks featuring a host of his Motor City cohorts and fellow heavy-hitters within their fields, including powerhouse vocalists Britt Frappier and Sarah Elizabeth‚Ķ

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Eskimo Recordings announced a new single by Satin Jackets feat. Tailor, ¬†‘Spell’.

The mighty Electronic/Nu Disco label based in Ghent, Belgium, Eskimo Recordings, announced a new single, this time by Satin Jackets feat. Tailor, presenting ‘Spell‘. Blessed with one of those voices that you feel as much as hear, Tailor delivers a stunning performance on this track, perfectly capturing the song’s seductive, yearning vibe. The single is‚Ķ

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Patrick Topping released a new EP, ‚ÄėPlanet Session’.¬†¬†

One of big room house‚Äôs most genuine innovators Patrick Topping present his new 3-track EP ‚ÄėPlanet Session‚Äô on his own label Trick. This is another essential release that is already OUT and sees dark and heavy rave rhythms bringing together a collection of fun and energetic tracks. Patrick said: “The EP is about raving in‚Ķ

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Red Axes is back at Phantasy Sound with a new EP, ‘Some Lights’.

The predominant duo Red Axes returned to Phantasy Sound with a new EP titled ‘Some Lights’. The release is composed of a trio of expertly-crafted leftfield club tracks that features deep sounds, rave chords, EBM-drums and psychedelic cuts at its finest. ‘Some Lights EP‘ was released in Vinyl & Digital formats on September 10th, 2021‚Ķ

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MEŐĀTIER welcomes Tina with his new EP, ‘A Midsummer Outing’.

The italian Dj & producer based in Berlin, Tina, landed in the recently launched label MEŐĀTIER with a new 4-track EP titled ‘A Midsummer Outing‘. The EP is coming out this friday september 10, 2021 featuring nothing but only well-crafted, distinctive sounds of deep and grooving rhythms. We highly recommend it. Stay tuned, find full‚Ķ

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Decoder land in Axis Records with a new album, ‘Dark Shape’.

Axis Records announced a new very sophisticated spatial techno masterpiece is coming out on september 10th. This time the label welcomes the American Techno Master Decoder to The Escape Velocity with a new album titled “Dark Shape“. The 9-track LP concept is reflective of a dystopia where governments have been overthrown on an intergalactic level‚Ķ

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The Stone Techno series presents ‘Orthorhombic EP’ (Feat. FJAAK, Inhalt der Nacht & Tham, Jamaica Suk and Emil Baghino).¬†

A few months ago, the first and second of four releases of The Third Room‘s Stone Techno series were released. Now the series continues with the third release of this beautiful collaboration alongside with the Ruhr Museum Foundation. The EP titled ‘Orthorhombic‘ is due October 8th, 2021 and features tracks from FJAAK, Inhalt der Nacht‚Ķ

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Dyno is back with another techno release, ‘Selva oscura’.

The Italian producer Dyno is back with another techno release that has been titled ‘Selva oscura‘. The 2-track EP is due out September 10, 2021 via his own label Dyrwalk. With this release expect to listen a good example of Dyno’s fine, dystopian style made for the dance floor. Stay tuned and read full details‚Ķ

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Shackleton announced his third solo album, ‘Departing Like Rivers’.

Shackleton is presenting his third solo album ‘Departing Like Rivers‘, a 7-track LP piece due out September 3rd in Vinyl and Digital formats via Woe To The Septic Heart!, Shackleton’s record label that he started in 2010 for releasing his own stuff. This album follows the producer’s latest as Tunes Of Negation (ft Heather Leight,‚Ķ

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I Hate Models unveils another thrilling single, ‘Werewolf Disco Club’.

Our recommendation for today, the man behind the sound of melancholia and brutality that makes everybody dance till death, I Hate Models, who just announced the second release on his new imprint Disco Inferno. The single titled ¬†‘Werewolf Disco Club‘ will be available digitally and in Vinyl, in a one-sided limited edition solid white UV‚Ķ

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Kmyle to release a new EP, ‘Catharsis‚Äô (Featuring a Remix form Drumcell).¬†

French producer Kmyle announced his new material will be a 3-track hypnotic/techno bundle, featuring a remix from techno heavy-weigth Drumcell. Following a successful first release with his ‘Wasteland EP’ on his own label imprint, Kmyle drives the point home with his second opus titled ‚ÄėCatharsis‚Äô. The release of his new EP is due October 8th‚Ķ

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Slam announced their new series of 5 EPs ‘Louder Than Chaos’ featuring collabs with Hector Oaks, 999999999, Optic Nerve, among others.

Soma Records‚Äô head honchos and Techno protagonists Slam have announced their new series of 5 EPs titled ‘Louder Than Chaos‘ to be released monthly. Now the duo revealed the ‘Volume 1‘, that features collaborations with Slam and Hector Oaks, 999999999 and Keith Tucker (AKA Optic Nerve). The EP is due 10th September exclusive to Soma‚Ķ

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Dmnsia presents BBY JSS new EP, ‘Villano’ (Incl. remixes by DJ Fucci, Young Drums).

Dmnsia, the digital platform focused on spreading rising and ranked audio/visual arts in the Mexican industry, presents VILLANO, the second EP by Mexican producer and Dj BBY JSS. It includes two original tracks, as well as, two powerful remixes by Dj Fucci and Young Drums, both Mexican projects. Highly recommended, if looking for original tracks not…

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Bpitch unveils one of the most effervescent and essential collections of techno, ‘We Are Not Alone Pt. 1- 3’.

Definitely as a recommendable compilation and described as the new Berlin underground essence, Ellen Allien brings you ‘We Are Not Alone’, a three-part bundle dedicated to her infamous We Are Not Alone event series. The collection includes 33 tracks All brand new music from artists who‚Äôve either played at the infamous event series or will‚Ķ

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Request Lorraine unveils a new EP, ‚ÄėAcrylic Honey‚Äô.

With high octane techno, unusual song structures and a unique sonic experimentation, Tel-Aviv based producer Request Lorraine presents his second release, ‚ÄėAcrylic Honey EP‚Äô, due to September 17th, 2021 via his own Sadan Records. Stay tuned, this is a very recommendable records. Full details below.

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Jeroen Search introduces his new 17-track album, ‘Alpha Centauri’.

One of the best contemporary techno producers of the time, Jeroen Search, introduces his new 17-track album “Alpha Centauri‘ to be out this Friday, September 3rd via Jeff Mills label The Escape Velocity / Axis Records. Definitely this piece will sound very pleasant for the electronic enthusiastic listeners. Stay tuned and read the full story‚Ķ

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