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B.Riley is making it happen with his brand-new imprint CMND CTRL, and announced the arrival of the second release, a fabulous 3-track EP featuring seductive percussions, dark beats and hypnotic synths. Entitled ‘CMND CTRL 002‘, the release also includes a remix by the Berlin based Techno wizard Ray Kajioka. The EP is going to be out in september, stay tuned. Full details below.  

CMND CTRL is a brand-new imprint from Miami Florida based producer Brandon Riley. Dedicated to musical expression, immersion, technology, and innovation, we present to you CMND CTRL 002.



  1. S-File – Things Have Changed (Mark Broom remix)
  2. Housemeister – Epsilon (Ray Kajioka remix)
  3. S-File – Distance (Albert Salvatierra remix)
  4. Cochise – Radon (Mark Broom Dubplate edit)
  5. S-File – Digital Disorder (Turbo Turbo remix)
  6. Deadwalkman – Intruder (S-File remix)
  7. Shadow Dancer – Unspeakable Things (Paul Mac remix)
  8. David Carretta – Vicious Game 2018 (Mark Broom V2 remix)
  9. Oleg Mass – Tightwerk (S-File remix)
  10. Shadow Dancer – Strut (Mark Broom’s D remix)
  11. S-File – Distance (David Carretta remix)
  12. Turbo Turbo – Inner Walls (Dan Curtin remix)
  13. Shadow Dancer – Shake (feat David AKZ – The Hacker remix)
  14. Turbo Turbo – Jack Your House (David Carretta remix)
  15. Mr. Magnetik – Night Wolves (Defekt remix)
  16. S-File – Things Have Changed (Deadwalkman remix)
  17. David Carretta – Machines Invasion (Turbo Turbo remix)
  18. S-File – Digital Disorder (Mark Broom remix)
  19. Turbo Turbo & S-File – Headhunter (Shadow Dancer remix)
  20. Cochise – Radon (Electric Rescue V2 remix)
  21. S-File – Modulate (Kamikaze Space Programme remix)
  22. Shadow Dancer – Breakable (J Tijn remix)
  23. S-File – Restriction (William Arist remix)
  24. David Carretta – Never Control (S-File remix)
  25. Shadow Dancer – Unspeakable Things (Joefarr remix)
  26. S-File – Searchin (Uncertain remix)
  27. Kuroi – Tassei (S-File remix)
  28. Shadow Dancer – Shake (feat David AKZ – Posthuman remix)
  29. S-File – Transmission (Ben Long remix)
  30. Housemeister – Rltyrscue (Paul Mac remix)

Title. We Are GND (Best Remixes 2011-2021)
Label. GND Records
Release Date : July 30th, 2021
Catalog Number GNSAMP026