Manrish is back with a new self-released EP, ‘Wieder um die Säule’.

Spanish born, Berlin Based Dj & Producer Manrish is back with another powerful release. His new self-released EP titled ‘Wieder um die Säule’ is due October 1st, 2021 and showcases 3 of his hardest, darkest, fastest, techno tracks to date. Stay tuned, find full details below.

Spanish born, Berlin Based DJ Manrish has been riding the dark waves of the electronic music scene since he debuted his talent in clubs such as Industrial Copera and Granero Club at the age of 18. His latest EP release ‘Wieder um die Säule’ unleashed 3 of his hardest, darkest, fastest, techno tracks to date.

Opening with the self-titled track, the EP launches into full flight from the get-go as rumbling kicks set the stage. Synth melodies fly over the top as the energy builds and the drums develop into a crescendo. The stripped-down intro of ‘Back’ allows breathing space before it launches into an intensity of monumental proportions, full of dancefloor shattering melodies and vocal loops. The potency continues as ‘Lania- kea’ finishes out the EP with more powerful dark techno energy. A rock-solid follow-up to his last EP ‘Textures’, Manrish continues to release quality production as he develops his sounds and finesse for the dark arts.

Artist: Manrish
Title: Wieder um die Säule
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: October 1st, 2021
Cat. No. 002
Distribution: Bandcamp


A1. Wieder um die Säule
A2. Back
B1. Laniakea

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