Featuring techno tracks at its finest, Arkham Audio announced an upcoming compilation, ‘Arkham Friends Part 1 & 2‘ that is coming out this september 2021. Part 1 is constructed of 10 quality tracks that speak many different tongues of techno, while Part 2 turns up the intensity to the maximum with 9 slamming club ready tracks.

The compilation features music from big players like Roman Poncet, Insolate, Dustin Zahn, DJ T-1000, CYRK, Denise Rabe, Luis Flores, J Blofield, Crashguard, K-Ten, Drumcell, Zadig, Joe Farr, Oliver Deutschmann, Florian Meindl, Kaiser, Madben, Cri Du Coeur & MARHU. Stay tuned and read full details below.