Holden Federico Biography

As a producer and DJ, Holden Federico strives to reimagine techno by pushing its essential elements to new extremes. His productions are characterized by driving lowend energy, vivid themes, and dub detailing with a foundation of grit and soul. As a DJ, Holden blends diverse textures, smart pacing, and a reverence for the past in his vision for a modern dancefloor that equally emphasizes physical and emotional experience.

In addition to producing and performing, Holden curates 90s Techno Redux, an online project that spotlights techno tracks from years past—from obscure finds to sleeper classics. Through this project, he aims to spread interest and passion for techno’s early years, providing a resource for diehards seeking unique track IDs and newcomers looking to further discover the genre. 
Holden grew up outside of Philadelphia, where he studied music and classical piano from a young age. He lives in New York. 

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