LT_13 – Camila Rodhes

Episode number thirteen of our podcast is out now, for this chapter let us introduce you to Camila Rodhes from France.

Having been working as a nightlife photographer for years, Camila Rodhes had the opportunity to listen and watch very closely to massive quantity of Djs.

She is introduced to raving in Guatemala, her home for almost a decade. DIY spirit and fast BPM will come to her as an electroshock. Her new friends produce a mad and intense music she never heard before, they call it Saiko and will change forever the way Camila perceives music.

In 2015 she’s taught the basics of mixing in order to performe DJ Shasta’s character for a local movie, “Welcome to my world”, directed by Rafael Tres. From then on she starts collecting tracks and digging deeper into electronic sounds. She mainly finds inspiration through sci-fi, dark ,cold and hypnotic atmospheres.

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