Föllakzoid’s founder Domingæ land in Sacred Bones Records with her debut A/V album, ‘Æ’.


A1 / 1. Æva
A2 / 2. Dæmon
A3 / 3. Archaeans
B1 / 4. Ænnihilator
B2 / 5. Asǽse

Artist. Domingæ
Title. Æ
Label. Sacred Bones Records
Release date. 10 September 2021 digital / 8 October 2021 vinyl
SBR275 – digital / LP

Musician and filmmaker Domingæ makes her appearance in Sacred Bones Records with a new debut solo album titled ‘Æ‘. The LP is due out September 10 in digital & October 10 in vinyl.

Written and recorded across different locations, ‘Æ‘ sound is a beautiful mixture between groovy, hypnotic, darkening electronic & a minimal sound yet rich in textures. It’s definitely our duty to recommend this very impressive upcoming LP.

“Music that hears you, inside of Æ, you are the music hearing the relentless heartbeats of our decaying biotechnological avatars.”

— Domingæ

Listen below to the sophomore single ‘Archaeans’, which features in this album and read the full story.