Dyno is back with another techno release, ‘Selva oscura’.

The Italian producer Dyno is back with another techno release that has been titled ‘Selva oscura‘. The 2-track EP is due out September 10, 2021 via his own label Dyrwalk. With this release expect to listen a good example of Dyno’s fine, dystopian style made for the dance floor. Stay tuned and read full details below.

Pre oreder (Digital): Beatport

Dyno is a veteran techno producer with a back catalogue including tracks and remixes on labels ranging from UMEK’s 1605 to Coyu’s Suara.

Based in the Italian city of Pesaro, Dyno makes a return to his own label Dyrwalk after dropping a recent release on Sisko Electrofanatik’s Gain Records.

Dyrwalk has been a regular outlet for Dyno’s peak time techno tracks with dark atmospherics and industrial elements. The two stripped back tracks on this EP are another fine example of his fine, dystopian style made for the dance floor.

“Selva” opens the release with the tension of held chords layered with dubby textures washed in delay. Underpinned by fast-flowing rhythms and a hard-hitting kick drum, the track’s rolling groove is both deep and driving.

Second of the originals “Oscura” focuses on sparse textures washed in reverb to create an immersive vibe with eerie suspense. Fuelled by rumbling percussion and thrashing hi-hats, the track unleashes a tidal wave of unstoppable momentum.

Selva oscura Artwork

Artist: Dyno
Title: Selva oscura
Label: Dyrwalk
Release Date: Friday, September 10, 2021
Format: Digital
CAT#: DRW257


  1. Selva
  2. Oscura

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