The album is rich in complex rhythmics, and more than any of his previous work has strong acoustic elements. Amongst other percussion instruments, Marco used the Tombak, a traditional Persian hand drum capable of reaching a very wide range of frequencies – from deep round subby toms to high pitched sharp rimshots, throughout the record.


A1 / 1. AfA
A2 / 2. Danza De Los Voladores
A3 / 3. Through The Cobalt Desert
B1 / 4. Il Serpente Cosmico
B2 / 5. Tombak Healer
B3 / 6. Acrobat
C1 / 7. Winds Of Cydonia
C2 / 8. Polysolation
C3 / 9. Into Thin Air
D1 / 10. Bembe Bongo
D2 / 11. 4Dimensional Soundwaves

Artist. Marco Shuttle
Title. Cobalt Desert Oasis
Cat#. INC012 –
Format. 2×12″, digital
Label. Incienso
Release date. October 15, 2021

It’s out today via Anthony Naples label ‘Incienso, the Marco Shuttle new single ‘Acrobat‘.(You can hear it below)

Marco Shuttle is known for that organic yet meticulous, visual yet tripping trademark, you could find him edificating marvelous travel routes (DJsets) whenever he plays.

The single came out with the announcement of Shuttle’s third album ‘Cobalt Desert Oasis‘ landing by mid-October 2021. The album features a varied collection of music recorded across a two-year period. Often traveling to remote destinations, Marco would come back to Berlin with field recordings, images, and other inspirations to process in his studio and turn into sound.