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The highly anticipated final chapter in Lee Gamble‘s Flush Real Pharynx triptych album on Hyperdub is finally announced. Entitled ‘A Million Pieces Of You‘, the seven-track bundle is going to be released on digital formats on September (September 10th) and in Vinyl on November (November 5th). With this release, Lee brings his Flush Real Pharynx 2019 – 2021 album cycle to an end.


Pre order (Digital & Vinyl): Bandcamp


Review. With ‘Berlin Atonal: More Light’ & ‘25082016235210179 Live at Berlin Atonal‘, Berlin Atonal has made phenomenal work. This compilation puts out a major selection of new works by a range of artists from across the advanced musical landscape. This is a collection that has everything, the effort on the entire production of this release is deeply noticeable. Outstanding!

In a year which made impossible the now highly anticipated annual unveiling of new projects and collaborations that usually accompanies Berlin Atonal, the festival has put together an artist-led collection featuring new music, art prints and garments.